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Types of Workstations


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Office workstation setup

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These goods help to shape the physical environment of today’s workplace. It evolves to support shifting demographics, emerging technology, and an ongoing move to “distribute work,” which mixes personal focus areas with shared spaces for group collaboration. Thus, Workstations can be designed to enable three different work modes: focused, shared, and team.


Focused workstation

With a variety of worksurfaces, panels, modesty screens, and carefully positioned storage. Also, Focused Planning creates varying amounts of privacy in the open plan.


Shared workstation

Workgroups can easily alter their area as needs change with spine-based systems with adjustable screens and freestanding furniture, all without affecting the power and data infrastructure.

Adjacent desktops and an extension top for infrequent visitors can also help with collaborative work. Also, to define the limits of shared work areas, storage components and panels remain typically employed.


Team workstation

A ‘large table’ setup facilitates free and frequent communication among a group of four to eight people. Alternative, informal group work arrangements include nearby standing-height tables and lower storage islands.

A classic bench plan, modeled after a conference table, has continuous, cantilevered tops that may accommodate any number of users and remain suitable for free-address facilities. Also, individual and group storage remain housed behind parallel standing-height counters.


Office cubicle

Over the years, office cubicle designs have evolved to better suit the nature of work and adapt to the needs of workers. It entails integration on multiple levels to encourage employee collaboration. Also, it offers workers a degree of autonomy, which improves memory and productivity.

Office workstations, often known as cubicles, are standardized workplace fixtures. Thus, they divide open office spaces into smaller rooms so that one or more employees can concentrate on their specialized job activities.

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