Hettich Kitchen Comfort – Kitchen ideas for cooking convenience!

hettich kitchen comfort, kitchen ideas for cooking convenience
hettich kitchen comfort, kitchen ideas for cooking convenience

Hettich offers comfortable solutions which make your daily life easier in simple ways – and give you a new ergonomic kitchen experience. End-to-end convenience hidden away behind a large front. All these kitchen ideas and more from Hettich.


Quiet, peaceful, and ergonomic kitchen ideas: drawers and pot-and-pan drawers that move in and out without making a sound. Storage space that’s easy to reach and cleverly organized. In short, technology makes furniture even more user-friendly.


ergonomic kitchen ideas by Hettich, modular kitchen design
Innovative kitchen ideas by Hettich

Image Source: web.hettich.com


Hettich kitchen range and ideas

This is where you’ll find ideas, inspiration as well as planning possibilities for how Hettich fitting technology could transform your furniture.

1. Lift system for dishwashers: ComfortSwing 

The Hettich kitchen Comfort Swing is the first lifting system on the market that raises the bottom rack of the dishwasher to the same height as the top rack. This is both convenient for the user and gentle on dishes and glasses, thanks to the inbuilt Silent System. Additionally, the revolutionary opening mechanism provides access to everything inside the dishwasher with just one movement of the hand.

2. Magic convenience for handleless fronts: Push to open Silent Hettich kitchen

In one mechanism, you get a handleless opening and silent and gentle closing. Never before has handleless furniture design been so user-friendly: the front panel opens quickly with a gentle press. With a flick of the wrist, the drawers close reliably and pleasantly. To open Silent, use the new Push feature. So, perfection in every detail.

3. Hettich kitchen ideas: Easys electromechanical opening system for refrigerators

Easys is an electromechanical mechanism that provides refrigerator opening assistance in handleless cabinet bodies. So, you can transfer the purist handleless style of high-quality kitchens to refrigerators with Easys. Also, you’ll be able to differentiate your kitchens quickly and effortlessly.


Hettich creates the perfect combination of intelligent technology, functionality as well as design. Moreover, they develop and produce a variety of fittings for all sorts of different functions.

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