Electric Kitchen Appliances

Electric Kitchen Appliances

A girl using the dishwasher. how to clean the dishwasher with vinegar.
Electric Kitchen Appliances

How to clean the dishwasher? (Step-by-step guide, hacks & FAQs)

As convenience is the topmost priority for everyone, dishwashers have replaced the process of manual cleaning & washing of utensils in many homes. Just like …

Clage E-comfort energy efficiency instant water heater DBX available online
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Clage online water heaters (from Blutherm): Redefining hot-water technology

Water heaters are a must-have for every home. Today’s water heaters come with many features, such as online connectivity, energy efficiency, and more, for an …

white kitchen with brown wooden island
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Factory made Vs Carpenter made kitchen: Which one is better?

Kitchens are fast becoming the center of homes today. All the activity is moving away from living rooms to kitchens. With nuclear families and working …

luxury interior design of open-plan home featuring island with appliances built into the counter
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Siemens cooking centres: Achieving design that goes beyond everyday functionality

The effectiveness of the cooktop or hob we use influences how efficient the cooking area is. The term “cooktop” is a general term in India …

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