Blum Pocketsystems: Storage cabinets to hide large living areas

Blum Pocketsystems, storage cabinets
Blum Pocketsystems, storage cabinets

Blum has come up with an innovative storage solution in furniture design that allows you to open up entire spaces (including kitchens and living spaces) when you need them and close them off again when they are not in use. The pocket systems or storage cabinets are ideal for a wide range of applications and are quick, straightforward systems and intuitive to use.


Blum’s new product category pocketsystems makes it possible to “hide” entire kitchens or living areas behind large doors. A simple tap is all it takes, and the doors extend, and you can fold it into the narrow side cabinet, which they call a pocket. Why do you need Blum Pocketsystems? Living spaces merge more and more; therefore, clever solutions are needed to hide individual areas as long as they are not in use.

Blum’s pocket system storage cabinets offer significant advantages in terms of kitchen furniture design as well as installation. Because the pocket systems (whether double or single door applications) are installed in their own small cabinets next to the furniture, no alterations to the fitted furniture are required. The design of the fitted furniture is unrestricted, and there is no need to construct an additional cabinet around it.


Blum storage cabinets - Pocket systems, hidden cabinets and kitchen furniture design
Pocket systems by Blum to conceal standard cabinets

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Features of Blum storage cabinets

1. Pocket systems are storage solutions suitable for double as well as single doors. Moreover, they operate entirely mechanically to provide high-quality motion and increased user convenience.

2. With and without handles, doors may be opened and closed in a variety of ways, allowing for unlimited design options. They vanish into a small cabinet or pocket.

3. Because the pocket width for single-door applications is just 100 mm and for double-door applications, only 150 mm, pocket system storage units are simple to build and produce. The assembly is simple and quick, and the door adjustment is precise.


This video summarizes the benefits of Blum pocket systems. So, be inspired by a variety of applications, including single as well as double door applications, superior motion quality, and increased user convenience.

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