Bed design: Online shopping made easy with our list of top 30

grey luxurious bed design with upholstered wood frame in a modern bed room with side table, table lamps and rug
grey luxurious bed design with upholstered wood frame in a modern bed room with side table, table lamps and rug

The main function of a bedroom is to promote an atmosphere of peace and positivity so that you can rest and rejuvenate after a day spent catering to responsibilities. Research shows that good quality sleep is crucial to keep your body fit and healthy. This makes it all the more necessary to ensure that your bedroom design promotes restful sleep and is functional and beautiful. The bed, therefore, becomes the most important piece of furniture. With so many options in the market, beds can come in endless designs, styles, and materials such as wood, metal, double, single, etc. The right bed design has the effect of instantly giving a modern touch to the room decor and providing you with a safe space to sleep in.

In this article, we have laid down the different types of beds, provided you with a powerful selection guide, answered all your questions, and given you a wide range of buying options.




Designer-approved bed design recommendations (Buy here!)


Bed design #1 – BoConcept Houston Upholstered Bed With Storage

This designer bed sports a soft headboard that guarantees a cosy feel and provides excellent support whether you’re sleeping or sitting up and reading a book in bed.


white bedroom with a modern wood double bed design, mirror, white cabinets and indoor plant

Bed design #2 – Natuzzi Italia Dolcevita

This stunning bed comes with a lavishly upholstered and padded headboard that provides supreme comfort and support. The glamorous design gives off an undeniable vintage vibe making it look classy and upscale.


white bedroom with a modern wood double bed design, brown table, table lamp and a rug

Bed design #3 – BoConcept Austin Bed

Fall into the comfy embrace of this cocoon-like design that perfectly complements a chic and elegant bedroom. The remarkable colour makes this bed stand out and make a strong statement.


white bedroom with a modern wood double bed design and a brown rug

Bed design #4 – Idus Lawrence Bed

The flared wing design on this classy upholstered headboard exudes elegance and luxury. Its thick cushioned panelling reflects and absorbs natural light which enlivens this bed.


white bedroom with a modern wood double bed design, brown rug, grey bed, wall decor and black table

Bed design #5 – Ikea TUFJORD Upholstered Bed

The sumptuous design of this piece makes it a perfect addition to any modern luxury bedroom. It has a high-end look and comes with a beautifully upholstered headboard.


green bedroom with a modern wood double bed design, mirror, cabinets and table

Bed design #6 – ESTRE Plumeria Queen Size Upholstered Bed In Grey Colour

The highly appealing minimalistic design of this bed has a modern appearance. The simple yet impactful headboard is upholstered in a beautiful grey fabric that is perfect for a simple bedroom.


grey rug, wall painting and a plant


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Bed design #7 – West Elm Anton Solid Wood Bed

This mid-century-inspired bed has been manufactured using sustainably sourced Mango Wood. So, if you are someone who is conscious and diligent about creating a sustainable space, this bed is definitely for you.


 brown cabinet, white rug and wall lamp

Bed design #8 – West Elm Andes Side Storage Bed

This sustainably produced bed has additional storage space and built-in levers which provide stability on even as well as uneven surfaces. Its bed frame is made up of engineered wood and solid pine in a rich walnut finish.


white rug and table lamp and grey bunk

Bed design #9 – Royaloak Tivoli Italian King Size Bed 

This hydraulic bed is exceptionally practical and aesthetic. It has ample storage space, including headboard storage, box storage, and hydraulic storage. Furthermore, it has waterproof fabric and a USB charger socket. This designer bed is likely to improve the look of any room with its contemporary styling. It is both functional and beautiful, guaranteeing that it will go well with any existing decor.


grey bunk placed on brown wooden floors


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Bed design #10 – Fabindia Obra Queen Bed

This exquisitely crafted queen-size bed design can comfortably fit two adults without taking up too much room. Ideal for compact bedrooms, this bed has a distinctly traditional look with a modern twist.


traditional living space with a red carpet and side table

B U Y  H E R E 


Bed design #11 – ValueWud Akasuki King Size Bed In Walnut Finish

This bed has a beautiful walnut colour and is primarily made of engineered wood. The storage space provided in the headboard doubles its functionality.


white bedroom with a modern wood double bed design wooden floors, bed, floor lamp and a plant

B U Y  H E R E 


Bed design #12 – Bluewud Roverb Engineered Wood King Size Non-Storage Bed

This simple bed has an attractive brown colour and a dual-toned headboard that accentuates its simplicity while subtly elevating its aesthetic. Its classic bed design makes it perfectly suitable for traditional Indian rooms.


brown bedroom with a modern wood double bed design, grey rug, table, table lamp and a plant

Bed design #13 – Lakkadhaara Florentina Poster Bed

This bed immediately grabs the eye with its timeless, classic styling and striking visuals. This gorgeous bed has been handcrafted using solid wood, making it not durable and charming.


white living space with side table and table lamp

Bed design #14 – Gulmohar Lane Province Rattan Bed

This bed is a stunning French cottage statement piece sporting delicate curves, natural weaving, and chevron-inspired patterns. Rattan and wood are used in the classic design to create a light and airy effect.


brown rattan furniture with side tables and table lamps

Bed design #15 – Freedom Tree Four Poster Wicker Bed

The conventional poster bed has been updated by adding wicker which lends an airy feel to this design. Handwoven wicker panels have been inserted into teak wood to form a charming piece.


brown furniture in a living space with wallpaper, chandelier and pendant light

Bed design #16 – Stanley Jupiter

This luxurious design exudes grace and elegance. Its distinctive yet upscale look makes it an iconic addition to any high-end bedroom. Furthermore, it comes with a metal frame headboard and base for extra durability.


sleek furniture by Stanley

Bed design #17 – Damro Olivia Hydraulic King Bed

This bed has a unique two-toned colour and comes with hydraulic storage. It has glossy white design panels and the headboard has a beautiful design making it perfect for a traditional Indian bedroom.


brown living space with wooden furniture with white panels and a wooden floor

Bed design #18 – Durian Hamilton

The solid wood headboard has a captivating sunburst pattern created by talented Marquetry artists and is surrounded by beautiful walnut-finished veneer.


brown furniture in a white living space with mirror rug and pendant light

Bed design #19 – Godrej Interio Grove V2 Queen Size Bed

This bed offers a traditional aesthetic with a modern touch owing to its contemporary design. Its patterned headboard unites the strong build and clean-cut design of this piece.


pink living space with brown furniture indoor plant and pendant light

Bed design #20 – Nilkamal Arthur Double Bed Design Without Storage

This bed captures the essence of the minimalist approach to interior design. With a gorgeous deep walnut finish and premium particle board construction, it gives a contemporary look.


white bedroom with brown bed with a grey rug

Bed design #21 – Zuari Furniture Neo Lift-On Bed

This beautiful bed comes in a bold black colour and has a sleek build. The additional storage space makes it an attractive addition to any modern bedroom that is short on space.


bedroom black bed with wall art and grey rug

Bed design #22 – B&B Italia Tufty Bed

This bed has a distinctly modern appeal that gives a refined, upscale look. Its unique design makes it an attractive option to consider for a modern yet minimalistic bedroom. 


white bedroom bed, table, pendant light, with a rug

Bed design #23 – Evok Ibiza King Size Upholstered Bed In Green

This gorgeous upholstered bed immediately captures the attention of the viewer and becomes the focal point of the bedroom. The deep tufting is covered in a luxurious fabric for a lush look.


green bed in a bedroom with multicoloured rug, wall art and brown table

Bed design #24 – Home Centre Helios Lewis Bronx King Bed With Box Storage

This bed is made of engineered wood and comes with multiple storage options. It has five storage compartments, including two drawers on the side of the bed and three open shelves at the front of the bed.


brown bed in a grey bedroom with grey rug

Bed design #25 – Ikea Brimnes

This beautifully multifunctional modern bed design acts as a single bed during the day and can be instantly converted into a double bed whenever needed. It is great for tiny rooms and apartments.


white bed in a small bedroom with table and chair and a brown rug

Bed design #26 – Durian Reagan

This piece is inspired by the enduring appeal of mid-century design. The high-backed headboard and footboard are framed in premium solid wood. It makes for an iconic addition to any bedroom.


grey bedroom with a brown bed, rug and pendant light

Bed design #27 – Lakkadhaara Sicily Solid Wood King Size Bed Without Storage

Patchwork Kantha detailing on this solid wood bed frame gives it a traditional and classic look. It sports a slatted base, angular, tapered legs, and an upholstered wooden frame.


brown bed in a room with plants and brown side table

Bed design #28 – Gulmohar Lane Brighton Metal Bed Collection

The head and footboards of this metal bed frame have a lovely and graceful curve detailing. The bed frame is finished in sturdy ebony and ivory. Furthermore, this bed’s wooden slatted base is built to provide adequate support and comfort all night long.


white bedroom with a white bed and side table

Bed design #29 – Freedom Tree Dreamer Upholstered Bed (Teak Wood)

This simple design comes with a high upholstered headboard that provides comfort and beauty. Due to its traditional yet modern design, this bed will perfectly match your style if you wish to combine modern and traditional aesthetics.


green bed in a bedroom with plants and a brown wooden floor

Bed design #30 – B&B Italia Alys

This bed has a remarkably sleek and sophisticated look that matches a purely contemporary bedroom. Being a queen-sized bed design, it has enough room to promote a restful and comfortable sleep.


white bedroom with brown bed, rug, wall decor and shelves


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Price list of beds available online – An overview


Brand Product MRP
BoConcept BoConcept Houston Upholstered Bed With Storage 4,45,900
BoConcept BoConcept Austin Bed 4,45,900
ValueWud ValueWud Akasuki King Size Bed In Walnut Finish 40,000
Idus Idus Lawrence Bed 2,90,000
Bluewud Bluewud Roverb Engineered Wood King Size Non-Storage Bed 19,999
Ikea Ikea TUFJORD Upholstered Bed 44,990
ESTRE ESTRE Plumeria Queen Size Upholstered Bed In Grey Colour 26,999
West Elm West Elm Anton Solid Wood Bed 1,80,000
Royaloak Royaloak Tivoli Italian King Size Bed 94,000
Fabindia Fabindia Obra Queen Bed 59,999
Lakkadhaara Lakkadhaara Florentina Poster Bed 1,44,000
Gulmohar Lane Gulmohar Lane Province Rattan Bed 1,09,900
Freedom Tree Freedom Tree Four Poster Wicker Bed 1,19,900
Damro Damro Olivia Hydraulic King Bed 37,900
Durian Durian Hamilton 1,91,200
Godrej Interio Godrej Interio Grove V2 Queen Size Bed 45,438
Nilkamal Nilkamal Arthur Double Bed Design Without Storage 18,500
Evok Evok Ibiza King Size Upholstered Bed In Green 84,990
Home Centre Homecentre Helios Lewis Bronx King Bed With Box Storage 45,998
West Elm West Elm Andes Side Storage Bed 2,30,000
Ikea Ikea Brimnes 35,970
Durian Durian Reagan Double Bed Design 1,57,000
Lakkadhaara Lakkadhaara Sicily Solid Wood King Size Bed Without Storage 45,000
Gulmohar Lane Gulmohar Lane Brighton Metal Bed Collection 27,900
Freedom Tree Freedom Tree Dreamer Upholstered Bed (Teak Wood) 99,400


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2023’s Latest bed design look book



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Types of beds


Based on style


Platform bed


white bedroom with a low height modern wood double bed design bed with a rug, white table, table lamp and plants
A simple yet stylish platform bed

Image Source:


A platform bed comes with a base that is a raised or elevated structure designed to support the mattress. This platform serves as the support and ventilation system, doing away with the requirement for an additional base. This bed design gives a chic and modern look to the bedroom.


Trundle bed


white trundle in a bedroom with dual toned walls
Perfect for bedrooms that are short on space

Image Source:


A trundle bed design can be conveniently stored under a single or double bed. It has wheels attached to its frame that enable it to be easily rolled in and out when needed.


Upholstered bed


grey upholstered frame with side tables and lamps
An upholstered bed gives a luxurious look

Image Source: Rugiano



An upholstered bed design consists of a bed frame that has been covered with a soft, luxurious fabric. This is a great option if you want to give your bedroom a sumptuous look.


Four poster bed


exquisite modern bedroom with grey rugs, table lamps and chandelier
An extravagant design that instantly catches the attention

Image Source:


A poster bed has vertical columns attached to its four corners that are supported by an upper panel. Traditionally, these came with curtains that kept the occupant warm at night. However, modern poster bed designs are purely preferred for their aesthetics.


Futon bed


blue futon sofa in a living room with floor lamp and wall art
A multifuntional futon bed

Image Source:


A futon bed is like a sofa cum bed which can be transformed into a daytime sofa whenever needed. This multifunctional bed is great for compact spaces. Don’t forget to air the futon regularly to prevent mould buildup.


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Based on functionality


Hydraulic bed


white bedroom with a modern wood double bed design, wooden floors, grey rug and wall art
A hydraulic bed with a modern aesthetic

Image Source:


It is a kind of storage furniture that comes installed with a hydraulic lifting and closing mechanism. This technology aids in the easy and effortless lifting of the mattress and allows easy access to the storage space.


Box bed


white bedroom with a modern wood double bed design and study table with chair
A contemporary bed with box storage

Image Source:


A box bed design also doubles up as storage furniture with enough room to house items such as extra bedding, sheets, and clothing. It is a traditional bed that is available in diverse designs and is generally made of wood and available in single, double, queen, and king sizes.


Storage bed


brown modern wood double bed design with storage in a bedroom with plants
An aesthetically pleasing bed with drawers

Image Source: Zooi Designers


Storage beds consist of divans, ottomans, and beds with drawers. These come with hidden compartments that offer additional storage in your bedroom. Moreover, they offer increased functionality and help optimise space.


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Based on material


Wooden bed


white bedroom with a modern wood double bed design, carpet and side table
Chic platform bed made of dark stained wood

Image Source: Decent Furniture House on Facebook


Wooden beds are the most popular type of bed on this list. Beds made from Sheesham, rubberwood, mango wood, engineered wood, or plywood are exceptionally durable and come in a plethora of designs that can blend into modern as well as traditional bedrooms.


Rattan bed


white bedroom with a rattan headboard, pendant light and side table
A beautifully designed rattan bed

Image Source:


Rattan beds are considered minimalist and trendy these days. They’re made up of reeds, a type of old-world climbing palm plant. The beds’ eye-catching tropical style is what makes them popular and in demand.


Metal bed


white bedroom with wall art and side table
An antique bed with a metal frame

Image Source:


Metal beds can be made up of iron, brass, aluminium etc. These are generally lighter to lift and move around. While they are inexpensive and common, they don’t look as luxurious. Bed designs with wood or rattan frames are better and more easily available in single, double, queen or king sizes.


Based on size


Single bed


pink bedroom with a table, chair and carpet
A modern bed to keep up with your colour obsession

Image Source: Dvoetochie


Single beds are perfect for small bedrooms. You can easily place it in the corner to free up more walking space in the room. The right bed design will help maintain a classic style while also saving valuable space.


Double bed


brown bedroom with a modern wood double bed design, rug, pendant lights and side table
A sophisticated design for an upscale look

Image Source: Zooi Designers


To shop for a double bed, consider factors like design, finish, material, size, upholstery, unique features, storage, and more. These bed designs are usually available in wood frames that have enough room to house two adults.


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Queen size bed


brown bedroom with a modern woode double bed design, pendant lights, black rug amd accent wall
A stylish queen-sized bed for an opulent look

Image Source: Ronen Bekerman


These beds offer more support for taller people because they are wider and longer than double beds. Thus, these are one of the most popular bed sizes for the master bedroom.


King size bed


grey modern wood double bed design in a bedroom with a rug and wooden floors
A lavish king-sized bed for maximum comfort

Image Source:


King-size beds are available in a wide range of designs and can be made up of solid wood, MDF board, iron, and other metals. This is the largest bed size available in India.


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Things to consider before selecting a bed design



While shopping for a bed, select a size based on the number of people that will sleep on it and the size of the room. Ideally, the bed design should have enough room to allow you to sleep comfortably and not be so large as to overpower the room. Don’t forget to measure the dimensions of your bed before purchasing a new mattress or if you wish to reuse an old one.



Decide on a rough estimate that you are willing to invest in your bed. Regardless of the amount, there is a bed for every budget. Generally, the cost of the bed increases with its size. Bear in mind that you must always invest in high-quality pieces as they will last you a long time.



If you wish to maximise the utility of your bed, you can take into consideration bed designs with additional storage. This can be a bed with a single drawer space or a headboard with built-in shelves.



The bed design is completely dependent on your preference. A simple rule to follow is that the bed should match the colour and decor scheme of the room. Since it is often the focal point of every bedroom, the bed should be bought keeping in mind all factors, including outer appearance.


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Why buy from B&I’s bed design list?

The buying options displayed above have been handpicked from the most reliable furniture brands and have been filtered out based on their aesthetic appeal and quality. These bed designs range from modern to traditional and from wood to metal. Therefore, our list has enough diversity to fit into any style, budget, and need.




How much bigger is a queen bed than a king bed?

King and queen beds are both 198 cm long, but they are not of the same width. King beds are 183 cm wide as opposed to queen beds, which are 152 cm wide.


Which type of bed offers maximum storage?

Hydraulic beds and beds with boxes offer the most storage space because the entire space beneath the mattress can be used for storage. Additionally, we can view and access everything in the bed’s storage together. Comparatively, limited space is available in beds with drawers or headboards with storage.


What are the standard bed sizes in India?

Bed type Size in cm  Size in inches
Single bed 198 x 91 cm 78’’ x 36’’
Double bed 198 x 122 cm 78’’ x 48’’
Queen size bed 198 x 152 cm 78’’ x 60’’
King size bed 198 x 183 cm 78’’ x 72’’


What are the ideal room sizes for different types of bed designs?

Bed type Room size 
Single bed 10’ x 7’
Double bed 10’ x 12’
Queen size bed 10’ x 10’ to 10’ x 14’
King size bed 10’ x 12’ to 13’ x 13’


What is the standard height for a bed?

The height of a standard bed falls within the range of 16 to 25 inches. A modern platform bed is normally just about 18 inches high, whereas an antique bed is built 36 inches off the ground. However, to select the right bed height for you, you have to take into account factors like your height, personal style, and stage of life.


How do I measure my bed size?

To get the height of your bed frame, start by measuring from the floor to the top of the bed frame. For the breadth, measure from side to side. To determine the length, go from the centre top to the centre bottom of the bed frame.


Which bed is well-suited for a small bedroom?

The ideal option for small bedrooms is a divan, ottoman, or single bed. Investing in a low bed frame is another way to make a small bedroom appear larger. Low bed designs look modern and take up less visual space which gives the impression of a larger room.



A bed is a piece of furniture that has immense value and utility. It is worth mentioning that it is not purely functional. For example, a striking modern bed design can transform the look of your room and become the centre of attraction. Being such an essential piece of furniture, there are several types of beds available based on design, size, and material.

To choose the right bed design from these types, go for durable materials such as wood and pick the right size of bed that is proportional to the size of your room and falls within your budget. Also, factor in the number of users; double beds, queen or king-size beds are preferred for two adults and these also come in a wide variety of designs and styles. Armed with our short guide, feel free to shop from the buying options displayed above and give a luxe feeling to your space!


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