MAGPPIE launches SUNROOOF. A revolutionary Wellness Ceiling System that transforms any ceiling into the sky

Sunrooof living room


In contemporary homes, many indoor spaces lack the luxury of natural light, rendering them dull, gloomy, and dispiriting. Basements, in particular, often remain underutilized due to the absence of sunlight. Recognizing this challenge, MAGPPIE introduces SUNROOOF, a revolutionary brand that emerges after 8 years of extensive research and development. Positioned as the World’s First Wellness Ceiling System, SUNROOOF has the transformative ability to bring the essence of sunlight into any room, turning it into a vibrant courtyard. This innovative ceiling system recreates the feeling of having the real sky above, addressing the longstanding issue of inaccessible natural light in various living spaces.


Sunrooof lighting system in the TV Zone
SUNROOF ceiling system


Health benefits of SUNROOOF by MAGPPIE


Sunrooof is a wellness ceiling lighting system installed in the washroom
SUNROOF in bathroom


SUNROOOF not only addresses the aesthetic concerns associated with poorly lit interiors but also offers significant health benefits. One noteworthy advantage of this wellness ceiling system is that it contributes to mood enhancement, creating a relaxed and positive atmosphere reminiscent of being under the real sun. The system’s ability to reduce stress and evoke a joyful ambience has a substantial impact on emotions, promoting an overall sense of well-being.

Additionally, SUNROOOF has a positive impact on sleep quality. Natural light plays a crucial role in regulating sleep patterns, and SUNROOOF adjusts its brightness and colour based on the day’s light, promoting deeper and more restful sleep every night. By aligning with the natural rhythm of daylight, this unique system contributes to improved sleep hygiene.

Furthermore, SUNROOOF enhances focus and concentration by releasing serotonin, a chemical in the body known for sharpening cognitive abilities. With the installation of this ceiling system, individuals can experience longer and deeper focus, making it an ideal addition to spaces dedicated to work, study, or reading.




In summary, MAGPPIE’s SUNROOOF not only addresses the architectural challenge of bringing sunlight into confined spaces but also introduces a wellness-oriented solution with tangible health benefits for those who inhabit these transformed environments.

For more details, contact below:

  • Contact No.: +91 9711008700
  • Website: www.sunrooof.com


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