Thyssenkrupp elevator – TWIN

Thyssenkrupp elevator – TWIN
Thyssenkrupp elevator – TWIN

The Thyssenkrupp TWIN elevator system has two cars, arranged on top of each other, that operate independently in one hoistway for unrivalled efficiency in buildings, offices, and hospitals over 50 meters high. It’s just what you need when you have common areas on several levels.


It gives you the same conveyance capacity in 25% less space. Also, it lets you introduce brand-new traffic concepts while setting a new standard in high performance.

With Thyssenkrupp TWIN Elevator, both cabins use the same guide rails and landing doors. Each car is equipped with its own traction drive, controller, ropes, counterweight as well as governor. An intelligent Destination Selection Control (DSC) system gets people to their destination faster by grouping together individuals travelling to the same floor. Also, the TWIN lift for hospitals and buildings boasts a TÜV-tested safety concept to satisfy even the most stringent requirements.


Thyssenkrupp elevator TWIN
TWIN – A double car elevator system

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Features of Thyssenkrupp TWIN elevator

1. An innovative solution for new projects or existing buildings with increased traffic.

2. Additionally, the lift system requires a smaller footprint, leaving more leasable space.

33. Ideal for buildings with common areas on several levels, such as hotels, offices, hospitals, and education institutions.

4. Thyssenkrupp elevator provides architects with more space and freedom to design.

5. This lift moves more people in less space in a hospital or any other building.

6. In addition, Thyssenkrupp TWIN Elevators are cost and energy efficient.

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