What is the AC rating in flooring?

When you are buying engineered wood flooring it is essential to understand its suitability and usage. Therefore, you must check the AC Rating or Abrasion Criteria in the flooring before buying.  These ratings measure the floor’s resistance to wear and tear and stains from level AC1 to AC5.


ac rating guide in engineered wood flooring
AC Rating Guide

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AC Rating in flooring:

  • AC1 Rating: For light use, suitable for bedrooms.
  • AC2 Rating: Light to moderate traffic, can be used for dining rooms.
  • AC3 Rating: Moderate traffic areas like living rooms and hallways.
  • AC4 Rating: General traffic areas like offices, boutiques, and salons.
  • AC 5 Rating: Busy areas with high traffic like restaurants, department stores, and showrooms.


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