Open ceiling vs drop ceiling: What is the difference?

Open ceilings also known as exposed ceilings are designed in a way that all the structures are left exposed. The advantages of open ceilings vs drop ceilings: they increase the usage of natural light, give a modern look to the design, and create an illusion of space unlike drop or concealed ceilings.  However, they have an increased labour cost and higher energy expenses compared to concealed ceiling design.

difference between open ceiling vs drop ceiling
Open ceiling vs drop ceiling

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Drop ceilings also known as concealed grid ceilings, are hung from metal brackets and finished with panels made of gypsum, POP, PVC, metal, faux leather,  and wood among others. Easy to install, these ceilings conceal the wiring and provide thermal insulation. However, these ceilings can reduce the space of an area and deteriorate with time.


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