What are the mistakes to avoid while designing custom cabinets?

Kitchens are the heart of the home and cabinets are an important element of creating a bespoke designer kitchen. However, at times the cabinet style can leave you feeling underwhelmed. The main mistakes people tend to make while designing custom cabinets are:


perfect kitchen cabinet designing

Image Source: Laurysen Kitchens


  1. Overlooking the design layout: It’s vital to follow the work triangle while customising cabinets. Also, filling walls with too many cabinets is a designing mistake that may make the place feel stuffy. 
  2. Making poor colour choices: The colour scheme will affect the overall look of the space. Therefore, cabinets should blend with the kitchen decor. 
  3. Failing to raise cabinets to the ceiling height: It results in a gap where dust might gather, making the space difficult to maintain. 
  4. Compromising the hardware quality: It is important to choose good-quality hardware (hinges, knobs, etc.) as per the cabinet style. 


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