Saviesa SavvyCube to design modern kitchens, wardrobes, and beds

Saviesa SavvyCube to design modern kitchens, wardrobes, and beds, hanging lights, stools, wood flooring
Saviesa SavvyCube to design modern kitchens, wardrobes, and beds, hanging lights, stools, wood flooring

Saviesa Savvy Cube is making it possible to create your imagination into reality for your dream home. The SavvyCube has various components to reach infinite design levels, like a wardrobe closet, a bedside table, a modern kitchen cabinet, a decorative art stand, a storage vanity unit, a TV unit, and so much more, using a unique combination of corner connectors.


Saviesa Home, a renowned manufacturer of Modular Kitchens designed and built SavvyCube, the inspiration for the next generation.

It is available in black and white but can be customized to other colours on request.


saviesa savvycube kitchen unit ideal to be used as modern wardrobes
Savvycube modern kitchen unit

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Applications areas of modern kitchens with SavvyCube

1. Kitchen: Create a modern kitchen that is unlike any other with these SavvyCube highlights on the wall cabinet and in the Base cabinets too. SavvyCube shelves provide a poorly consolidated kitchen with a fashionable open aspect that is awe-inspiring, breaking up the monotony. An open wall cabinet to store all of your trinkets and decorations gives your modern kitchen a unique look and feel.

2. TV unit: TV units get a futuristic look with half-open shelves made of SavvyCube.

3. Bookshelf: To display your precious book collection in style with the SavvyCube book organizer.

4. Standalone unit: Good things come in small sizes, and this standalone unit used for decorative items is just that.

5. Vanity unit: Just like modern kitchen units, SavvyCube vanity units take your bathroom to another level with their clean chic look.

6. Dressing table: Who would have thought a simple dressing table could get such a beautiful facelift.

7. Bedside table: Why go for chunky blocks for your bedside tables when you can choose this eye-catchy piece of art.

8. Wardrobe unit: A modern wardrobe corner unit that gives your wardrobe much-needed style and convenience.

9. Others: Additionally, Saavycube by Saviesa Home is ideal as a garden shelf, modern kitchen shelf, shoe rack, centre table, study table, ceiling frame, etc.

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