Door locks for bathroom: Types & brands for doorknobs and latches

a metal finished mortise doorknob with lock over a wooden door for bathroom
a metal finished mortise doorknob with lock over a wooden door for bathroom

Let’s imagine an ordinary day in our lives; whether it is the calmness of taking hot showers in winter mornings, the peacefulness of a soak in our tubs after a long day, or even the urgency of those quick visits in between our Zoom sessions, the choice of door locks for our bathroom may seem unremarkable. But what if the bathroom latch doesn’t work or isn’t there at all? Imagine the chaos it would create. A doorknob for the bathroom may be a small element in our homes yet it is a silent protector of privacy ensuring moments of personal sanctuary. Thus, one must explore the multiple options of bathroom door lock types before choosing the one they want.

In times where tradition meets modernity, bathroom door locks are not only utilitarian but also address the style component while designing our spaces. In this article, we shall discover the most popular bathroom door lock types currently in trend.


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Godrej Cylindrical Lock for Doors 

This is a stylish and convenient lock for interconnecting bathroom doors. Its push button, when pressed, won’t allow anyone to enter, providing you privacy. The doorknob lock can be operated with a key from the outside and is available in many attractive finishes to suit your bathroom decor.

godrej cylindrical lock

B U Y  H E R E 


With a magnetic strike plate/box, this bathroom door lock is created to enhance the look of your room. It has a compact size which is generally an ask when choosing a bathroom latch. Its no-latching-noise feature provides seamless function and adds class to the overall look of the bathroom/room.

Ozone door lock

B U Y  H E R E 

Hafele Mortise Deadlock for Hinged Doors | Startec | Grade 3

This bathroom latch is specially designed for hinged doors in bathrooms or WC areas. Its Grade 3 quality indicates a strong and durable performance and is suitable for both residential as well as public toilets.

hafele mortise door lock for bathroom

B U Y  H E R E 

Hettich SS Bathroom door Handle Lock HCH 01

The Hettich SS Bathroom door handle also remains a popular bathroom latch in buyers’ wishlists. It offers a one-side key locking mechanism, making it utilitarian for consumers. The stainless steel model not only provides a nice finish but also offers strength and durability.

hettich gold colored door lock for bathroom

B U Y  H E R E 

Dorset Keyless Knob Lock

This bathroom latch manufactured by Dorset is one of the ergonomic products of the brand, offering unmatched versatility and durability. Its sleek lock and wooden finish enhance the bathroom door aesthetic. Additionally, its easy-to-install feature makes it a perfect doorknob for the bathroom in case one is looking for a DIY setup.

doorset wooden finish cylindrical lock

B U Y  H E R E 

IPSA High-Security Cylindrical Doorknob for Bathroom

The IPSA High-Security Cylindrical Lock is a great option when deciding on a lock for bathroom doors. The tubular shape along with its SS metal finish offers a combination of strength, antiquity, and luxury. This doorknob for the bathroom is both rust and scratch-resistant and also comes with a warranty of 5 years.

IPSAMART bathroom door lock

B U Y  H E R E 

Indobrass Mortise Lock 250 mm

The Indobrass Mortise Lock is one of the flagship products of Indobrass, manufactured using advanced technology and high-quality brass. Available in five different finishes, it is suitable for various kinds of bathroom doors.



Indobrass brass textured doorknob for bathroom

B U Y  H E R E 

Plaza Bathroom Mortice Lock 65 mm

Plaza offers an exhaustive variety of door locks for bathrooms offering sustainability as well as versatility. The sleek design carries a minimalist look which adds to the charm of bathroom doors adding to the overall beauty of the room.

Plaza bathroom mortice lock

B U Y  H E R E 

Shrida Brass Mortise Lock Set

Shrida is an industry giant that offers a wide range of bathroom latch and doorknob solutions. It offers several strong, secure, stylish, and durable handle sets, and lock bodies which add to the aesthetics of our bathroom.

shrida mortise lock and euro cylinder lock with key


B U Y  H E R E 

TAITON Euro Profile Cylinder Bathroom Lock

Offering a premium collection of various bathroom door lock types, this cylinder lock by TAITON is one of the company’s signature products and stands out for its remarkable characteristics. The model offers compatibility across a wide range of doors and offers easy locking from the inside with the knob and from the outside with a coin. Made from Brass, the product also offers longevity along with elegance.

B U Y  H E R E 

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Types of door locks for bathroom

When considering bathroom door lock types, the list is quite exhaustive. Let us discuss some of the most prominent ones for a better understanding.

6 kinds of door locks

Mortise locks

A mortise lock is installed within the door itself and requires a cavity (also known as a “mortise”) to be cut into the door’s edge for fitting. It consists of a lock body with a latch and often includes a lock cylinder for key operation.

Latch locks

A latch lock is one of the most basic lock mechanisms which uses a latch bolt extending from the door edge engaging with a strike plate on the frame when closed. Operated by handles or knobs, such types of bathroom latches provide simple security for interior doors, which ensures privacy.


Padlocks are portable door knobs that usually comprise a shackle, body, and locking mechanism. They secure items by fastening the shackle through a loop or hasp and are available in a range of sizes and materials offering different levels of security. These come in various sizes and materials, offering immense security.

Deadbolt locks

Deadbolt locks are robust for doors featuring a bolt that extends to a door frame. Operated by a key, they offer better resistance to forced entry compared to the usual latch bolts or door knobs for bathrooms. Commonly installed on exterior doors, deadbolts provide added security and peace of mind, making them a staple in home and commercial door security systems.

Cylinder locks

Cylinder knobs are door hardware components consisting of a cylindrical body with a locking mechanism. They operate by turning a key or thumb-turn to engage or disengage the lock. These bathroom latches are a popular choice in housing as well as commercial settings as they provide an easy and secure means of controlling access to interior and exterior doors.

Doorknob locks

Doorknob locks are those which can be integrated into the knob itself. They feature a spring-loaded latch which pushes back when the knob is rotated, allowing the door to open. Operated by key, thumbturn, or push-button, they offer basic security for interior doors but may lack the strength and reliability required for high-security applications like exterior entrances.

Top bathroom door lock brands/manufacturers in India

Bathroom door lock brand #1 – Godrej

Godrej is one of the most popular brands when it comes to choosing hardware for homes in India. It is numero uno in the list of consumers when it comes to ensuring safety for their homes. Its bathroom door locks are also popularly picked up across markets.

Bathroom door lock brand #2 – Ozone

Ozone is a young and dynamic company emphasizing architectural hardware solutions in India and around the world. Their state-of-the-art manufacturing makes them a popular choice when deciding on bathroom latches.

Bathroom door lock brand #3 – Hafele

Hafele has been active in the Indian market since 2003 with a strong foothold in architectural hardware and kitchen accessories. Offering a wide variety of bathroom door lock types, its product range is suitable for public toilets as well as residential spaces.

Bathroom door lock brand #4 – Hettich

German brands make a mark whenever it comes to durability and performance. This brand continues to be a top choice for bathroom door locks combining intelligent technology, functionality, and design.

Bathroom door lock brand #5 – Dorset

Dorset is a prominent name in the industry offering top-tier architectural and glass hardware and premium interior solutions. Their doorknobs for bathrooms stand out because of their durability, finishing, and strength.

Bathroom door lock brand #6 – IPSA

With a vision to provide innovative hardware solutions, IPSA has a countrywide market reach. Its catalog, covering multiple bathroom door lock types, gives a new vision to our home/office spaces.

Bathroom door lock brand #7 – Indobrass

Set up in 1995, Indobrass has remained one of the top manufacturers in the category of door hardware such as doorknobs for bathrooms, mortise handles, hinges, etc. Their door locks not only offer an elegant look but also durability in the long run because of their corrosion-resistant and anti-scratch designs.

Bathroom door lock brand #8 – Plaza

Bharat Lock House has been in the business for over half a decade. Their wide range of options for bathroom latches makes them a versatile choice for all kinds of home spaces.

Bathroom door lock brand #9 – Shrida

Established in 1991, Shrida Industries is a reputed manufacturer of door and builder hardware, fittings, and accessories. Their adherence to international standards while designing and manufacturing door locks for bathrooms makes them a popular choice in this category.

Bathroom door lock brand #10 – TAITON

TAITON is a prominent name in the industry offering to manufacture and distribute top-tier architectural hardware and premium interior solutions. Their bathroom door locks stand out because of their durability, finishing, and strength.

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Did you like our suggestions?

A doorknob for the bathroom is a small component in home design yet it plays a significant role in our lives when it comes to safeguarding our privacy and adding to the overall look of a room. They reflect our values and aesthetic preferences. After going through this exhaustive list of doorknob locks for bathrooms, you now know where to rush for your newest bathroom makeover haul.


Does a doorknob for the bathroom require special installation compared to other types of locks?

Yes, bathroom locks require specific installation due to their unique component of offering privacy whilst ensuring emergency access from outside. It can be done by fixating a thumb-turn on the interior side with a release button from the exterior. This not only ensures privacy in a bathroom but also makes sure that safety is provided as well.

Can I find a customizable bathroom latch to cater to my specific requirements?

Yes, it is possible to customize a bathroom latch as per your requirements. Many brands offer a range of options, encompassing various finishes, designs, and functionalities. Whether you require a particular style to match your door or any other special mechanisms such as heavy-duty, light-weight, etc., there are customizable solutions available to suit your requirements.

Which materials are most popular for making door locks for bathrooms?

In India, doorknobs for bathrooms are mostly made from materials such as brass, which is chosen for its durability and antique look, stainless steel for its strength and resistance to corrosion, and iron, known for its affordability and sturdiness. Moreover, zinc alloy and aluminum are also buyers’ favourites to style their doorknobs for the bathroom.

What are cylindrical locks and do they offer privacy for bathroom use?

Cylindrical locks, also called tubular locks, are the most popular types of bathroom door locks and have a round mechanism installed for bathroom use. With the one-side key design, they ensure privacy in bathrooms while ensuring emergency release using its thumb turn which may be required in case of urgent situations with kids or older people. 

Do bathroom locks require special installation compared to other types of locks?

Installation of bathroom locks doesn’t require any specific expertise as such. It mostly requires fitting the lock mechanism into the door which is done by drilling holes for the lockset and strike plate. It is more often than not a straightforward process. However, if you are confused, you can look at the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional help.

How do I determine the appropriate size of bathroom door locks?

The appropriate size of a bathroom latch/lock can be calculated by measuring the “backset”. It is the distance between the edge of the door and the center of its lock-hole. A 40 mm backset is the standard when choosing a door knob for the bathroom. The thickness of doors is also considered to ensure that the lockset is properly fixed.

Do bathroom locks come with different lock security levels?

Yes, doorknobs for bathrooms in India come with varied options in terms of security levels. Locks with anti-pin features, tamper-resistant screws, or reinforced strike plates are some common examples featuring high safety levels. But, if someone opts for an even higher grade of security levels, electronic locks or smart locks can also be used.

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