Which is better- concealed or exposed plumbing system?

Most of us naturally believe that concealed plumbing is the way to go, but there are some specific justifications for keeping a home’s piping exposed. If you’re trying to decide between exposed plumbing or concealing it in the walls, here are the four important factors you must take into account:

  • Aesthetics: Hidden or visible plumbing both has its own visual charm. However, most people prefer concealed plumbing for a clean and modern bathroom look.
  • Risk of damage: Concealed pipes are more secure than exposed systems, as the chances of damage inside walls are less.
  • Cost of repair: Identifying the source of the leak in concealed plumbing is difficult as compared to exposed pipes. Thus, repair of hidden plumbing is greater than exposed plumbing.
  • Ease of access: When it comes to repairing, concealed plumbing is the most challenging. It can only be accessed by a professional who will break a portion of the wall to fix the pipes.



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