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Pidilite M-seal, PV seal, CPVC solvent cement

Pidilite is a consumer-centric company committed to quality and innovation. From adhesives, sealants, waterproofing solutions, and construction chemicals to arts & crafts, industrial resins, polymers, and more, their product portfolio is as diverse as it is ever-evolving. One of the newer products from their catalogue is the Pidilite M-seal PV-seal CPVC solvent cement.

About the Product:

Pidilite M-Seal is a great asset to the plumbing industry and is used by plumbers, plumbing contractors, auto mechanics, and households (DIY) for repair and new construction segments. M-Seal PV Seal CPVC Solvent Cement takes care of all your CPVC joining needs. With its quick bonding and superior gap-filling abilities, the advanced solvent cement offers excellent results. It does not drip down, thus ensuring low wastage.

Price. MRP. -Rs 160/ 100 ml

Product Description

M-Seal PV Seal CPVC Solvent Cement takes care of all your CPVC joining needs and gives an ultra-strong bond. But before we know more about this product, let us understand:


What is M-Seal?

M-Seal is a multipurpose pipe sealant that takes care of your sealing, joining, fixing, and repairing needs. Be it fixing leakage, filling gaps, joining pipes, M-Seal is the perfect brand.

M-Seal is an epoxy, resin-based, multipurpose sealant with a unique combination of epoxy putty and adhesive. M-Seal has carved its name in India due to its 4-in-1 applications. it has established itself as the market leader in the Plumbing range by successfully extending into adjacent product categories like solvent cement, liquid sealant, PTFE tape used in plumbing repair and new construction. Thus making M-seal one of the most trusted brands with the largest range of plumbing products.


What is CPVC Solvent Cement? 

The most important thing to know about solvent cement is that it’s not glued. Solvent cement is made up of CPVC resin, stabilizers, and fillers dissolved in a cocktail of solvents. These solvents like M-Seal serve two purposes:  

  1. Dissolve the CPVC resin. 
  2. Prepare the surface of the pipe and fitting.  

When applied, the solvents soften and dissolve the top layer of the pipe and fitting material, loosening its molecular structure. A taper in the fitting socket creates an interference fit that ensures contact between the pipe and fitting. This allows the material to fuse to itself when the two pieces are connected. The CPVC resin is present to fill in any gaps that may exist.  

Because this fusion occurs at the molecular level, when the solvent M-Seal evaporates, the joint actually becomes one uniform piece. 

Solvent cement also contains stabilizers that maintain solvent properties and extend its shelf life. Specifically, these stabilizers help protect the solvent cement against heat and oxidation, which can degrade the solution. 

Pidilite M-seal, PV seal, CPVC solvent cement
Pidilite M-seal PV -seal CPVC solvent cement


Tech Specifications:

  • Suitable Pipe Diameter- Up to 6 inches
  • Temperature Resistance- Up to 90° C
  • Handling time- 15 minutes
  • Cure time- 2 hours
  • Leak Proof Joints
  • Provides Strength to joints


Features of Pidilite M-seal CPVC Solvent Cement:

  • Easy to apply
  • A quick, long-lasting bond
  • Better gap filling
  • Prevents leakage
  • Suitable for hot and cold water pipe joints
  • Low wastage makes the cement economical
  • Conforms to American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) F493 and Indian Standard (IS) 4985: 2000 standards



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