Venus has earned the name ‘The Hot Water Professionals’ by focusing on excellence

Venus is known as hot water professionals providing water heating solutions like tankless and heat pump water heaters
Venus is known as hot water professionals providing water heating solutions like tankless and heat pump water heaters

It takes a professional approach to succeed in the market and win a place in the hearts and minds of the customers. Venus is a trusted & household name in India, and it has done justice to that reputation and has established itself as ‘The Hot Water Professionals’ in the water heating solutions industry in India. The brand has earned the tag for its unwavering focus and dedication to excellence in the field of water heating for more than 60 years. Venus offers a wide variety of water heaters including solar, instant, storage, tankless, and heat pump water heaters.

Venus – ‘The Hot Water Professionals’ Company

Venus - water professionals company for water heating solutions like tankless and heat pump water heaters
Water heating solutions by Venus

With 60 years of legacy, Venus has been expanding sales offices across major cities in India and abroad. Boasting a satisfied customer network of around 36 million exclusive customers, Venus shows its commitment to the motto of customer satisfaction by offering service within 24 hours across India. Venus water heaters have built a reputation for reliability, earning trust through consistent performance and durable design. Their commitment to quality ensures peace of mind for consumers seeking long-lasting and dependable hot water solutions.

Throughout its history, Venus water heaters have been a beacon of innovation in the industry, pioneering advanced technologies to enhance efficiency and convenience for consumers. From introducing energy-saving features to revolutionizing heating elements, Venus continues to lead the way in shaping the future of water heating solutions.

Venus is one of the most well-entrenched players in the water heating segment in India be it in the storage, instant, tankless, solar, or heat pump category.

The way in which the concept of ‘hot water’ is seen within the company, right from water heater manufacturing to its usage in homes and offices truly defines the ‘The Hot Water Professionals’ approach adopted by Venus.

A complete water heater range

Commitment to innovation, quality & customer satisfaction have always been the core values for Venus. This core runs across its entire range of water heaters with water heating solutions in every category. The company’s product range includes storage (6L-100L), instant (3L), tankless, solar water heaters (range) and heat pumps (100L-1000L). With such a spread, Venus has a complete range of water heating solutions.

Venus water heaters are known to be highly durable and built to last. This is backed by a strong R&D team and rigorous testing across the entire range of water heaters. The company has been the first in India to adopt dry porcelain enamelling glass-lined technology in water heaters. Also, Venus takes pride in being the first company to introduce tankless and heat pump water heaters in India that are highly energy-efficient and provide hot water round-the-clock.

Venus ‘The Hot Water Professionals’ – A quality standard in water heating

hot water appliances
Hot water appliances by Venus

It’s the only brand in India offering up to a 10-year guarantee on the inner tank in its range of water heaters. Venus makes it possible by having a relentless focus on preventing corrosion through the incorporation of various anti-corrosion features. Furthermore, Venus’s range of tankless water heaters is designed for instant hot water. Models for these categories ranging from 5.5 kW to 24 kW power capacity ensure delivery of hot water instantaneously. These water heaters use electricity only for the time that the user needs hot water. This results in no wastage of electricity. Heat pumps are another kind of water heaters gaining popularity these days and they are also an integral part of Venus. Venus heat pump water heaters have a reputation for saving up to 75% of energy in domestic and commercial applications.

These heat pumps use heat from the atmosphere to heat water by heat transfer principle using eco-friendly refrigerant. Heat pumps have rightfully gained popularity for their energy efficiency, especially in moderate climates, where they can provide heating as well as cooling with lower energy consumption compared to traditional heating and cooling systems like furnaces and air conditioners.

No. 1 in Exports

Venus water heaters are certified by national & international certifying agencies like ISI, EQM, G Mark, CE, CB, etc. This has enabled Venus to become the largest exporter of water heaters from India. Today, Venus exports its water heaters to more than 35 countries.

Venus has built a strong presence in both established & emerging segments of the water heating market to earn the trust of millions of customers worldwide. This has also given them the tag – The Hot Water Professionals.

Addressing the aesthetics and functional needs of modern built-up spaces

white bathroom with bathtub and water heating appliances
Venus tankless water heater

Built-up spaces are evolving very fast. Therefore, customers demand aesthetics, functionality, and energy efficiency in all building solutions. Water heating and air-conditioning are two of the most sought-after applications when it comes to energy consumption. Between these two, water heating resonates with a wider customer base. Water heaters in India are seen as products that should not be ‘visible’ as they don’t look ‘aesthetic’. However, superior technology & sleek designs of Venus water heaters directly address these requirements in modern built-up spaces. These integrate very well into modern interior spaces, including bathrooms & kitchens, and complement the overall appeal.


Venus water heaters network has been in expansion mode with a PAN India presence and efforts are underway to increase the network in Dubai as well as Middle East countries. After-sales and technical/service support are also very important aspects of this product category. To address this aspect, Venus has multiple authorised service centres and professionally-trained technicians mapping the length and breadth of India.

A legacy of over 60 years in water heating, a passion for manufacturing high-quality water heating solutions across segments, and a pan-India sales & service network define Venus. Its sheer drive and expertise in the water heating market in India keeps ‘The Hot Water Professionals’ company going strong.

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