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In this latest edition of Channel Partner Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we got an opportunity to interview Vineet Baid, the visionary entrepreneur behind Santosh Industrial Stationers, a well-known distributor of Link Locks hardware in Faridabad. Starting off in the stationery business, Vineet Baid saw an exciting opportunity to explore the world of hardware distribution. With determination and the support of Link Locks, he successfully made the transition, expanding the company’s offerings to include top-quality hardware products.

In this interview, Vineet Baid shares his inspiring journey of transformation and how Link Locks played a vital role in this new venture, allowing Santosh Industrial Stationers to thrive as prominent hardware distributors in Faridabad today.


Vineet Baid, Santosh Industrial Stationers, LinLocks hardware distributors in Faridabad
Vineet Baid, a prominent Link Locks distributor in Faridabad


Business history and more about Santosh Industrial Stationers

Santosh Industrial Stationers, founded in 1977 by my father, Santosh Baid, began as a one-stop shop for high-quality stationery products in Faridabad, catering to schools, offices, and individuals. With his dedication and hard work, the business earned a stellar reputation in the local stationery market. Thirteen years ago, I joined the family business. Since then, we have continuously adapted to meet the evolving customer demands.

Recently, we ventured into the security solutions market. Our collaboration with Link Locks has been instrumental in providing top-notch security solutions aligned with our values of quality and innovation. Together, we aim to make a positive impact on our customers’ lives by offering the best security solutions available.


Santosh Industrial Stationers joins hands with Link Locks for continued success as hardware distributors

We made a strategic decision to become a channel partner of Link Locks in March 2023. Since then, we have been proud of this fruitful association. One of the key reasons for this collaboration was Link Locks’ remarkable commitment to innovation and technological advancement, spanning over 53 years. Moreover, we were impressed by the brand’s extensive product portfolio. Whether it be high-security padlocks, furniture hardware, or door hardware, Link Locks’ diverse product offerings cater to a wide range of industries and applications.

“This partnership has further strengthened our reputation as a trusted hardware distributor in Faridabad and surrounding regions”, says Vineet Baid.



Link Locks empowers and enables the transition into the hardware category

For the past 3 years, we have been successful in providing modular kitchen solutions. Our decision to venture into the hardware category came as a strategic expansion to further strengthen our product portfolio. Recognizing the growing importance of security in both residential and commercial spaces, we saw an opportunity to offer our customers a comprehensive range of reliable and innovative security solutions.

Link Locks, being a renowned brand in the security industry, emerged as the perfect partner to support and enable this transition. They have provided extensive product training, equipping our team with in-depth knowledge about their various offerings. This training has been invaluable, allowing us to confidently guide our customers and meet their specific security needs.


Vineet Baid on thriving partnership with Link Locks as hardware distributors in Faridabad

Link Locks takes pride in providing thorough product training to its channel partners, benefiting us as a distributor. Their focus on product quality and innovation has been advantageous, allowing us to serve various industries with high-quality hardware solutions. Their efficient supply chain ensures timely deliveries as well as consistent product availability, enhancing our reputation and customer satisfaction. Our association with Link Locks has opened new business opportunities and expanded our customer base. Moreover, we value our reliable and prompt collaboration with Link Locks, which has strengthened our confidence in the brand.


Driving growth and customer satisfaction with Link Locks’ dynamic product line

Over time, Link Locks has continuously improved its products, bringing in new and innovative security solutions that lead the industry. Their diverse range of high-security padlocks and innovative locking mechanisms goes beyond traditional solutions, empowering us to cater to various customer requirements. The brand’s exceptional product quality, aesthetics, and functionality, particularly their stunning antique-finish mortise locks, appeal to customers who value sophisticated design. Their customer-centric approach, promptly addressing feedback and concerns, fosters trust and strong relationships. As distributors of Link Locks hardware in Faridabad, I take pride in representing a brand that prioritises customer satisfaction and drives growth with its product line.


Key elements of nurturing a profound connection with Link Locks

Link Locks stands out for their personalised support and communication. They have dedicated team members who are always available to address our concerns and provide timely assistance. Their empathetic approach makes us feel valued as channel partners, fostering mutual growth. They go the extra mile to offer tailored solutions that meet our specific requirements. Additionally, Link Locks’ collaborative approach is commendable. They value our insights and actively seek our input during product development and marketing strategies. Being heard and considered as valued contributors strengthens our commitment to the partnership. Moreover, their genuine care for their partners has created a mutually beneficial partnership.


For more information on Link Locks products, contact below:

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