A refrigerator has become a necessity and an integral part of our daily lives. It meets a lot of our eating requirements and adds convenience to our daily routine. The refrigerant inside absorbs the heat from your food, keeping it chilled and extending its shelf life. So, before you shop for refrigerators (including double door), browse online to see which one fits your needs, interiors, and price budget.

With the rapid advancement of technology, home appliance manufacturers are developing fridge models that go beyond simple chilling and effortlessly integrate into the interiors of your kitchen.

You now have more options to shop from when it comes to selecting the proper refrigerator type for your home. There are dozens of brands, hundreds of models, and a variety of combinations to pick from.


Installation styles

Though fridges come in a variety of shapes and combinations, there are five fundamental configurations and a few alternative installation options.

1. Freestanding

2. Built-in

3. Counter-depth


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Whatever sort of fridge you purchase, make sure to measure your available space to ensure that you get a product that will fit in your space.

It’s also critical that your new refrigerator blends in with the rest of your kitchen’s aesthetics—handles, finishes, and general style should all be visually harmonious with the rest of your appliances.


Types of refrigerators

Top or bottom freezer, French door, side-by-side, and under-counter refrigerators are the five types of configurations. The majority of models are freestanding, but built-in refrigerators and counter-depth variants are also available online at a varied price range.


1. Top freezer: This classic refrigerator style, often known as top-mount, places the freezer above the refrigerator compartment, with one door for each opening from the side. This refrigerator has a large in-door storage space and easy-to-access freezer capacity.


2. Bottom freezer: These refrigerators, often known as bottom-mount, are the polar opposite of top-freezer models. The fresh food compartment is located on the top, with the freezer located below and accessed by a side-open door or a pull-out drawer. This design gives you a classic refrigerator aesthetic while also making fresh foods more accessible.


3. French door style: This layout is similar to that of a pantry. Two doors on the top open to reveal one fridge compartment, and a freezer drawer swings out from underneath. When compared to other types, French door designs frequently have more capacity and functionality. They’re a good choice for larger families or those searching for more upscale accommodations.


4. Side-by-side: Side-by-side refrigerators have two doors that open from the centre, one for the freezer and the other for the fridge. Shelving from top to bottom allows you to keep vital goods, such as fresh and frozen foods, at eye level while putting less-used items at the bottom.


Side-by-side fridges, like French door designs, usually have a little greater total capacity and more amenities than other types of refrigerators or higher-end models.


5. Undercounter: Undercounter fridges are significantly smaller than full-sized refrigerators. They are installed beneath the counter, making them in-built. The majority have only one refrigerator cavity, while some versions have a freezer zone.


Top refrigerator brands

1. Godrej

2. Haier

3. LG

4. Samsung

5. Whirlpool

6. Bosch

7. Hafele

8. Siemens

9. BSH

10. Liebherr

11. Kaff

12. Faber


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