USG Boral Taiga Hygiene Ceiling boards

USG Boral Taiga Hygiene Ceiling Panels

USG Boral is known for its exclusive range of integrated, speciality, and acoustic panels and tiles. The brand offers exceptional products that deliver the best aesthetics, functionality, and productivity. USG Boral Taiga Hygiene Ceiling Panels are one such sustainable product.

About the Product

USG Boral Taiga Hygiene Ceiling Panels are recycled ceiling solutions that are used in commercial establishments. The ceiling panels have several unique features that enhance the productivity of the space.


Size: 60cm x 60cm (LxW)

Product Description

USG Boral Taiga Hygiene acoustic Ceiling boards are commercial ceilings. The specifications of the product:

  • The patented process blends to NC mineral fibre inorganic fillers to make ceiling panels. Furthermore, special hydrophobic organic binders also blend together for manufacturing.
  • The ceiling panels manufacture in water felted, ceramic bonded mineral-fibre technology. As a result, you get water and moisture protection.
  • USG ceilings ideal for rooms need to be increased reverberated.
  • They come with high reflection performance. Therefore, you get ample in the space.
  • The ceiling boards remain easy to trim. Therefore, they can be installed feasibly.
  • They offer anti-fungus and anti-microbial protection.
  • The acoustical ceiling panels can be suspended. Therefore, you get a unique ceiling for your space.
  • Taiga Hygiene Ceiling boards offer:
  1. Sag-resistance
  2. Moisture resistance
  3. Mould resistance.
  4. Mildew resistance. Therefore, the longevity of your ceilings is more.
  • Material: Mineral Fiber
  • Texture: Fine. As a result, you get a smooth surface.
  • Colour: White
  • Panel Thickness: 19mm
  • NRC: 15
  • CAC: 35-39
  • Reflectance: 0.85
  • 40% recycled acoustic ceiling solutions


USG Boral Taiga Hygiene Ceiling boards Application Areas:

  1. Healthcare agencies
  2. Hospitals
  3. Health clinics
  4. Offices
  5. Schools


Contact Details:

  • Customer Care Number: +91 12 4478 8888


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USG Boral Taiga Hygiene Ceiling Panels
USG Boral Ceiling Panels

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