Shower toilet seat – Duravit SensoWash Starck e

shower toilet seat, duravit, bathroom
shower toilet seat, duravit, bathroom

Duravit has a range of Sensowash automatic toilet seats, including the SensoWash Starck e Shower Toilet Seat, which has revolutionized the world of sanitation. Furthermore, with its high aesthetic value, seamless design, and unique appearance, the SensoWash Starck e creates a harmonious unity. Additionally, The Duravit Starck 3 Toilet Suite + SensoWash® Starck e Shower Toilet Seat is a pioneering innovation in shower-toilet seats that redefines comfort, quality of life, and modern toilet hygiene, all operated by remote control.


Clean as well as fresh by nature. Nothing cleans as thoroughly, hygienically, naturally, and refreshingly as water. This is why the shower toilet, which combines a toilet with a bidet, is becoming more popular. Water is also fresher than toilet paper since it is softer and gentler. Users exit the bathroom feeling clean and invigorated. SensoWash, Duravit’s most recent contribution to the topic, is an innovative series of high-quality shower toilets that meets all of the demands of today’s bathroom – hygienic cleanliness, high operating comfort, and sustainable design.

All aspects of the SensoWash design enhance the bathroom’s look, feel, and functionality for maximum user well-being.


Duravit SensoWash shower toilet seat, water closet for modern bathroom design, smart toilet, automatic toilet
Duravit SensoWash with essential toilet functions

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SensoWash Starck e shower toilet features include:

1. Concealed connections

2. Remote Control included

3. Electromotive actuated seat & lid

4. Individual adjustment of water, seat temperature, spray wand position & water spray intensity

5. Self-cleaning spray wand

6. Bath toilets with rear, lady & comfort wash: Pleasant as well as safe cleansing. Water temperature, water spray intensity, and the spray wand position can be individually adjusted and saved.

7. Comes with 2 individually programmable user profiles

8. Night light: Illuminated inner bowl. When it’s dark, a night light function provides orientation and safety without interrupting the body’s repose.

9. Quick release: easy seat unit removal on/off button

10. Odor extraction automatic shower toilet seat

11. Rimless water closet

12. Bacterial-growth-inhibiting glaze

13. Easy one-handed removal of the seat as well as the lid

14. Shower toilet with seat heating as well

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