A new espresso bar in Jaipur steals the show with Canadian Wood

espresso bar in jaipur made by park hospitality with furniture made of sustainable materials in brown door panels, chairs and table
espresso bar in jaipur made by park hospitality with furniture made of sustainable materials in brown door panels, chairs and table

Wood has been used as a popular medium for making carvings, sculptures, and architecture since ancient times. Even today, wood is very commonly used for construction across the world. However, the market has shifted in the favour of softwood instead of traditional hardwood. This shift has occurred because softwood species have a distinct aesthetic appeal that sets a modernistic tone. In addition, it is getting increasingly difficult to acquire hardwood species because of high demand and depleting supply. Since the market adapts to the changing needs, architects and interior designers have started preferring sustainable building materials. Keeping that trend alive, Park Hospitality has collaborated with Canadian Wood because of its certified, seasoned, and ready-to-use wood species. Together they have built a coffee shop in Jaipur called Town Coffee Gourmet Espresso Bar with furniture, panelling, and doors made out of sustainable materials.


About Town Coffee Gourmet Espresso Bar


brown tables and chairs in a cafe
Town Coffee Gourmet Espresso Bar


Park Hospitality collaborated with Canadian Wood and built an Espresso Bar. Candian Wood was chosen because of its sustainable and seasoned wood species. For the project, they decided to use Yellow Cedar, a softwood species grown in Canada. The interiors of the coffee bar, including the window panes, doors, panelling, and furniture, have been made out of Yellow Cedar.

The interior designer for the project, Mr. Rajeev Singh, has a deep understanding and passion for hospitality. He understands that the interior of a retail establishment is crucial to a good customer experience. He believes that the interior design of a cafe has a positive effect on the customer experience. Therefore, it is important to be mindful of it to ensure that the customers leave satisfied with an intention to revisit. This becomes even more crucial in this era of “experiential purchase.” The lavish decor of the project testifies to his expertise and understanding of retail design. The location of the Espresso Bar is a major attraction for people in Jaipur to shop, spend time, and unwind.


About the collaboration


Espresso bar with Yellow Cedar woodwork


The designer actively searched for a light-coloured wood with a smooth finish as it would complement the cafe’s dark walls. His search came to an end when he went to Tambi timber where he received a technical rundown of the B.C. wood species. After the consultation, he selected Yellow Cedar because of its strength and aesthetic value.

The project was such a success that Park Hospitality decided to continue using Yellow Cedar in its future projects. As a result of the success of the coffee shop, many local developers in Jaipur have shown an interest in using the seasoned wood species of Canadian Wood. Furthermore, Park Hospitality has decided to use Yellow Cedar in all of its future restaurants under the same name. The designer, satisfied with Yellow Cedar, decided to use Canadian Wood species in his other projects as well.


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