55+ handpicked decorative & utility mirrors for wall & dressing table, with light
Interior Design

65+ Trendy mirror designs for easy home decor (Shop online!)

Mirrors are an inexpensive way to add depth and elegance to any room. The perfect one can boost the aesthetic appeal of a room by …

heat pump water heaters are energy efficient appliances and sustainable water heating solutions
HVAC System

Energy-efficient heat pump water heaters help consumers save energy & the environment

The drive for environmental awareness is currently at its peak. Stakeholders from different fields have taken up the cause of educating people on the ill …

ViClean-IH+ - intelligent shower toilet by villeroy & boch in a beige bathroom with a shower and washbasin
Sanitaryware Products

Villeroy & Boch ViClean-IH+ intelligent shower toilet: Unrivalled hygiene for daily needs

The ViClean-IH+ provides unrivalled hygiene and guarantees maximum cleanliness and safety. It is an integrated intelligent toilet by Villeroy & Boch that merges elegant design …

hanging lights in a dining space with marble top dining table and accent chairs
Interior DesignLighting

Hanging lights simplified: Dimensions, drawings & designs (Buy now!)

Proper lighting is an absolute essential that makes any space workable and liveable. Whether it’s your office or home, a proper lighting plan is a …

Nilesh Shah, KPC distributors LLP, Racold water heater distributor
Channel Partner Talk

Channel Partner Talk (Racold water heater distributor in Bangalore) – KPC Distributors LLP

Water heating solutions offer comfort and convenience to households and businesses alike. They are essential in maintaining proper hygiene in regions with colder climates or …

Sachin Talreja in front of the Racold display at Sachin Light House water heater dealers in Bangalore
Channel Partner Talk

Channel Partner Talk (Racold water heater dealers in Bangalore) – Sachin Light House

The water heating industry in India is fast growing, with millions of units sold annually to cater to the hot water demands of residential, commercial, …

Functional Vs Designer Modular Kitchens: What should you pick?
Electric Kitchen AppliancesElectrical Products | Electrical AccessoriesKitchens

Functional Vs Designer Modular Kitchens: What should you pick?

In my words, any kitchen is a food factory. Now, functionality is the inherent soul of functional and designer modular kitchens which moves a user, …

Racold commercial heat pump
HVAC System

Revolutionizing hot water: The unmatched advantages of Racold heat pump water heaters

In the evolution of water heating, Racold introduces cutting-edge technology with its heat pump water heaters, redefining the conventional approach. This article delves into the …

Expert TalkSanitaryware Products

Solutions by sieger design promote health & well-being: Christian & Michael Sieger

sieger design has been in business for 40 years. This is the agency which has given the building materials industry some of the iconic designs, …

A wide hall with marbles
Flooring SolutionsInterior Design

Marble floor design: 35+ ideas to invite royalty in Indian homes

Home decor ideas are incomplete without visually aesthetic flooring designs, and no material comes close to marble in this category. Highly regarded for its beauty, …

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