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Premium door hardware represents the epitome of both functionality and aesthetics in the world of home and commercial security. It is usually the first point of contact between the user and the building. From elegant handles and robust locks to innovative access control systems, premium door hardware combines craftsmanship and technology to provide the highest level of security and style for your space. The premium door hardware market in India is poised for significant growth in the coming years, driven by a surge in urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and increasing demand for smart homes and enhanced security solutions provided by leading brands.

As more people relocate to cities and reside in smaller apartments or condominiums, the demand for premium door hardware is rising, with consumers willing to invest in high-quality products that combine functionality and style. The growing popularity of smart homes is further fuelling the market expansion, as door hardware integrates seamlessly with other smart home devices, enhancing security and convenience.

In this article, industry professionals share their insights on the current and future landscape of India’s premium door hardware market, shedding light on the prevailing trends, innovations, and market dynamics that are influencing this flourishing sector.


Premium Door Hardware Market in India – Brand Perspective


Shyam Motwani, Executive Vice President and Business Head, Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems

Shyam Motwani, Business Head, Godrej Locks & Architectural Fittings and Systems - leading furniture fittings brand in India“The premium door hardware market in India has been experiencing substantial growth in recent years. There’s a heightened demand for aesthetically pleasing, technologically advanced, and high-quality door hardware. Let’s explore the driving force behind this.

  1. The great boom in urbanisation and infrastructure development: India’s rapid urbanisation has led to the construction of modern residential and commercial spaces. The escalating construction activities, coupled with a burgeoning real estate sector, have propelled the demand for premium door hardware.
  2. Growing affluence drives more discernment: The increasing affluence of the Indian middle class means people are now more inclined towards enhancing the aesthetics and security of their homes and workplaces. Consumers are willing to invest in premium door hardware that offers superior quality, durability, and stylish designs to complement their living or working spaces.
  3. Technological advancements and innovation: Advancements in technology have revolutionised the door hardware industry in India. The integration of smart and automated door hardware solutions which offer enhanced functionalities and remote access control, has gained traction among consumers seeking convenience, security, and modernity.
  4. Focus on safety: Safety concerns have become a priority for homeowners and businesses alike. Premium door hardware not only serves an aesthetic purpose but also ensures robust security measures.
  5. Influence of interior design trends: The evolving interior design landscape in India has propelled the demand for door hardware that complements various design themes. Consumers are increasingly conscious of creating cohesive and visually appealing spaces, driving the need for premium hardware that aligns with diverse interior design aesthetics, be it modern, traditional, minimalist, or luxury-focused.

Today, as consumers become more discerning and seek sophisticated, technologically advanced, and aesthetically pleasing door hardware, the premium door hardware market will keep growing as India embraces modernity, convenience, and safety in its architectural and interior design landscapes.”



Rajit Aggarwal, Managing Director, IPSA Group

Rajit Aggarwal, Managing Director, IPSA Group - premium door hardware brand in India market“I’m proud to highlight our substantial year-on-year growth, primarily due to the global manufacturing shift from China to India. Our key strength lies in our ‘niche’ manufacturing expertise, setting us apart in the industry. Government policies have positively impacted our strategy, leading to an increase in productivity. Adhering to international standards places IPSA at the top of the league among global leaders, proudly representing India worldwide.

The rising infrastructure investment in India has increased demand for our products. Catering to the trend of aspirational living, IPSA has focused on creating unique, out-of-the-box designs. Remarkably, the need for our smart door locks has surged by 50% in recent years, underscoring consumer interest in next-gen technology. What makes IPSA stand out as a brand in the premium door hardware market is our ‘reliability’, a statement for our forever commitment to quality assurance and customer satisfaction.

This comprehensive perspective positions IPSA as a market leader and a visionary company shaping the future of door hardware in India and beyond.”




Deepak Sapru, Chief Executive Officer, Quba Group

Deepak Sapru, QUBA“In my opinion, design trends are evolving, with a notable surge in the fusion of colours. Black, once considered inauspicious by many, is now gaining popularity among the new generation. Additionally, rose gold has secured a permanent position in the category.

Main doors, particularly, are experiencing a shift towards increased thickness and height. This necessitates longer handles capable of withstanding the door weight, ensuring ease of use for customers of all ages.

Colour customization is prevalent across sub-segments, aligning with the growing trend of mixing and matching home decor. Homes now reflect individual interior preferences, contributing to a diverse and vibrant aesthetic.”



Akshay & Sheetal Bhargava, Maranello Handles

Akshay & Sheetal Bhargava, Maranello Handles - premium door hardware brand in IndiaIn India, the premium door hardware market is witnessing remarkable growth, fueled by several key factors:

  1. Increased customer awareness: Homeowners have clear knowledge about the design, colour, and quality of hardware they seek for their homes.
  2. Enhanced affordability: There’s a notable increase in affordability, making premium door hardware more accessible.
  3. Economic expansion and diverse business models: The Indian economy’s expansion and introduction of varied business models, such as technology, venture capital, social media, and start-ups, have empowered a new class of affluent, young individuals with significant purchasing power.
  4. Secure investments in homeownership: Owning homes is considered a secure investment for the future, boosting the demand for quality door hardware.
  5. Aesthetic enhancement: Premium hardware uplifts home aesthetics and revitalizes older interiors or designs.
  6. Lifestyle aspirations, affordability, and accessibility: Indian consumers’ increasing lifestyle aspirations drive the demand for high-quality hardware. Interestingly, despite its high quality, premium door hardware stands out for its relatively greater affordability and accessibility compared to other designer home products, catering to these escalating aspirations.
  7. Durability and longevity: The significance of premium door hardware goes beyond mere functionality; its tactile presence in residences or hotels significantly influences daily interactions. Moreover, door hardware from a premium brand is known for its durability and long-lasting quality, ensuring sustained performance and lasting value.




The Indian premium door hardware market is home to several major players offering a wide range of high-end products. These include door handles, locks, hinges, closers, sliding door hardware, glass door hardware, and security hardware. The market is currently thriving due to urbanization, rising disposable incomes, and a growing demand for enhanced security solutions. There is continuous innovation and expansion in the door hardware product range that is intended to meet the evolving needs of Indian consumers. With a focus on quality, durability, style, and security, the Indian premium door hardware market is poised for continued success and market dominance. Hopefully, the collective wisdom and expertise of our esteemed industry experts have helped enrich your knowledge and understanding of the Indian door hardware market.

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