25 Notable furniture storage ideas & tips to store in style (Buy it!)

wooden sideboard with carving in a minimalist living room with an indoor plant and rattan chair


Modern-day homes lose their charm when they are cluttered. The secret to a beautiful is not just its but also how organised it is. Whether you live in a compact apartment or a spacious home, you are always looking for more ways to boost storage around the house. Therefore, we are here to talk about  storage ideas where you can stash your stuff. An ideal storage piece not only declutters your space but also enhances its decor. There are plenty of storage options available for every of your house be it the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, or even the garden. 

In this article, we have discussed different storage ideas for contemporary homes. Furthermore, we have provided a list of our top recommendations to help you pick the best storage for your space. Continue reading to learn more!



Top 15 storage ideas  


Tiered coffee table


tiered coffee table, living room centrepiece, furniture
Two-tiered coffee for living

Image Source: Homary.com on Pinterest


Coffee tables are a must-have centerpiece in every living room. Although they enhance the living decor, the tiered coffee model can be the best piece with storage. You can stack books or magazines on the shelf below and organise smaller items using trays or baskets. Also, you can keep decorative things like candles and floral arrangements on the tabletop to add flair to your living room. Moreover, this living piece with storage is available in numerous colours and designs ranging from classic wood to glossy marble. 


In-home bar cart


beautiful round bar cart, furniture for kitchen and hall
Beautiful faux gold bar cart for and dining areas

Image Source: Amazon Fashion on Pinterest


With this piece of furniture, your living area has extra storage and you are always prepared to host guests. A bar cart acts as an all-in-one store that can hold barbecue sauces, cutlery, and napkins in addition to drinks, glassware, and even ice when partying outside. Trays or baskets can be used to arrange bottles, serving utensils, and other cocktail ingredients. In addition, this item with storage is simple to move from the to the living because of its wheels and handle. 


Storage cabinets


storage cabinet for kitchen, bedroom, flower vase placed on it, rug placed in a room
Storage with cabinets for the bedroom, kitchen, living room, and garden

Image Source: Ubuy 


A storage cabinet is a closed unit with individual shelves and racks for storing and organising your items. Compared to regular shelves, these cabinets provide more storage capacity. You can use this piece of to maximise storage in different areas of your house such as in the for organising spices, in the garden for storing tools, in the for keeping hygiene products, etc. In addition to being functional, storage cabinets can be attractive.


TV unit storage


Television stand, storage furniture for kitchen, luxurious living room, centre table, rug, beautiful hall
TV unit for entertainment storage placed in living

Image Source: Cristina DePina on Pinterest


It is one of the most essential pieces of in any home. Today’s TV units do more than merely hold your television. They can also be used to stack other stuff like books, CDs, game consoles, etc., or display items. Additionally, when not used in the living room, you can use this item in the kitchen as a storage rack to organise your cutlery. From modern to minimal, TV units are available in plenty of designs to suit your aesthetics. 


L-shaped sofa with storage


white L-shaped storage sofa for a minimalistic living room, corner sofa in a living room with brown rug and white walls and curtains
Classic L-shaped storage sofa with storage

Image Source: Ikea


Think of this convertible sofa as a necessity for your living room. For people who wish to conserve space as well as maximise the seating and storage area, an L-shaped sofa with storage is an ideal choice. This piece with storage has sleek designs that go well with any modern, eclectic, or transitional living interiors. It has a large storage area where you can stuff games, blankets, and pillows. Plus, since it can accommodate more people than a regular 3-seater sofa, it is an ideal option for those who enjoy hosting family and friends. 




wall shelf for bedroom, for clothes storage, minimal bedroom
Minimal bedroom with shelf for storage

Image Source: Vitsoe on Pinterest


shelves are a great choice for storage as well as for displaying decorative objects. If you like to keep your worktops uncluttered, this piece of furniture is an excellent storage option. When put at arm’s length, it provides appropriate storage for frequently used items such as tea and coffee canisters, cups, and glassware. You can also use shelves in bedrooms to save space. Given that this piece of  comes in a range of patterns and colours, it should unquestionably be incorporated into your bedroom for maximising storage. 


Ottoman storage


ottoman storage, furniture for living room and bedroom, placed on a carpet, sofa
Soft and comfortable ottoman with storage

Image Source: Overstock.com


Ottoman is one of the most comfortable pieces of furniture that adds aesthetics and functionality to your room. This storage item adds finishing touches to your living and bedroom decor. It comes in a variety of forms, styles, and sizes. Pick a style with a lid that has ample storage area underneath to hold everything from blankets to gaming accessories. 


Storage hutch


all white storage hutch, furniture for living room, bedroom and kitchen, bookshelf, chair
Storage hutch placed in the to maximise space

Image Source: Wayfair.com on Pinterest


This storage furniture, which is typically placed in the dining or kitchen, can also be used in the living or bedroom. Open-shelf hutches make stylish bookcases that are ideal for the living or office. You can also use them to display trophies, flowers, and photo frames that match the rest of your decor. Whether installed in the or bedroom, this classy piece of furniture adds structure to a and offers lots of storage space.  


Bathroom vanity


bathroom vanity for storage, furniture for bathroom, bedroom, living room, cabinet
Functional and stylish piece for organising storage

Image Source: Build.com on Pinterest


Vanity is a crucial component of a bathroom in terms of function as well as aesthetics. It provides space to stack your toiletries, cleaning products, towels, and other items. The vanity serves as a piece of that helps to boost storage. With the additional space and storage, there is more and less clutter to clean up daily. Moreover, you can find it in different styles that are both beautiful and utilitarian.


Dressing tables


all white dressing table for bedroom, cosmetics placed on table, a planter placed on the side table
Beautiful white storage for bedroom &

Image Source: GKW retail


The dressing table, sometimes known as a dresser, is a multi-functional piece of . This modern and fashionable storage idea makes an excellent bedroom element. Typically found in bedrooms, it can also be used as storage in the living room. You can stock the drawers with items you use frequently, such as electronics, books, CDs, toys, etc. An ideal dressing fulfils both storage and display needs. 


Hall tree with shoe rack


metal hall tree placed in the living room, storage furniture for bathroom, bedroom, planter, mirror
Install hall tree storage for boosting entry way & storage

Image Source: Designwans.com


This hall tree is a comprehensive storage option that can completely redesign your doorway. It has everything you need to organise your stuff, right from hanger hooks to storage racks. There’s also a built-in bench where you may sit while putting on your shoes. You can place this piece of in the , bedroom, etc. to boost storage. 


Built-in bookshelves


built-in bookshelf in a home office, storage for books can be placed in bedroom, wooden furniture, chair, table
Built-in bookshelves placed in a office for proper organisation

Image Source: Pfitzner


Built-in bookshelves give a sleeker appearance to your space. You can consider using one that stretches from to ceiling; this provides ample storage giving your space a library-like look. If you enjoy reading a lot, you can also install this storage in your bedroom for more space. This storage solution works well, especially for people with a sizable book collection or a lot of decorative objects to display.  


island and carts


Gorgeous kitchen island on wheels, acts as a furniture for kitchen. storage, white coloured island, faucets
Maximise your storage with this island on wheels

Image Source: Martha Stewart Living on Pinterest


This item with storage resembles a kitchen island on wheels. It comes with movable shelves where you can stuff things you want to keep out of sight. Moreover, it adds more flair and functionality. Beyond this, these storage solutions make daily-use equipment easily accessible. 


Nightstand with drawers


dark blue coloured bedside table for bedroom, wooden flooring, books placed on the table top, carpet on floor
Nightstand with sleek legs to maximise bedroom storage

Image Source: Povison on Pinterest


A nightstand is an essential piece of furniture that maximises your bedroom storage. It is usually a compact bedside table. This bedside is available in many different styles, from traditional to contemporary, and with drawers or a cabinet. This piece with storage is used to store items that need to be easily accessible while lying in bed, such as lights, books, phones, glasses, etc. 


Accent chests


patterned beautiful accent chest, placed in hall, planter placed on table, rug on floor
Storage with aesthetic appeal and functionality for your garden & bedroom

Image Source: English Elm on Pinterest


Accent chests assist you in decluttering your in style. They blend well with any theme and enhance your house’s appearance. They also serve as tabletops to display items in the living and bedroom. Moreover, you can place this piece in the and garden to amplify storage efficiency.   


Buy the best storage piece for your here!


BoConcept Como System

luxurious living room, furniture storage for bedroom, sectional sofa, coffee table, rug

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Ikea Vihals

storage furniture, all white living room, planter placed on the table, paintings hanging on wall, lamp

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Homecentre Helios Lloyd Sheesham Wood 5-Tier Folding Corner Book Shelf

wooden corner book shelf, placed in bedroom, curtain, furniture storage

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Nilkamal Jesse Engineered Wood Side

engineered wood side table placed in bedroom, flower vase placed on table, bed

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Ellementry West Village Upholstered Cushion Bench With Drawer

storage with seating for living room, bedroom, wooden shelf, placed on a rug

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Freedom Tree Taram Inlay Bedside

printed cabinet for storing stuff, wine glass placed on it, bar cabinet, bedside table

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Pepperfry Vienna Coffee in Cairo Walnut & Frosty White Finish

walnut finish coffee table with storage for living room, flower vase placed on it, table placed on rug, sofa, curtains

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The Jodi Life Hive

beige coloured wardrobe, rustic wardrobe, planter placed beside

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West Elm Perforated Media Console/Buffet

metallic blue coloured television stand, console table, living room, vase placed on table, television

B U Y  H E R E 


Lakkadhaara Ancestors Carved TV Unit

carved television stand and console table, planter placed on it, rug on floor

B U Y  H E R E 



Organising every space in your house has become critical for avoiding the inconvenience faced in a cluttered environment. With the availability of different types of storage furniture, decluttering your space has become much easier. For every space in your home, including the living room, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, and even the garden, you will find numerous varieties of storage options available on the market. Moreover, from storage cabinets and built-in shelves to coffee tables and TV units, there are different styles available for you to choose from. 

Therefore, based on your space availability, theme, and purpose, you can pick the best storage piece from a wide range of styles, colours, and designs as mentioned above. Also, browse through our top recommendations to buy a functional and aesthetic storage unit and declutter your space today! 


*The featured image used in this article is from Anelle Mostert on Behance




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