Schindler Escalator 9700AE


The Schindler 9700AE escalator system provides mobility solutions for large public spaces with high-traffic demands such as airports, subways and railroad stations. Schindler offers flexibility in planning and high quality standards regarding passenger safety, availability and service delivery. The Schindler 9700AE escalator is modular. Its components can be adapted to meet the specifications of any public transportation facility. Drives, chains, tracks, and trusses can all be tailored to customer needs. It meets the world’s toughest regulatory standards for speed and product life. This makes it suitable for ultra-high-rise applications as well.



  • High performance under extreme workloads
  • Smart design
  • Configured to individual requirements


Product Description


Maximal rise height:  50 m at a step width of 1000 mm
Angle of inclination: 24.5 / 27.3 / 30 degrees
Normal step width:  600 / 800 / 1000 mm


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