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Since the global pandemic, the housing industry has prioritised hygiene, sanitation and sustainability. Smart homes are a way towards a greener and healthier earth and we are here for it. Solar lights are a modern smart home solution. Not only they are a greener alternative to traditional electrical lightings but they are also economical. As the name suggests these lights operate from solar energy which is a renewable resource, and thus suitable for outdoor settings like streets, gardens, patios. But their use is not just limited to the outdoors, homes with solar panel settings can install all indoor solar lamps. Follow this guide to know everything about the street, garden, home solar lights at the pocket-friendly price range.


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Types of solar lights

Since these lights do not work on electrical power they don’t need wires and are easy to install and come in wide ranges and styles for outdoors and indoors.

Street solar lamp posts

India is a country that has immense scope of solar energy harnessing. Thus solar street lighting can be a game-changer, as all of these are not dependent on electrical use but solar power to recharge every day. These are eco friendly, economical and low on maintenance.

Driveway and garden lights

Since they don’t need to drag electrical cables they make a great option for any outdoor settings from driveways, gardens and patios. These can add style and cut down your electricity bill by a large. Solar lamp posts are great for illuminating the walkways in parks, beaches gates etc.

Solar globes

These orbicular lights are extremely smart and chic, best suited for lawns, gardens and patios to bring out a cosy ambience. These find popular use as cafe decor.

String solar lights

These are very much like electrical string lamps but operate with help of solar panels. Solar string lights are a great piece for decor and last much longer than any electrical fairy lights.

Safety and security solar lights

Some solar lights are manufactured for safety and security purposes, they illuminate the house in case of a power outrage and act as backup for electrical lighting systems. Some security systems use them with motion sensors that can prevent chances for burglary or other incidents.


Top manufacturers in India

There are plenty of local manufacturers that provide solar lighting in vast ranges in terms of style, design and price. Purchase from these trusted and leading manufacturers in India to get the durable, multifunctional and practical designs of solar lights.

  1. Havells
  2. Solar India
  3. Anchor by Panasonic
  4. Wipro
  5. Syska
  6. Bajaj
  7. Hardoll Solar
  8. Greenlight Planet
  9. Surya Roshni
  10. Luminous
  11. Intersolar

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