GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim Flap System

Grass Kinvaro flap system
Grass Kinvaro T-slim flap system

GRASS designs and manufactures best-quality hinges, flaps, slide and drawer systems, and corner cabinet systems for premium furniture. It brings diversity and longevity to furniture items. A revolutionary addition to GRASS’s ranges of efficient flap systems is the GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim Flap System.

About the Product 

GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim Flap System is a Red Dot Award winner. It has completely changed the face of overhead wall cabinet systems. It is the thinnest, most durable, and most efficient flap system. It blends into the furniture effortlessly and maximizes its flexibility. Considering the thin size, it consumes very little space; thus, giving your drawers and cabinets the maximum storage space. With the aluminium-framed fronts and glass infill, the aesthetics of the furniture remain unblemished. Grass Kinvaro T-Slim Flap System comes with Soft-close technology. Therefore, it closes softly without making any noise. The furniture hardware can be used with all sorts of cabinets and shelves. The flap system stays discreet and does not affect the furniture design in any way.

Product Description

GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim Flap System Specifications:

  1. Comes in three different versions:
  2. Folding
  3. Parallel lift-up
  4. Top-hung lift-up
  5. Can be milled in or screwed on the wall easily.
  6. The GRASS Kinvaro T-Slim Flap System can be used in wood, aluminium, and MDF frames.
  7. It can be used for all kitchen and bathroom cabinets, and other wall units.
  8. The flap is 12 mm long and comes in a slim design.
  9. Cover caps come in standard colours Stone, Sliver, and Ice. It can be painted to match with the cabinet surface as well to create an invisible look.

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