Schüco ADS SimplySmart series Door Range

Schüco ADS SimplySmart series
Schüco ADS SimplySmart series door range

Schüco offers a variety of aluminium door systems that are durable and sturdy. Schüco ADS SimplySmart series Door Range systems come in attractive designs and are of exceptional material quality. They are recyclable and have numerous other qualities. The Schüco ADS SimplySmart series is a new range of door systems that score highly for their incredible properties.

 About the Product:

Schüco ADS SimplySmart series has amazing thermal insulation properties. The five-chamber aluminium profile construction, an innovative centre gasket concept, and a double insulation level help achieve outstanding insulation inside the building.

In addition to that, the aluminium door centre profile and the double-web profile make the doors more stable and safe. The burglar-resistant system set up in the door design makes it an ideal product for door systems. The hybrid insulating bars reduce the bimetallic effect in the doors; making it resistant to corrosion and damage.


Product Description

Schüco ADS SimplySmart Specifications:

  1. The 5-chamber profile construction offers a high level of stability.
  2. Reduced thermal transmittance values of the aluminium door.
  3. The spilt hybrid insulating bar offers additional stability.
  4. The system comes with cover strips to cover the fittings and grooves for a perfect black door rebate appearance.
  5. Burglar resistance up to RC3 (WK3)
  6. U value of thermal insulation of up to 1.8 W/(m²K) in Schüco ADS 70.HI
  7. U value of thermal insulation of up to 1.4 W/(m²K) in Schüco ADS 90 PL.SI
  8. Comes in many design options.
  9. The Schüco Door Control System offers automated security.
  10. All door hardware fittings are made of high-quality material to offer optimum functionality to the door at all times.

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