Bunk beds: 25 cool & clever space-saving design ideas (+Buying options)

Designer bunk beds for kids, adults, girls with ladder
Designer bunk beds for kids, adults, girls with ladder

Let’s get it out in the open that bunk beds aren’t just for kids! We know that bunk beds are fascinating for kids, particularly the process of climbing up and down and having the choice of being above or below, but they are also delightful furniture options for adults. These beds are useful, practical, and space-saving solutions for compact bedrooms. Due to their unique design, these can be accommodated in narrow attic spaces or a tight guest room. Apart from their space maximizing feature, designers are going gaga over these beds due to their easy customizability. Yes! Now you can customize them according to your own design aesthetics. Thus, customized and designer bunk beds with storage make up for all-rounder bedroom furniture for adults, kids, girls & boys of all age brackets.

Whether you only want one set of bunk sleepers or are prepared to go all out and invest in a full bunk room, we have covered some creative bunk bed ideas that will surely impress you. Keep reading to learn all about these beds with the help of a selection guide and amazing inspiration images. Also, shop for the best bunk beds in India from our recommendation section!



How to choose the correct bunk bed?

To find the perfect bed for your room, you need to determine the dimensions of your room. Start by measuring the width of the room and the height of the ceiling. Also, remember to take into consideration the number of people you need to house on the bed. Furthermore, analyze if you require the adaptability of a full bed or require a trundle on the bottom for more guests. Another important thing to do is to check each bed’s weight capacity. While some bunk sleepers are only intended for small children, others may accommodate teenagers and even adults. So, it is important to choose a bed from the suitable weight category.

Now that you know the basics for choosing the perfect bunk bed for your home, let’s dive into the creative world of the latest designs and trends!


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15 Latest bunk bed ideas and designs to maximize bedroom space


Bunk bed design #1


Bottom full bed with top bunk bed in cute room
An aesthetic room with bunk beds that save space

Image Source: Alforja


This simple yet aesthetic bunk bed is everything a teenage girl wants. The size of the bed is perfect; it provides enough space to not look crappy and congested. The sleek ladder in white provides a sturdy and secure way for climbing on the top bunk for the young ones.


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Bunk bed design #2


Bunk bed room with 6 beds
Dream room for fun sleepovers!

Image Source: Kedrachalendesign


This bunk room is big enough to accommodate six beds arranged in a U layout, making it ideal for adults, young girls, boys, and kids’ sleepovers and pillow fights. So, no more fights over who gets the bed. With a bedroom like this, all you is a good night’s sleep and fun memories.


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Bunk bed design #3


Bunk bed for kids
A little hidden haven for the little ones

Image Source: Matthew Williams


This bed enclosure is a stunning design success, suitable for both children and adults. Even for adults, the colour scheme and ceiling design are soothing yet modern. The curtain creates further privacy and a snug fort atmosphere that is definitely alluring.


Bunk bed design #4


Bunk bed with storage
Perfect bedroom design for a compact student dorm

Image Source: Tessa Neustadt


Starting with the dual-size bed and culminating with the accessible built-in bookshelf, this furniture is ideal in so many ways. Can we also address that awesome customized staircase? This practical yet aesthetic bed definitely got us wishing it was ours!


Bunk bed design #5


Navy blue compact bunk beds with ladder for teenagers & adults
Built-in bunk bed to maximise your activity room

Image Source: Studio Mcgee


This bed packs a punch, thanks to its rich navy colour. We absolutely love that it is painted the same colour as the shiplap in the backdrop, creating a stylish monochromatic impression. All in all, this built-in bunk bed for a low-ceiling room looks perfect for young adults or college dorms.


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Bunk bed design #6


Beautiful kids room with castle like bunk beds and living are
Anyone up for a Disney-inspired sleepover?

Image Source: Dustin Halleck


Even though this enormous bedroom was probably intended for children, adults too will dote over the aesthetic. There is plenty of space for the kids to play, thanks to the fully occupied castle top and the cushioned floors. These bunk beds are unquestionably magical and perfect for kids and teenage boys and girls!


Bunk bed design #7


Family bund bed room
Gossip nights with your cousins here would hit different!

Image Source: Sarah Elliot


A twin set of queen-sized, custom-built bunk beds is featured in this elegant modern room design providing a cozy area for young boys, girls, and adults. Moreover, the arched wood-slat coated ceilings, the curves, the soft blue paint, and the light wood steps on a central staircase give off a dream beach house vibe.



Bunk bed design #8


Colourful bedroom for 2
Minimal yet fun bedroom with bunk beds

Image Source: Maite Grada


This area manages to strike the ideal chord between playfulness, fun, and a place where kids may grow old. The bright colours make it kid-friendly, but the bed designs and wallpaper have a somewhat more professional vibe. We can’t get enough of that orange ladder that is equal amounts of fun and sophistication.


Bunk bed design #9


3 sleeper bunk bed with storage
What is better than a two-sleeper bunk bed? A three-sleeper one!

Image Source: Alforja


This mega bed is a whole room in itself. A three sleeper bed that is all about storage, is a rare sight. We are obsessed with the multifunctional chairs that are also drawers! Since all the three sleepers are arranged in a vertical setting, your room has so much open activity space. However, this type of bed is only suitable for a room that has high ceilings.


Bunk bed design #10


Bunk beds for adult
Who said rooms with bunk beds aren’t for adults?

Image Source: Venuereport


This room features an adult-sized double bed on the floor and an upper bed that is reachable by a ladder for additional sleeping space. An industrial-style safety net in black surrounds the top loft beautifully. This bed appears perfect for a small family of three.


Bunk bed design #11


Unique bunk bed design
Offbeat design of bunk bed

Image Source: Tiffanyleighdesigns


We are in love with the concept of floating loft bunks. These are space-saving and also look so neat in your room. The monochrome moment here makes the bed stand out even more! So, if you love the minimalist aesthetics, do give these floating loft bunks for adults a try.


Bunk bed design #12


Space saving small room design
Space-saving small room design

Image Source: Diff (Behance)


Here is a snug bedroom design with built-in beds adjacent to a sleek wardrobe. The bunkers look classy and minimal, absolutely suitable for a family of four. The colour scheme used in the room further makes the room look chic and classy. Detailing of the black metal railing and support ladder further adds industrial loft vibes to the area.


Bunk bed design #13


Bed ideas for odd spaces
Make a cozy napping corner in your weirdly shaped attic

Image Source: Erin Williamson Design


This bed has a way of fitting into almost any type of room. Arrangements like this work well in attics, guest rooms, and awkwardly shaped rooms. With the addition of this puzzle-like arrangement of beds, this hip space with a slanted ceiling looks quite attractive. Thus, this bunk bed is the perfect play site for your little boys and girls.


Bunk bed design #14


Hidden bunk beds in closet space
Add a surprise element to your bedroom with a bunk bed closet!

Image Source: Dustin Halleck


What to do when you run out of space in your bedroom? Convert that extra closet space into a compact guest room. This room features a smart idea for the guest room. The open space in the bedroom is maintained while also providing privacy to both areas with help of a sliding partition door. The contemporary colour scheme used in the room brings calmness and simplicity to the ambience.


Bunk bed design #15


Bunk beds with living area
A hybrid room is the best idea for apartment living

Image Source: Sam Frost


A wall full of double floor-to-ceiling bunk beds in this multipurpose room is made of warmly tinted wood and is ideal for adults or teenagers. To offer a pleasant space for socializing, a sitting area furnished with modern furniture in tones of black and grey faces away from the sleeping section. This is a perfect hybrid room for those opting for tiny home concepts.


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colourful room decor for school kids

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Cute bed for girls and boys

B U Y  H E R E 


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Bunk bed Uraban Ladder

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Malina Mothercare Bunk Bed

Malina Mothercare blue bedroom furniture

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Ubuy Airlie Solid Wood Beds

Kid bedroom sleeping furniture for three

B U Y  H E R E 


Craftatoz Batoni Triple Bed

Bedroom furniture with triple sleeper

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Nilkamal Crossett Metal Bed

Nilkamal metal bed with two sleepers

B U Y  H E R E 


Angie Home Kahila Black Kids Bed

Angie home bedroom furniture with two sleepers

B U Y  H E R E 


SparKenzy Bed With Turndle

Sparkenzy white modern bunk bed

B U Y  H E R E 


Saraf Furniture Solid Wood Charlie Bed

Black metal sleeping furniture with ladder

B U Y  H E R E 



Increasingly, bunk beds are being used in student accommodation and college dorms for adults and kids. Most hotels too, feature these beautiful beds in their family suites to provide maximum resting space while leaving out enough room for activities. Another reason for the popularity of these types of beds is their flexibility in design. If you can’t find a suitable unit for your space, there is always scope for customization. However, before buying or finalizing a bespoke design, always remember to measure the ceiling height of your room and the weight capacity of your product as mentioned in our selection guide. Also, use any of your favourite designs or idea presented in this article to style your own unique bed. If you want a quick solution, you can shop from our top picks of bunk beds available online in India!


*The featured image used in this article is from Francis Lofts & Bunks


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