Industry Talks with B&I – Premium Modular Kitchens Market in India

Industry Talks with B&I - Premium Modular Kitchens in India
Industry Talks with B&I - Premium Modular Kitchens in India

Over the last few years, the Indian premium modular kitchens market has been witnessing a lot of action. This surge of action is driven by the desire for modern, convenient, and aesthetically pleasing kitchen spaces. The average ticket size of a typical kitchen has increased and a major ‘action segment’ has undoubtedly been the premium modular kitchens. There’s a good upside to this demand going forward. Furthermore, with an emphasis on technological advancements and creative designs, the industry is stepping on the gas to meet the expectations of what some market experts feel, are signs of a maturing market for premium modular kitchens in India.

In our series titled Industry Talks with B&I, we spoke exclusively to some prominent names in the Indian premium modular kitchens market to see where this market is headed. These voices provide interesting insights into the latest trends, innovations, and market dynamics shaping this thriving industry. Here is what the industry experts have to say about the present and future of this important home improvement segment in India.


Premium Modular Kitchens Market in India – Brand Perspective


Bhavana Bindra, MD, REHAU South Asia

Bhavana Bindra, MD, REHAU South Asia, modular kitchen industry expert“Navigating the dynamic landscape of the premium modular kitchen market demands a meticulous orchestration of challenges and opportunities. Our unwavering commitment to excellence is a testament to our adept handling of challenges, particularly the lofty expectations of discerning customers. Here, we don’t merely meet standards; we redefine them by seamlessly blending luxury and functionality, setting a benchmark for unparalleled kitchen experiences.

The marriage of skilled craftsmanship with premium materials is the cornerstone of our commitment to exclusivity, ensuring each kitchen bears the distinctive mark of artistry and quality. Amid challenges, we recognize opportunities within the evolving realm of smart kitchens, where cutting-edge technologies revolutionize the culinary landscape. Our sustainability practices, aligned with environmental responsibility, underscore a deeper commitment to a greener future.

In the realm of personalized designs, we transcend mere functionality, embracing creativity to elevate each project into a bespoke masterpiece. Navigating this market is a testament not just to our innovative prowess but to a steadfast dedication to delivering an immersive premium experience, finely tuned to the diverse preferences of our clients.”



Khanindra Barman, Co-Founder, Würfel

Khanindra Barman, CEO & Co-Founder, Würfel, modular kitchen industry expert“The premium modular kitchen industry thrives amid evolving consumer lifestyles, global urbanization, and a growing elite demographic. Today’s discerning customers seek convenient, aesthetically pleasing, and functional kitchen solutions. This market adeptly responds by offering tailor-made solutions, cutting-edge technology, and exquisite designs, positioning itself for substantial growth.

In the modular kitchen arena, we distinguish between organized and unorganized sectors. Established brands in the organized sector excel in quality, innovation, and customer-centricity, leveraging technology for top-notch solutions. Conversely, the unorganized market, comprised local players, may offer budget options but struggles with quality and service. Therefore, standardization, reliability, and scalability remain issues.

Urbanization propels growth, making modular kitchens essential for efficient space utilization. Technology integration, sustainability, and online retail favour the premium kitchen market. Yet, businesses face competition, economic uncertainties, supply chain risks, design shifts, and regulatory compliance.

Success hinges on balancing innovation, quality, and customer experience. The premium modular kitchen industry bridges consumer aspirations and market dynamics, promising exciting evolution ahead.”



Sanjay Bhatia, Founder & Managing Partner, RR Living

Sanjay Bhatia, Founder & Managing Partner, RR Living“As RR Living, we specialize in importing premium modular kitchens from Germany, presenting both challenges and opportunities in the Indian market.

The challenges primarily revolve around:

  1. Market awareness: Building awareness and educating the Indian market customers about the value and quality of premium can be a significant challenge. There is no standard set when we talk about premium solutions.
  2. Distribution network: Ensuring efficient distribution and after-sales service across the vast and diverse Indian landscape can be logistically challenging. As premium modular kitchen importers and manufacturers, we focus on complete built kitchens so the quality and finish can be controlled at our end. Distribution becomes a challenge for rigid kitchens as India is a large country and the road network is still not built for an efficient transportation system. Furthermore, in railway cargo movement, we face issues like inadequate terminals, excessive penal charges, and sometimes unreliable transit times. So, distribution becomes very cumbersome and expensive.
  3. Price sensitivity: The cost of premium modular kitchens may not align with the price sensitivity of the Indian market, limiting the customer base.

Nevertheless, there are opportunities worth exploring:

  1. Brand prestige: Leveraging the reputation of brands like Schüller and next125 as premium German brands to attract customers works in certain evolved markets.
  2. Customization: Offering customized solutions for Indian kitchens, which often have unique layouts and requirements.
  3. Experiential showrooms: Creating immersive showrooms has been our biggest USP to allow customers to experience the luxury and functionality of these kitchens firsthand.
  4. Tiered offerings: Providing a range of products to cater to different income segments in India, ensuring wider market reach.”



Premium Modular Kitchens Market in India – Architect Perspective


Ar. Manish Kumat, Founder and Chief Designer, Manish Kumat Design Cell, Indore

Ar. Manish Kumat, Founder and Chief Designer, Manish Kumat Design Cell, Indore - For premium modular kitchens market in India“In India, the premium kitchen segment has long been influenced by Italian and German designs, particularly in the realm of modular kitchens from various companies in these countries. However, these kitchens sometimes fail to provide a lasting solution, possibly due to workmanship done locally for the countertop/sink. One common problem is leakage, typically occurring around the sink area, especially in kitchens made with materials like MDF or particle board.

To tackle this, Italians and Germans have begun incorporating stainless steel below the sink area. Looking ahead, I anticipate a shift in the premium kitchen market in India towards beautifully crafted, timeless Stainless Steel 304 grade kitchens. In our projects, we already embrace these aesthetically pleasing and enduring kitchens. Additionally, I foresee a rise in premium kitchens made of solid wood in India, despite their higher cost, offering a durable and timeless solution that not only enhances aesthetics but also addresses the kitchen’s enduring nature. These possibilities hold the potential to shape the future of kitchens in India.”


Premium Modular Kitchens Market in India – Retailer Perspective


Vivek Sharma, Managing Director, Waltz Kitchens

Vivek Sharma, Managing Director, Waltz Premium Modular Kitchens in India“Drawing upon years of experience, we have encountered various challenges, diligently working to transform each into an opportunity. A notable hurdle is the scarcity of skilled labour for modular installations, impacting flawless execution. There exists no formalized training program designed for the workforce to acquire necessary skills.

Conversely, there are promising opportunities, such as:

  1. Social media: A powerful tool to showcase designs, connect with clients, and engage with a community appreciative of our value.
  2. COVID-19 impact: Despite its drawbacks, increased time spent at home, particularly in kitchens, has spurred a newfound appreciation for investing in high-quality, aesthetically pleasing kitchen spaces.
  3. Customization potential: The chance to offer tailored solutions addresses individual needs, positioning us as problem solvers in the market.
  4. Architects’ involvement: Greater collaboration with architects deepens our clientele’s understanding, creating a more informed and appreciative customer base.

Amidst all, at Waltz, our principle is clear – in adversity, we find growth; in opportunities, the path forward.”




In conclusion, the modular kitchen industry in India is witnessing a significant upsurge in popularity, responding to the evolving demands of homeowners seeking a harmonious blend of functionality and aesthetics in their culinary spaces. As work-life dynamics transform and lifestyles adapt, the demand for modern as well as efficient kitchen solutions continues to grow. With real-estate sector expanding and increasing focus on enhancing living spaces, the future of modular kitchen market looks promising. Industry experts foresee continuous innovation and the integration of cutting-edge technology to meet the ever-changing needs of the Indian consumer. The premium modular kitchen industry is well-positioned to significantly influence the culinary experiences of homes across India.

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