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grey Pull out lounge in living room, comfortable seating area, cushions, grey carpet, white walls, painting hanging on wall, side table, vase on side table
grey Pull out lounge in living room, comfortable seating area, cushions, grey carpet, white walls, painting hanging on wall, side table, vase on side table

The era of clunky and traditional sofas is long gone. Nowadays, people are increasingly welcoming design-savvy and stylish sofa cum beds. These multi-functional furniture pieces are the best option for those looking for space-saving furniture. These highly functional, adaptable, and modern sofa designs are an excellent choice for a cozy home because they require minimal maintenance, don’t take up much space, and, most importantly, look exquisite. Shopping for a sleeper sofa involves more than just selecting a style that you like. There are various types and configurations that affect space planning, sitting surface, and sleeping comfort. Furthermore, modern sofa cum beds come in a variety of designs, price ranges, styles such as L shape or futon, and materials like wood or metal.

Read our selection guide to learn more about these beds and get inspired by the stunning design ideas. Also, check out our suggestions for the top sofa cum beds at an affordable price from top brands. 




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Durian Reese Fabric Sofa Bed, 3 Seater

fabric futon, with sleek wood legs, cushions, wood flooring, white walls, classic vibe, minimalistic look

B U Y  H E R E 


Nilkamal Felecia Sofa Bed 

dark beige sofa cum bed, carpet, minimal living room, grey wall, painting on wall, side table

B U Y  H E R E 


Ikea Gronlid 2 Seat Sofa Bed

Living room seating area, olive green lounge, with wood centre table, thick mattress and cushions, white wall, carpet, paintings on wall

B U Y  H E R E 


Wakefit Flipper Sofa Bed, 2 Seater

omega blue flipper lounge, with cushions, carpet, side lamp, grey blue wall, painting on wall, classic living room

B U Y  H E R E 


Idus Buffalo, 3 Seater

crimson red fabric three seater lounge, carpet, centre table with tempered glass top, one seater fabric sofa, wood laminated walls, beautiful living room, floor

B U Y  H E R E 


Natuzzi Sohay Sofa Bed

tan leather sofa bed, carpet, living room, grey walls, classic living room

B U Y  H E R E 


Pepperfry Neptune LHS L-Shape Sofa Bed With Storage

crimson red L-shape sofa cum bed, white floor, white walls, beautiful living room

B U Y  H E R E 


Godrej Interio Relax Sofa Bed

blue casual comfortable couch, yellow wall, minimal living room, floor, side table with a plant on it, paintings on wall

B U Y  H E R E 


Home Centre Faith Nxt Fabric 3-Seater Sofa Bed 

brown fabric sofa bed, three seater, olive green carpet, centre table made of wood with storage, beige walls, paintings on wall

B U Y  H E R E 


Natuzzi Capriccio Loveseat Sofa Bed

minimal living room, centre table with marble top and sleek metal base, olive and grey sofa beds, beige walls, beautiful living room, grey carpet

B U Y  H E R E 


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Price list of sofa cum beds available online – An overview 


Brands  Product  MRP 
Durian  Durian Reese Fabric Sofa Bed  52,400 
Nilkamal  Nilkamal Felecia Sofa Bed  23,000 
IKEA  IKEA Gronlid 2-Seat Sofa Bed  68,990 
Wakefit  Wakefit Flipper Sofa Bed  12,990 
IDUS  IDUS Buffalo 3-Seater  69,000 
Pepperfry  Pepperfry Neptune LHS Sofa Bed  66,999 
Home Centre  Home Centre Faith NXT Fabric 3-Seater Sofa Bed  59,900 


How to select the perfect sofa cum bed?



Don’t be dazzled by low-price deals and fashionable catalogues. Check the cushioning and material, as well as the fittings and internal fixtures. The longevity of a sofa or bed is directly proportional to the quality of the materials used in its construction. As a result, it’s best to buy a wooden sofa cum bed, which is not only durable but also adds a calming and classic beauty to your space. However, you can also go for a sleek metal bed for an elegant look.  

The most commonly used exterior fabric for these sofas is poly cotton, and the filling is PU foam and EPE foam. The durability of the sofa depends upon the frame quality. So, instead of choosing a frame made of softwood or ply, go for one that is made of hardwood, MDF, or iron. 



The storage feature of sofa cum bed design is currently gaining popularity in the furniture industry. If you want to add comfort while managing your space, this could be the best option, as it will keep all your clutter organized in the racks and drawers. 



When purchasing sofa beds, pay closer attention to their functionality in order to avoid any hassles. You should consider if the functioning of your seater sofa cum bed is smooth. Since it relies on a pull-out or convertible mechanism. L-shaped sofa beds are popular nowadays. They improve the appearance of the interiors.  


Style and comfort

The world of furniture is blossoming with various styles of sofa cum bed designs to add a debonair touch to your home. You can complement or contrast the style and colour of your home furniture with other elements of the room. Also, you can go for a minimalistic design that has a sleek and stylish appearance. There are various styles of sofa cum beds available, such as L-shape, pull-out, futons, etc.

For those who want a large seating area, an L-shape sofa cum bed is a great choice. The most important thing to consider when buying an L-shape sofa cum bed is the size of your room. It’s important to check the open-close mechanism of the sofa to ensure that it is easy to operate. Check for telltale signs like creaks, squeaks, or difficult-to-open/close issues because that’s what you’ll take home. Also, keep an eye out for any sharp edges and make sure it is safe to sit and sleep in. 



Be mindful of whether there is enough space to keep your sofa cum bed in a particular room. When you select a piece of furniture, check if your space allows adding extra seating without any hassle. Apart from that, make sure it doesn’t give the impression of a crowded room. 


Different types of sofa cum beds


On the basis of material 


 Sofa cum bed design #1 – Fabric 


fabric upholstery, velvet, green sofa bed, cushions, carpet, flooring
A stylish 2-seater piece of furniture

Image Source: Pinterest


These sofa cum beds are upholstered with comfy fabrics like velvet or cotton. You can use these sofa beds as a night bed, a guest bed, or as a lounger for your living room. Fabric sofa beds come with built-in storage and elevate your space giving a vibrant look. 


Sofa cum bed design #2 – Wooden 


classic and timeless wooden couch, cushions, living room
Elevate your space with a classy and timeless wooden sofa cum bed

Image Source: Behance


Want to add stylish furniture to your home but struggling with space? Wooden sofa cum beds are an excellent solution. They not only save space but also add warmth to your interior. The classic style of this furniture gives a timeless look that lasts for many years. In addition to this, wooden sofa cum beds are durable and are available on the market in various designs. 


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Sofa cum bed design #3 – Metal 


minimal living room decor, carpet, blue couch, metal furniture, wall art, table lamp beside the couch
A contemporary metal sofa bed for your minimal interior

Image Source: GKW retail


Metal sofa cum beds are a traditional choice for many people due to their affordable price and various customizable options. It is a durable piece of furniture and can be utilized for additional storage to stash your stuff. Moreover, a metal-based sofa bed will bring a hint of modern aesthetics to your room.

Sofa cum bed design #4 – Leather 


rich leather upholstered sofa bed for your home, floor lamp, carpet, wooden flooring, window, boho decor
Add a touch of luxury to your space with a leather sofa bed

Image Source: Pinterest


If you have kids, pets or a high possibility of getting your sofa bed spoiled, then leather is a saviour for you. Leather repels dust, pet dander, and other dirt particles. Apart from this, leather sofa cum beds can be amazingly stylish and can transform your entire interiors. They are available in different shades like tan, brown, grey, and black. With its rich upholstery, leather brings a rustic look to your space.   


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On the basis of seating capacity 


Sofa cum bed design #5 – 1 seater


1-seater couch, cushion, coffee table, floor lamp, living room
Stylish 1-seater couch to enhance your space

Image Source:


If you are planning to buy space-saving furniture but do not want to compromise on the comfort of your space, then a 1-seater sofa cum bed is the right choice. This chair is perfect for lounging in when reading a book or to simply Netflix and chill. You can also pull out the built-in mattress and take a quick nap.  


Sofa cum bed design #6 – 2-seater 


2-seater sofa cum bed, wooden body, living room, green coloured couch
Fabric 2-seater sofa bed to add style to your interior

Image Source: Behance


A 2-seater sofa cum bed is a perfect match for compact living rooms. For people who live alone but wish to have an opulent and comfy seat, this piece of furniture is a great add-on. You can save a lot of space in your room by adding a 2-seater sofa bed. Pairing accent chairs with this furniture will add eclectic flair to the room’s interior. 


Sofa cum bed design #7 – 3-seater


3-seater sleep couch placed in living room, blue furniture, wall hanging, indoor plants, carpet
A comfortable 3-seater sleep couch

Image Source:


This 3-seater furniture can provide adequate space for you and your guests to sit. It provides you with a spacious bed to sleep in and relax. Moreover, it allows more than one person (adult) to rest in comfort.  


Sofa cum bed design #8 – 4-seater  


stunning 4-seater sofa bed with god faux legs, cushions, indoor plants, living room
Stunning 4-seater sofa bed

Image Source:


The most accommodating option and ideal choice for a big living room is the 4-seater sofa cum bed. The pull-out mattress can accommodate an entire family as well. If you want to add a luxurious touch to your spacious living room, there’s nothing better than a 4-seater sofa bed. 


On the basis of design


Sofa cum bed design #9 – Sleeper sofa with storage 


grey sleeper sofa with storage, olive grey carpet, wooden oval centre table , white walls, books on the table, paintings hanging on the wall, cushions
Sleeper sofa with storage for a clutter-free look

Image Source: West Elm



This modular sleeper sofa with built-in storage is a space saver. It provides an ideal spot to relax after a long day as well as to stash your stuff. 


Sofa cum bed design #10 – Pull-out pop-ups 


aqua blue pull out sofa cum bed, wooden laminated floor, white carpet, white walls, blue curtains, cushions
Elegant pull-out sofa design

Image Source: Focus


Pull-out sofa cum beds are two-tiered sofas with a stowed rolling bed at the bottom. In the above-displayed design, a decent sofa transforms into a casual pop-up bed. 


Sofa cum bed design #11 – L-shaped sofa cum bed 


white L-shaped sofa cum bed in a living room, large seating area, metal centre table, royal blue chair, white walls, classic vibe, cushion, lavish living room
Get generous seating with an L-shape sofa cum bed

Image Source: Behance 


Want an extra layer of comfort and a backrest with some additional cushions? An L-shape sofa cum bed is a perfect choice. This striking L-shape sofa cum bed is a great option for multipurpose spaces that are typically found in modern homes.  


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Sofa cum bed design #12 – Royal sofa converting into bed 


royal wooden sofa cum bed, yelloow mattress, royal blue cushions, beige walls, curtains, white side table, plant placed on table, wooden laminated floor, beautiful bedroom
Wooden sofa bed with a royal vibe

Image Source: Jodhpuri furniture


If you are planning to go for a traditional look in your home, you can always go for a wooden sofa cum bed. This wooden sofa bed adds a traditional touch giving a royal vibe to the space. 


Sofa cum bed design #13 – Futon 


dark grey futon with sleek metal legs, lilac cushions, luxurious living room, centre table, wooden stool, beautiful bed room
Create a modern look with sleek metal futons

Image Source: Thiago Lopes from Quadra on Behance


This lightweight and streamlined eye-catching furniture can be a full-fledged bed as well as a casual sofa. Adding sleek metal or wooden legs to this sofa cum bed will give a minimalistic look to your home. 


Sofa cum bed design #14 – Compact two-seater sofa cum beds 


beige coloured compact two-seater futon, wooden frame, cushions, white walls, side table with storage, wooden laminated floor
Cosy and compact two-seater futon

Image Source: Futon Company on Pinterest


Struggling with space due to the arrival of unexpected overnight guests? This two-seater futon is an ideal match for you. This sofa cum bed takes up a small part of your space and comes at an affordable price.


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Tips to take care of your sofa cum bed  

  • If you have washable sofa covers, make sure you wash them frequently according to the care label instructions. 
  • To get rid of the dust and grime in the corners of the cushions, vacuum the surface of your sofa. 
  • Make sure you vacuum both the front and back of the cushions. Also, keep your vacuum setting low to avoid forceful cleaning, as it can damage your cushions. 
  • Ensure to blot the spills immediately, if any, with a clean and dry cloth. For debris, use a soft brush or duster to sweep them off. Try to avoid any chemical cleaners as they can stain the upholstery. 
  • Plum your sofa cushions once a day to maintain their original shape. 
  • Place your sofa in a shaded area of the room as direct, prolonged exposure to the sunlight can fade the colour of the upholstery.


Benefits of buying sofa cum beds online 


An unending variety of sofa cum beds 

Want to elevate your living room and need something to go with your decor? No worries. There is a wide range of sofa cum bed designs available online that can add a modern or traditional touch according to your preference. In addition to the designs, there is an array of colours, patterns, finishes, and materials that you can choose from. 


Experience comfort at your doorstep 

Nowadays, consumers prefer comfort over physical effort but quality all the time. Online shopping offers its customers a comfortable experience that is also quality driven. They can examine the options that are available to them while they are at home.  



Online dealers offer the best deals as compared to shopkeepers. Moreover, you can compare the price list of different brands’ products and pick the sofa cum bed that not just fits your budget but also your taste. 


Why buy from B&I’s list? 

In the list mentioned above, we have displayed an elite collection of sofa cum beds. We have curated some stylish sofa cum bed designs that will help you pick the one that suits you and your space. All these designs are from reputable brands that are expert-recommended. Moreover, the designs are budget-friendly and have a wide variety that can transform your space from usual to remarkable. Are you ready to achieve that extraordinary aesthetic for your home? Then do not wait any more; explore our list and pick your favourite sofa bed design today! 


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What to look for in a comfortable sleeper sofa? 

The comfort of a sofa bed completely depends on your choices. Here are some points you should consider before buying one keeping your comfort in mind: 

  • Size of your sofa bed 
  • Consider the seating capacity 
  • Size and fabric of the mattress 
  • Good quality base material 
  • Flawless open-close mechanism 


What size is a 2 seater sofa bed? 

A 2-seater sofa bed typically ranges in width from 120 to 180 cm, which is about 60 cm less than a 3-seater sofa bed. 


How long should a sleeper sofa last? 

The material of your furniture determines its life span. However, if a wooden L-shape sofa cum bed, bought at an affordable price, is maintained properly, it should last between 7 to 15 years. You can even reupholster it or buy new cushions to give it a facelift. 


How long is a standard sofa bed? 

Although there isn’t any thumb rule set for the sofa size, the norm is typically 40″ deep, 60″ wide, 36″ long, and with a 19″ seat height. However, you’ll find plenty of variety on the market- both bigger and smaller ones. So, you can choose the one that best suits your requirements. 


How to open your stuck sofa bed? 

The frame of your sofa bed can occasionally become stiff and rusty over time, especially if it has not been used in a while. The frame might become stuck as a result. Spraying some metal lubricant on the joints or the frame’s stuck-in-place areas will quickly fix this. 


How do you open a click-clack sofa bed? 

This furniture has got its name from its locking mechanism noise when the sofa bed is used as a bed. To convert, simply fold the mattress forward until you hear a click. Fold it back until it lies flat.  


What is the difference between a hide-a-bed and a sofa bed? 



Sofa bed 

Other names 
  • Sleeper sofa 
  • Bed couch 
  • Sofa cum bed 
Space-saving  Since a hide-a-bed can be stashed inside the wall after use, it saves more space compared to a sofa bed.   A sofa bed is a space-efficient option. However, it can just be placed in the corner and not stashed like a hide-a-bed. 
Multi-purpose  It can only be used as a bed. Therefore, it can only be used in the bedroom.  It can be a sofa by day and a bed by night as per your needs. 
Comfort  A hide-a-bed is more comfortable than a sofa bed.  A sofa bed is comfortable. However, it depends on the size and seating capacity. 
Designs  There are not many options available on the market in terms of designs.  You can find a variety of options available on the market, including colours, styles, and materials. 



Sofa cum bed designs are adaptable, comfortable, and affordable in price. Moreover, they are ideal for daily use in small homes or for occasional use in offices. So, they are an excellent investment and a useful piece of furniture for any home due to their space-saving feature and versatility. Another reason for the popularity of these sofas is their flexibility in design. However, as advised in our selection guide, always remember to measure the available floor space and the product’s size before buying it or finalizing a design. Also, you can style your own one-of-a-kind sofa cum bed using any of your favourite designs or ideas from this article. Now for a quick fix, shop from our top recommendations of sofa cum beds that are available online in India. 


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