The kitchen is that part of your house where flavours, odour, and tastes come together to create the masterpiece to be served on the table but nobody desires the unwanted toxic fumes and odour that’s left after cooking. The solution is, Chimneys, appliances that are designed to get rid of all the airborne grease, fumes, steam, and heat consequently making your time in the kitchen breathable. As a result, popular chimney brands offer innovative, intelligent, and unique designs that are must-haves in every household at a budget-friendly price.

A chimney consists of three main components, firstly a capture panel, that collects all the unwanted fumes and steam, secondly a grease filter that removes odour and grease from the air, and finally a fan that ventilates the kitchen.


kitchen chimney designs from best brands at wholesale price.
Say yes to a smoke-less kitchen!

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Types of Kitchen Chimney

Kitchen hoods are categorized into two major types based on the process they use for sucking in the fumes and smoke, i.e ducted and ductless chimneys.

Ducted kitchen chimney

As the name suggests use a duct to eradicate all the smoke and fumes outside hence ducted kitchen hoods dominate the market for domestic or commercial use.

Ductless kitchen chimney

These are based on the models for a very strong filtration process that does not expel the kitchen air out but purifies and recirculates it. Various kitchen appliance brands are experimenting by optimizing the size of chimneys for kitchens. So these ductless kitchen hoods make the perfect fit for the modular kitchen lifestyle.

There are three types of chimney filters depending on the manufacturing from brands materials used

Mesh or cassette filters are made up of aluminium mesh strips.

Baffle filters are made from steel or aluminium frames with curved panels.

Charcoal filters are made from powdered activated charcoal.


Advantages of a chimney

  • It keeps the kitchen smoke-free.
  • Doesn’t let grease settle on walls and slabs.
  • Dissipates the heat in the kitchen while cooking.
  • Helps in the recycling of air.
  • Keeps your lungs healthy.
  • Adds edge and safety to your modular kitchen.


Kitchen chimney brands 

Whilst designing or upgrading your kitchen it would be a sin to miss out on the latest range of exhaust hoods from the leading brands of kitchen appliances. So we have assorted a few brands for you to check out for the best kitchen chimneys in a variety of price ranges available online and in shops near you. 

  1. Faber
  2. Elica
  3. Hafele 
  4. Whirlpool
  5. Bosch 
  6. KAFF
  7. Glen
  8. Hindware
  9. Surya
  10.  LG  

All these brands offer a wide variety of kitchen chimneys with advanced features like touch control, motion sensor, and auto cleaning uses high-quality material and also premium design that accentuates the style quotient of your dream kitchen.

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