Office Workstation Design Layouts With Interesting Twists: Editor’s Pick

Office workstation design layout_sonic-chair-business-edition-designatics-production-372102-rel8a9b83e5
Office workstation design layout_sonic-chair-business-edition-designatics-production-372102-rel8a9b83e5


We spend a significant part of our day in our offices, working in our workstations. It is only fair for us to expect that these workstations are not just comfortable but trendy and ergonomically friendly as well. BuildingandInteriors brings to you curated office workstation design layouts that will make you want to spend more time in your office.






Type: Multiple office workstation with sound absorbing screens


        Office workstation design layout_multiple-office-workstation-fantoni-1


Hug lounge collection expands with a modular pod system, featuring coordinated designs and finishes.‎ This solution offers the option to create small, discreet, cosy spaces anywhere, sheltered from view and from noise disturbance, equipped for working or entertaining in an informal setting, a place to chat, make phone calls, focus or simply take a moment to feel energized and restored.‎




Collection: YOU FIT


Type: Height-adjustable multiple wooden office workstation


Office workstation design layout_multiple-office-workstation-sinetica-industries-404581rel30763ae3


You Fit Smart Working is an innovative system of adjustable desks that makes the best use of the space available in offices and work stations.‎ Comprising a system of height adjustable tables, the work station is made up of melamine tops that can be adjusted by means of a crank handle or electrically.‎ The desks can be separated by melamine, fabric-covered screens and include a monitor module.‎ Designed to bring a dynamic, multi-media air to the workplace, You Fit Smart Working adjustable office desk system can create versatile work stations to be used standing up, or sitting down in a protracted work session.‎




Collection: BASIC FLOW – FOCUS


Type: Office workstation for open space

Office workstation design layout_BASIC-FLOW-FOCUS-werner-works-Vertriebs-GmbH-348235-rel9f47dbf4
Office workstation design layout_BASIC-FLOW-FOCUS-werner-works-Vertriebs-GmbH-348235-rel6f00a3e6

Basic Flow is a shelf system which can be used as a room divider to create spaces and storage areas and that also serves as a visual and acoustic.‎

The core of the system is the unique blinds principle.‎ Observers can see a full front made of felt fabric without a perceptible louvre structure.‎ These felt louvre blinds mould naturally to the straight and curved structure of the shelf elements.‎ The blinds slide in front of the carcass and can be pushed across several shelf elements at the same time.‎ This creates an alternating structure of transparent views and closed fronts.‎
Flexible rooms can be designed that are suitable for a wide range of office activities – as a service area or communication island, as a privacy area for concentrated work and also naturally as a central storage area or library.‎
Basic Flow – Focus is a combination of open shelves and table elements, the “workstations”.‎ Sliders with a height of three or four files partially close off the shelves, creating quiet areas where people can concentrate.‎ The mobility of the sliders also enables users to partially open spaces to the general area for visual transparency.‎
Lockable boxes can be integrated into the straight shelves that provide storage space for private use.‎ The boxes enable users to partially close the open shelf structures and can be used at the same time to make a design statement.‎




Collection: SONIC CHAIR


Type: Acoustic armchair with iMac / touchscreen

Office workstation design layout_sonic-chair-business-edition-designatics-production-372102-rel8a9b83e5

The sonic chair offers a special auditive experience, because it always allows you to sit at the centre of sound.‎ Unlike free-standing loudspeakers or headphones, the sonic chair creates a micro sound space in a comfortable chair.‎ Here, every acoustic source is optimally adjusted to the listener, regardless of what sort of room it is in.‎

This ensures an unusually intense listening experience.‎ The specially developed structure-borne sound membrane in the backrest creates especially low, non-audible frequencies and gives you the feeling of hearing music “live”.‎ At the same time, the active and passive sound insulation creates an acoustic island.‎
The sonic chair is produced in Cologne, Germany with a love of craftsmanship and a passion for detail.‎ Every seating element is produced by hand and equipped according to the customer’s orders.‎
Possible use
• Audio-visual presentations (trade fairs, museums and exhibitions)
• Terminal for audio and video databanks (libraries)
• Visitor service and Internet access (waiting areas, lobbies, foyers)
• Relaxation (wellness and lounge areas)
• Work and Learn Space




Collection: SIDESEAT


Type: Individual laminate office workstation for open space

Office workstation design layout_SIDESEAT-Prooff-272770-rel9e18ca30
Office workstation design layout - SIDESEAT-Prooff-272770-reldd1b7451

SideSeat is a self-contained desk, cupboard and swivel chair that only takes up one square metre of space.‎ Equipped with the essentials, this compact workstation by Studio Makkink & Bey can easily be placed in any space to stimulate individual or communal working.‎ Designed with people in mind, users can take ownership of their space, deciding whether to sit facing forward or turn to use the desk.‎ With this piece of moveable furniture, the user can shape the ideal environment in which to work.‎
– Compact workstation equipped with the essentials
– A self-contained desk, cupboard and swivel chair in one
– Moveable piece of furniture to shape any workspace




Collection: HUB


Type: Multiple office workstation with sound absorbing screens for open space

Office workstation design layout_hub-office-workstation-with-sound-absorbing-screens-fantoni-160850-rel86ffce7e
Office workstation design layout_hub-office-workstation-with-sound-absorbing-screens-fantoni-160850-rel6ddee220
Office workstation design layout_hub-office-workstation-with-sound-absorbing-screens-fantoni-160850-rel4a39eced

The Hub project arose from a real need to recreate a physical and mental space within a workplace inhabited by different people.‎ A kind of wall-less box to facilitate the osmotic dimension of relating with spaces and people.‎ A relationship-oriented workstation that can be personalized and rearranged to meet individual needs, the direct descendant of the “Abitacolo” combi-bed that Bruno Munari first dreamt up to combine the different activities in the day of an adolescent, and to map out the time for each one: rest/play/study/ relationships.‎


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