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Blum helps you translate your ideas into top-quality solutions to enhance the quality of living. It delivers a wide range of products, comprehensive advice, and a well-thought-out approach. One of their products is the Blum Space corner cabinet solution.

About the Product

Corner space is often wasted or not put to optimal use. A user-friendly alternative to conventional corner solutions is Blum’s Space Corner Cabinet. Full extensions use every inch of storage space available and give you clear visibility of all contents. What’s more, you don’t have to bend down to get to things.

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Product Description

Blum‘s storage space corner cabinet for kitchen utensils and other items makes it easy for you to arrange them clearly with easy access. Therefore it is the most convenient alternative for traditional corner solutions. Also, it provides a full extension as every inch of the storage facility is used.


Specifications of corner cabinet kitchen:

  • Optimal use of corner space- Work surfaces are often in corners. Corner full extensions are the ideal place to keep kitchen utensils and other implements. So, everything is within easy reach and exactly positioned. And the ORGA-LINE inner dividing system delivers organisation to interiors.
  • Standard fronts- SYNCROMOTION enables the use of standard fronts.  Drawer fronts swing inwards to open so they don’t interfere with the fronts of the adjacent cabinet. When closing, the fronts return to their original position. Therefore, no assembly work.
  • The high-quality motion of corner cabinet for kitchen – Even heavily laden pull-outs open with supreme ease, have a feather-light glide and close softly and effortlessly with BLUMOTION. The pull-outs can hold loads of up to 65 kg. Additionally, the Space cabinet is combined with the SERVO-DRIVE opening support system.
  • Implementation with standard components- The Space cabinet- implemented with standard components. You can use wooden drawers with MOVENTO or TANDEM runners or the TANDEMBOX box system. There is a wide range of cabinet dimensions to choose from, therefore the recommended width is between 900 and 1200 mm.


Features of corner cabinet kitchen:

  • Easy Access to corner space
  • A wide range of implementation options
  • Suitable for all kinds of storage items
  • Clear visibility of all kitchen utensils and other components in the cabinet


Blum space corner cabinet for kitchen with easy storage of utensils
Space corner cabinet for kitchen


So, call us to know more about the Blum storage corner cabinet for easy storage of kitchen items.

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Brand Info


Established on March 1, 1952, by Julius Blum, Blum is an Austrian-based company and a global manufacturer of the highest-quality furniture fittings. Notably, the brand is synonymous with innovation, creative design ideas, and a well-thought-out approach. Presently, Blum stands as a prominent global player in the category of furniture and kitchen cabinetry fittings manufacturing. Blum has consistently earned recognition and awards for its product quality, design, functions, and precise installation across a wide range of applications. Blum places a high value on creating furniture fittings and kitchen accessories now in India that improve the quality of life. It creates lift, hinge, pull-out, and pocket systems for furniture and offers related services and assembly tools.

The durability and functionality of fittings throughout all living spaces hold significant importance. Beyond just kitchens, where daily wear and tear is a concern, the need for fittings to balance aesthetic appeal with practical utility becomes paramount. Blum meticulously studied the needs of homeowners worldwide, continually pioneering innovative approaches to elevate the functionality of modern living spaces. This resulted in the creation of revolutionary products such as soft-close mechanisms, lift systems, and motion technologies that greatly improve user experience and convenience. The incorporation of such functional fittings and accessories not only streamlines daily use but also optimizes the utilization of available space. Their harmonious transition and free design elements add a personal touch to your personal space.


Range of products by Blum

Blum’s wide array of furniture fittings & accessories ensures a delightful and seamless experience when opening and closing furniture. These products encompass the following categories:


Innovative offerings by Blum

The brand crafts ingenious designs for practical fittings and solutions. These products are founded on a meticulous approach and comprehensive guidance. Blum India enhances furniture quality and efficiency through its exceptional assortment of fittings and accessories. Furthermore, it is recognized for producing high-quality items. Some examples of such groundbreaking furniture fittings include:

  • Space step
  • Pull-out shelf lock for TANDEM and MOVENTO shelves
  • AVENTOS lift system
  • BLUMOTION hinges


Commitment to sustainability

Blum holds ISO 50001 Energy Management Standard certification, solidifying its position as a premier choice for kitchen fittings in India. This international standard sets forth optimal energy management practices worldwide, enabling cost savings in energy consumption and a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions.

Since 1997, Blum’s Environmental Management System has continuously propelled its environmental performance forward. Within an established environmental program, measures are consistently documented and executed. Regular audits are conducted to ensure continued adherence to environmental standards.


Blum India – Contact Details:

  • Customer Service Toll-Free Number: 1800 209 9710
  • Working Hours: Monday – Saturday, 9.00 AM – 6.00 PM
  • Email:
  • Website:

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