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black metal shoe rack, shoes, rug
black metal shoe rack, shoes, rug

Shoe racks enhance the visual appeal of your house without consuming extra space. These are practical additions that keep walkways free and guarantee that your footwear is always within reach. Additionally, they serve as a crucial piece of furniture in the home for maintaining the cleanliness of your space and the condition of your shoes. There are numerous shoe rack alternatives available online that will fit in any type of living space, from large homes to little apartments. From wooden racks to shoe racks with seating, there are a variety of designs available online and in stores. Therefore, it could be challenging to find the best storage solution for your collection of shoes.

In this article, we’ve provided some of the most interesting shoe storage ideas. Furthermore, we have provided Vastu tips for storing your footwear in the right place. Lastly, browse through our top recommendations to declutter and organise your space! 




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Ikea Hemnes Black-Brown Shoe Cabinet

IKEA HEMNES furniture piece is simple and classic with a hint of traditionalism. This pull-out shoe cabinet complements your other living room furniture beautifully. 


pull out shoe cabinet, shoes, wooden

B U Y  H E R E 


GKW Retail 36 Pair Shoe Rack 

With the help of this space-saving shoe rack, you can keep your footwear organised. It is crafted using composite wood with laminate veneers. This piece of furniture can accommodate up to 36 pairs. 


shoe rack design with cubes, side table, vase, living room

B U Y  H E R E 


Crate&Barrel Batten Storage Bench And Panel Set

Bring great design to your modular storage by installing this batten oak storage bench. It has an oak veneer finish fused with smoky grey and slatting detail. This unique arrangement with a bench and backdrop is a striking storage option. 


shoe rack with seating, wooden, design, rug, living room

B U Y  H E R E 


West Elm Mid-Century Shoe Rack-Acorn

Inspired by mid-century design, this stylish piece of storage furniture keeps your footwear in check. It is made up of solid wood and has an acorn finish. 


mid-century design, storage, shoe

B U Y  H E R E 


Home Center Polaris Shoe Cabinet With Cushion Seat

The Polaris shoe cabinet is made from engineered wood. The contrasting cut-outs and rounded detailing of this furniture piece accentuate its visual appeal as well as enhance your space. With attached cushion seating, this shoe rack adds style and comfort to your room.


White shoe rack with cushion, seating, storage

B U Y  H E R E 


Burke Decor Plain Low-Profile Shoe Rack

Looking for an attractive and contemporary shoe organiser? This open steel frame rack with warm wooden accents is a perfect pick. It is stackable and has a simple design that ensures maximum capacity. 


minimal shoe rack, metal, chair, storage

B U Y  H E R E 


Godrej Interio Brogan Tall Shoe Cabinet

Brogan’s tall shoe cabinet is a traditional and durable furniture piece. It comes with a smooth surface and is scratch resistant. Moreover, it offers high storage capacity wherein you can store up to 30 shoe pairs. 


tall wooden shoe cabinet, living room, storage

B U Y  H E R E 


Wakefit Bianca 

The Bianca shoe rack by Wakefit is made of engineered wood and has sheesham wood legs. It has a real wood texture which adds warmth to the decor. If you are a fan of a modern yet traditional style this is a great choice. 


shoe rack design, rug, storage, living room, plant

B U Y  H E R E 


Ellementry Twine Wooden Bench With Rack

This wooden shoe rack with seating will add a charming accent to your decor. It allows you to organise your footwear while offering comfortable seating. This handmade piece of furniture is a striking fusion of durability, aesthetics and functionality.  


shoe rack with seating, bench, storage, wooden

B U Y  H E R E 


Pepperfry Cindy Shoe Rack In Wenge Finish

This exquisite furniture design with a wenge finish will add a wow factor to your space. It will not just enhance your decor but also the beauty of your entrance. Moreover, this wooden cabinet is durable and a classic furniture piece. 


cabinet for storage, living room, wooden, plants

B U Y  H E R E 


Durian Lenox Engineered Wood Two-Tone Shoe Cabinet

The beauty of the Lenox shoe cabinet lies in the contrast game. The sleek white and walnut-finished silhouette contrasts with the LED-lit fluted glass windowpane for a sophisticated appearance. With its tapered legs with gold faux foot caps, Lenox is a timeless addition to your space.  


double tone storage cabinet, living room, vase

B U Y  H E R E 


Stanley Shoe Storage Unit

Stanley shoe storage unit will add a hint of sophistication and elegance to our room. It has perfect storage capacity. Moreover, wood adds warmth to the aesthetics making the furniture durable. 


wooden shoe storage unit, closed shoe cabinet, wooden flooring, indoor plant near the furniture, planter

B U Y  H E R E 


Home Centre Helio Arvis

This shoe cabinet from Home Centre is pre-laminated with PU paper. It protects your shoe wear from heat, scratches, moisture, stains etc. This helps to enhance looks & helps to increase durability. It comes with two shelves and stores up to 12 pairs of shoes. 


wooden shoe rack, footwear, decor piece on the top, indoor placed on it, wood flooring

B U Y  H E R E 


Fabindia Black Wood Closed Cabinet

If you are looking for a well-crafted wooden shoe cabinet, this black closed cabinet from Fab India is a great pick to decorate your space with. It has a matte finish and an attractive design on the front panel. The dimensions are 74 x 38 x 84 cm, with a great storage capacity.  


black wood closed cabinet to store your footwear, placed in a living room with decor pieces on the top, a floor lamp placed besides the furniture, white walls, painting hanging on the wall

B U Y  H E R E 


Nilkamal Cresta Shoe Cabinet

Cresta engineered wood cabinet adds style to your space with its ash wenge and marble-beige colours. It has five closed and six open shelves for storage. Moreover, it’s durable and the smooth melamine finish reinforces resistance. 


shoe rack design made up wood and has a gloss finish, white decor items placed on the top, side table beside the shoe rack, flooring, painting

B U Y  H E R E 


Price list of shoe racks available online – An overview 





Crate&Barrel  Crate&Barrel Batten Brown Oak Storage Bench and Panel Set  1,40,699 
West Elm  West Elm Mid-century Shoe Rack- Acorn  17,500 
Home Centre  Home Centre Polaris Shoe Cabinet with Cushion Seat  36,665 
Burke Decor  Burke Decor Plain Low-Profile Shoe Rack  3,288 
Godrej Interio  Godrej Interio Brogan Tall Shoe Cabinet  29,207 
Wakefit  Wakefit Bianca  9,391 
Ellementry  Ellementry Twine Wooden Bench with Rack  7,990 
Durian  Durian Lenox – Engineered Wood Two Tone Shoe Cabinet  61,400 
GKW Retail  GKW Retail 36 Pair Shoe Rack  29,999 


Different types of shoe rack designs 


Based on design


Wall-mounted shoe rack 


wall mounted footwear organiser, stool, lamp
Modern country-style wall-mounted footwear organiser

Image Source:


A wall-mounted shoe rack saves space on the floor and can be made of metal, wood, or plywood. While purchasing, the depth of wall-mounted shelves is the most crucial factor to consider. Make sure they’re deep enough so that the shoes don’t fall off the shelf. You can choose a sliding door, a closed door, or an open unit depending on their location in the house.  


Open shoe rack 


open shoe rack made of metal, rustic living room, vase on top of rack
Open shoe rack in a country-style living room

Image Source: Walmart


Wooden or metal open shelves are one of the most popular shoe rack designs available online. An open rack can be hung on the wall or laid on the floor, depending on the available space. The shoes are easily available to choose from and put on in an open rack. 


Shoe rack design with seating 


shoe rack with comfortable cushion seating, wall painting, grey bag on the rack
Shoe rack with ottoman top for seating

Image Source:


Multipurpose furniture units save space without compromising style. Combining a shoe rack and a bench provides you with a comfortable seating area, especially if you have shoes with lace or buckles. These shoe racks include wooden seats with a rack underneath. We recommend making them more comfortable by adding cushions.  


Shoe rack design with cubes


white coloured foot wear organiser with cube compartments, with hooks for hanging your stuff,
Footwear organiser with cubical compartments

Image Source: on Pinterest


This shoe rack design with cubes makes it simple to keep footwear organised because each pair has its separate compartment. Heels, flats, and sneakers can all be stored in individual cubes. Furthermore, you can choose between a closed and an open rack with cubes. 



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Pull-out shoe rack 


olive green coloured pull-out footwear organiser, gold faux legs, rug, beautiful living room
Elegant tilt-out shoe organiser

Image Source: Homary on Pinterest


Pull-out racks work well in contemporary and modern settings. They are great for storing a large number of shoes and keeping them off the floor. Shoes are angled within the shelves to improve visibility and display. These racks can store more shoes than a standard shoe cabinet of the same size. 


Shoe storage ottoman 


pink coloured ottoman shoe storage, beautiful living room, storage with seating
Ottoman shoe storage/ rack with comfortable seating

Image Source: Walmart


Adding an ottoman with shoe storage to your space provides comfort, sophistication, and that extra space you need to store your favourite pair of shoes. Furthermore, this shoe storage design idea saves room by serving as both – seating and an organiser. It has small pocket compartments. You can choose from a variety of ottomans with storage available online to make your space appear trendy. 


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Rotating shoe rack design 


rotating footwear organiser, wooden flooring, living room, storage
Revolving shoe organiser with acrylic finish

Image Source:


Metal, fabric, wood, and acrylic rotating shoe racks come in various tiers to store and display shoes in an orderly manner. Using the layers of hooks on each deck, you may turn the shoe rack to find the ideal match for your attire. When choosing a rotating shoe rack, make sure it can carry heavier shoes as well. You can opt for a compact, four- to six-tiered shoe rack for the closet or a larger, six- to eight-tiered one for the floor. 


Closed shoe cabinet


closed shoe cabinet design, gold faux legs, decor pieces placed on top, white coloured furniture
Classic closed-shoe cabinet design

Image Source: Pinterest


Closed shoe cabinets are also known as space-saving shoe racks. These are like regular shoe cabinets. They have backrests, sides, and small holes for ventilation to eliminate odour from your footwear. You get a vast array of options available from wooden to glass and modern to traditional. Moreover, they help you get rid of clutter giving your space a clean look. 


Based on material 


Wooden shoe rack 


wooden shoe organiser, simple design, placed in the entryway, footwear placed inside, painting hanging above the furniture
Simple and sophisticated wooden shoe rack

Image Source: Decorated life on Pinterest


If you are renovating your home, you must focus on the finishes and design of the furniture. Wooden shoe racks are best as they are available in various finishes from teak, mango mahogany, dark walnut, etc. For achieving a perfect aesthetic, choose a similar family of colours and shades for the rest of your room. 


Metal shoe rack 


metal shoe rack design, black colour and unique design, decor pieces
Sleek and slim metal shoe organiser

Image Source: Ubuy


Metal shoe rack complements industrial decor the best. Due to their durability and maximum storage capacity, they are an obvious choice for homeowners. Moreover, despite their sturdy build-up, they are lightweight and portable. 


Plastic shoe rack 


plastic footwear organisers, placed in the corner, flooring
Plastic shoe organiser

Image Source: Pinterest


Plastic shoe racks are cheap, lightweight, and simple to maintain. They are a good option for small spaces or children’s rooms because they are available in a variety of sizes and colours.  


How to choose the right shoe rack for your space? 


Right design 

Choosing the right design is an important thing to consider while picking your shoe rack.  Various options are flooding out there right from simple open shoe racks to designer and stylish cabinets. Don’t get blown up by these various options available and forget about your space. If you have limited space, opt for a sleek design that fits well in your foyer. One more thing to keep in mind is proper air circulation. Ventilation is important as it will eliminate odour and keep your footwear in good condition. 


Type of material 

Shoe organisers can be found in a variety of materials like metal, wood, fabric and plastic. Each of these materials has unique characteristics. For instance, wooden shoe racks are durable and give a rustic appeal to your decor. On the other hand, plastic shoe racks are affordable and easy to clean.

Available floor space 

Before buying a shoe rack online you should consider the available floor space. Pick a design or style that fits well in your room. For a limited floor area go for sleek and slim organisers. Moreover, a wall-mounted design is also suitable for small spaces as it will not occupy the floor area.  


Storage capacity 

While purchasing a shoe rack look out for your storage needs. Make sure you have enough room for all your footwear. There is a wide array of options available to meet your requirements.  


Vastu tips: Store footwear in the correct location to combat negativity 

Although some homes are designed and decorated in accordance with Vastu principles, a few aspects must still be considered. One such example is the right placement of a shoe rack. Placing shoe stands appropriately in your home can bring you good fortune. However, placing them incorrectly might restrict your personal growth and development.  



  • A shoe stand should never be placed behind the main entrance. It is believed that money is blocked by a shelf at the entrance, which also generates obstacles and emotional stress. 
  • Shoe cabinets should never be installed in the bedroom. 
  • Never place a pile of shoes in front of the entryway. 
  • Never place shoe organisers with their faces to the North, South, or East. The East side of a house is believed to bring prosperity and hope. As a result, make every effort to keep these areas clean. 
  • Never set a shoe cabinet near your place of worship. Make sure the shoe stand is far away from your home temple. 
  • Avoid keeping the shoe rack under the cot or the stairway. 



  • The best location for placing your shoe cabinet is in the West or South-West direction. 
  • Keep the shoe organisers outside the apartment or door if you need to place them at the entrance.
  • If you’re looking for a location to put your shoe cabinet, consider the living room. The South-West corner of the porch or entrance hall is an ideal spot. 
  • In order to invite positivity, have clean and uncluttered shoe stands. 


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Benefits of buying shoe racks online 

  • Buying shoe racks online saves your time and energy as everything is just a click away. 
  • You get an idea of the product through the showcased images and features mentioned. 
  • Easy options to make payments including online and cash on delivery. 
  • You get to enjoy the benefits of raining offers, discounts, sales, etc. 


Why buy from B&I’s list? 

Looking for a stylish way to organise your footwear? At B&I we strive to offer you a practical yet stylish storage solution. With the various shoe rack designs listed above you can not only organise your footwear but also enhance the beauty of your space. From wooden to glass and wall-mounted to shoe racks with seating, we have a plethora of shoe organisers for you to choose from. Along with durable and stylish shoe rack options, B&I’s list is composed of products hand-picked from the most trusted brands. Each shoe rack has been selected with the utmost care to assist you in creating a cosy and complete living space. Explore our collection to pick your own!  




Which is the most appropriate material for a shoe rack? 

Wood is the best material for a shoe rack because of its inherent strength and durability. The most expensive shoe racks are made of sheesham wood, oakwood, etc. Furthermore, wood can be cut and carved into unique shapes, adding an aesthetic element to your space. 


Where should I put my shoe rack? 

According to Vastu, the Southwest and West corners of your home are the best locations for shoe racks. Avoid putting them in the North, Northeast, and East zones. 


What are the benefits of using a shoe rack? 

Here are some benefits of using a shoe rack:  

  1. It becomes difficult to maintain a clean floor if you don’t have your footwear organised. Shoe racks assist you in keeping your floor uncluttered giving a cleaner look to your living area. 
  2. When you organise your shoes properly, they remain in good condition. Shoe stands to maintain the quality of your footwear.  
  3. Shoe organisers help you find your shoes immediately, without causing any mess. 


What is the average cost of a shoe rack online? 

The average cost is between 7,000 and 9,000 yen. The price of a shoe rack is influenced by a variety of elements, such as its size, the cost of the raw materials, and the finish, as well as any extra features like ledges or side storage.


What is the standard size of a shoe rack? 

The standard size of a shoe rack is typically 60-91.44cm (about 2-3 ft) wide and 91.44cm (about 3 ft) tall. 



When it comes to organising footwear, we often neglect it and label it mundane. However, it prevents the cluttering of shoes which consumes extra space, making your home look unpleasant. There are many options available online, ranging from simple to exquisite designs, such as shoe racks with seating, pull-outs, wooden wall-mounted shelves, etc. You can pick the design of your choice that will sync with the rest of the room’s decor and provide sufficient storage space.   

Now you know all about shoe organisers and how they can negatively impact your space if not properly placed. To avoid this, we recommend following a few Vastu tips for the right placement. The south-West direction of the home (preferably in the living room) is considered to be the best spot to keep a shoe cabinet. Thus, to find the ideal match for your footwear storage, think about the basic factors like design, placement, material, etc. Also, feel free to use our creative ideas and top recommendations to bring home your ideal shoe organiser. 


*The featured image used in this article is from Propertypro Insider


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