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ASSA ABLOY door hardware innovations are a keenly watched affair in the building materials market. As we enter the new year, here’s a look at some of the product innovations that we can get to see from this multinational brand.


1. The new innovative ePED panic door hardware with touch integrated display terminal


The ePED panic door hardware


Emergency escape route doors are important safety installations in buildings. A lot rides on them. In an emeregency, they must be easy to open without tools. Also, the doors must also be able to protect the buildings from unauthorised access – as well as unauthorised exit. Hence the door hardware on these doors also act as door locks. These requirements are traditionally implemented with escape doors with panic bars. In such doors, a door control switch also needs be installed on the side wall. Thus, the installation stage requires a co-ordination between electrical and civil contractors. This can cause issues both during and after installation. Also, the panic bar itself does not add to the aesthetic appeal of the escape door. ASSA ABLOY’s new and innovative ePED (electrically controlled Panic Exit Device) panic touch bar with integrated display terminal is a product for this market.

ASSA ABLOY door hardware is breaking completely new ground with the new ePED panic touch bar with integrated display terminal. The innovative system solution combines panic bar and escape door control terminal in a single element. The new solution also reduces the installation work involved to a minimum. No extensive wiring is required and it can be supplied and assembled to a fully functional state by the door manufacturer.

The ePED panic push bar offers Architects, Builders and Building Management companies a minimalistic and a state-of-the-art solution for escape door systems.

An ‘all-in-one’ elegant ASSA ABLOY door hardware innovation

The ePED panic touch bar with display terminal combines the various elements of an escape door system in a single component on the door. On activation, it allows the touch bar to be actuated, but does not immediately unlock the lock. The door can only be opened after an electronic release. The elegant wiring solution in the door area with a safe 24 V power supply makes it easy to integrate the system into the building management system using ASSA ABLOY HI-O bus technology. If the controlled ePED touch bar is combined with a suitable lock, increased burglary prevention can also be guaranteed. However, the door can always be opened via the locking cylinder without additional electrical trigger action.

The new ePED panic touch bar is also used in security-sensitive areas such as airports or in buildings with high-traffic areas such as STADIUMS, SCHOOLS, MESEUMS, UNIVERSITIES and SHOPPING CENTRES (where protection from theft and misuse of escape routes play an important role).

The ePED panic touch bar is also an ideal system for existing buildings or for subsequent changes in use. The innovative systems, as door locks, can be easily retrofitted in all doors with ASSA ABLOY OneSystem locks and is ungradable using HI-O technology.


2. Barrier-free, triple movement drop-down door seal to keep rain water away


ASSA ABLOY door hardware
Planet X3 drop down door seal with 3-way action


For doors that are exposed to the outside environment, rain water and dust getting into the house is a problematic area. The innovative Planet X3 (Planet is an ASSA ABLOY brand) drop-down door seal from ASSA ABLOY keeps driving rain safely away from the door. It provides, for the first time, a completely barrier-free zero threshold for single-leaf house and balcony doors. Three concurrent sealing movements downward, left and right completely seal house and balcony doors.

This innovative ASSA ABLOY door hardware is offered in combination with the modular click threshold system and is suited both for renovation and new construction. Thanks to the modular system, Planet X3 can be combined in different versions with the innovative system. The door seal system is thermally insulated and can work with heavy door loads. This provides for exceptional thermal insulation between the outside and inside temperatures – in both hot and cold weather conditions.

Modularity and Practicality

The clickable solution is available in three versions. The Planet X3 drop-down seal can be installed in every construction situation. Three options are available:

  • Planet F-120 is the actual zero threshold. Thanks to its absolutely flat profile, it makes full accessibility possible, and the floor recess is only five millimetres.
  • Planet F-130, on the other hand, is optimally suited for a required levelling of the floor surface.
  • Planet F-140, the third threshold version, does not require a floor recess, which makes it particularly well suited for installation when renovating.

Although only the combination of Planet X3 with the modular click threshold system can ensure true accessibility, the new generation of the unilateral release drop-down door seal can basically be combined with all zero thresholds.

Attractive Design Freedom for Architects and Consultants

In addition to the practicality of the solution, it is also interesting for Architects and Consultants. The click threshold is very attractive because of its aesthetic design with concealed, outwardly invisible screws. The solution follows the growing trend towards so-called ‘universal design’. Universal design is an international design concept that functionally designs products, environments and systems in such a way that they can be used by as many people as possible without further adjustment or specialisation.

Convenient time-saving door hardware installation

Compared to the model it replaces, the new generation of Planet X3 uses the new innovative quick clamping system. No longer is the need for the time-consuming bonding/glueing of the silicon lip. This reduces the installation time from the 12 hours it took earlier, to a few minutes now in the new system. Installation takes place as usual using two mounting brackets in the door leaf.
Thanks to the adjustable lateral travel, the system can also be aligned right and left as well as vertically. The lateral travel is also relatively easy to adjust. This allows for easy corrections even without an expert installer and therefore makes this innovative drop-down seal on the whole easy to maintain. Since the modular system is also impressive with regard to heat insulation, installation is very energy efficient and cost-effective.



3. Noise and temperature insulation in rooms with Planet drop-down door seal for sliding doors


ASSA ABLOY sliding door seal
Sliding door seal


Sound travelling from one room to another within a home is a hassle. This hinders with privacy of the room. If there are sliding doors between rooms, it’s even trickier to control sound, light and insulation from the floor area. The new ASSA ABLOY drop-down door seal for sliding doors is the answer to such situations. With the Planet SN door drop-down seal for sliding doors, ASSA ABLOY door hardware offers a unique solution. The seal is child’s play to operate, provides for a barrier-free access and is even suitable in doors with damping mechanisms.

These days, we see an increased use of sliding doors – they save on space and you can have larger/seamless room openings. With the new drop-down seal, Architects, Designers and Consultants can get a tightly sealed sliding door. A high-grade sliding door with drop-down seal offers maximum living comfort and discretion, especially in modern architecture with flowing living rooms between the bedroom and bath, for instance.

Top functionality and easy installation, especially in wooden sliding doors

Planet SN is especially well suited for use in wooden sliding doors, but can also be used in plastic and metal doors. The sealing system is variable and easy to assemble. It is made of a seal profile which is seated in a standardised groove in the door leaf, and a guide piece on the floor. When the door is closed, the floor guide presses the seal downwards and out of the door leaf, so that the gap between floor and door leaf is completely sealed off. There is even a soft bevel lip which adapts to uneven floors. The necessary release force is just 1 Nm. ASSA ABLOY also offers three different floor guides for different gap heights.


4. Versatile Planet finger protection


finger protection hardware
Finger protection door hardware


Getting the fingers trapped between the door and the doorframe is a scary situation for anybody. A professional finger protection helps to prevent injuries and accidents that can have severe consequences. The Planet finger protection is the answer. This innovative ASSA ABLOY door hardware consists of two components:

  • a fixed cover profile on the hinge side, and
  • a blind on the opposite side of the hinge

Together, both components fill the gap on the inner closing edge of the door completely, preventing people from reaching into the gap by mistake. The system can be installed on all common door materials, such as wooden doors, aluminium doors, composites or glass doors, and on different sash versions using screws or adhesive. It is suitable for new doors and as for retrofits. Planet also has a version for external doors in its product range. The housing for the Planet finger protection solution comes in standardised design. Different colour options ensure that it blends seamlessly with the interiors design. The blinds can also be wiped down for easy cleaning.

Extremely easy installation with the hook and unhook system

Installation is even quicker and easier with the new generation of the Planet finger protection blinds and cover profiles. It takes just one person o fit the system thanks to the specially developed hook and unhook system for the blind. The cover profile can also be mounted and removed again easily using a clip system. This means that adjustments, maintenance work or cleaning can be carried out extremely easily. The blinds are available in two standard lengths or can be made to measure. The cover profiles are sawn to the required length on site.

The Planet finger protection is an easy, appealing, all-round safe solution for developers, processors and door manufacturers and offers ideal protection from injuries caused by doors.


5. ASSA ABLOY door hardware with new security locks for full panic doors with burglary protection


ASSA ABLOY panic door hardware
Panic door hardware with enhanced protection


For customers looking at increased security in panic doors, here is the next innovation from the company. ASSA ABLOY door hardware range is now expanded its OneSystem series of security locks especially for the requirements of double-leaf full panic doors. In the multi-point version, the new security locks offer increased protection against break-ins.

The OneSystem lock family from ASSA ABLOY offers security locks for every requirement. It is now also available in double-leaf full panic doors and come with new security locks. The single and multi-point locks always open both the passive and active leaves when the touch bar is pushed. Thanks to the integrated full panic function, it does not matter whether the touch bar on the passive leaf or on the active leaf.

ASSA ABLOY has developed the new security locks in multiple combinations. In order to be able to implement any functionality for external access, the locks come in mechanical, motorized and handle-controlled versions. In the simplest version, the locks are mechanically unlocked for access from the outside. If an access control or a barrier-free swing door drive is required, the motorized locks offer a simple solution. If the door is to be integrated into the building technology, either the motorized or the handle-controlled version is the best choice. In addition to the possible integration of an access control, the status of the door can also be monitored.

Uniquely high burglary protection with full panic doors

The combination of the new security locks from ASSA ABLOY with burglar-resistant doors is currently unique on the market. This is because of the multi-point locks that are are suitable for high resistance to break-in. The door withstands a break-in attempt using simple power tools such as a cordless drill over a long period of time. For the first time, property operators can benefit from greatly increased burglary protection. At the same time, achieve a high level of personal security with double-leaf doors.

Flexibility of design and ease of assembly

The new security locks also offer other advantages. Planners and Architects gain more design freedom with this new locking solution. They need not limit themselves to single-leaf doors. Assembly is still simple for the fabricator. The locks for the single-leaf and double-leaf doors are identical during installation. A specially developed housings for the solution is the reason for this flexibility.




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