Channel Partner Talk (UPVC fabricators in Mohali)- Pranav Doors and Windows Private Limited

Director of Pranav doors and Windows
Director of Pranav doors and Windows

The market for UPVC doors and windows has grown significantly in the last few years. UPVC profiles have already occupied a major part of the market share in the fenestration industry. UPVC products have gained popularity due to their energy efficiency, low maintenance, and recyclability. In this edition of Channel Partner Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we have spoken with Mr. Goshal Deep Garg, Director at Pranav Doors and Windows Private Limited which is one of the top UPVC fabricators in the country. Here, we will be discussing how he thinks the UPVC segment in the fenestration industry is evolving. Mr. Goshal Deep Garg also talks about how he believes Deceuninck is one of the best brands in the world and how their hands-on approach has helped his business grow.


Mr Goshal Deep Garg, Director of Pranav doors and windows, mohali
Mr. Goshal Deep Garg, Director, Pranav Doors and Windows


About Pranav Doors and Windows Private Limited (UPVC fabricators)


team at upvc fabricators Pranav doors and windows
Staff: Pranav Doors and Windows


Pranav Doors and Windows Private Limited ventured into the fenestration market in 2012 by building a production unit in Mohali. The company has been associated with Deceuninck for the past 3 years. We have worked together to provide fenestration solutions for residential complexes, offices, hospitals, and schools.


Fenestration market in India


Fabricators of UPVC products
Fabricators of UPVC products


The fenestration market in India is changing continuously. The market awareness for UPVC products is very high. Earlier people had to be convinced to try UPVC products but now they are aware of the thermal and noise insulation provided by these products. With the wide-scale popularity of UPVC doors and windows overseas, customers are now realizing the benefits and are willing to try these products for themselves.

Users are now more conscious about their design decisions due to the availability of options in the market. They can now choose from different features and finishes since the products can be customized as per their needs. UPVC fabricators have designed new-age trendy designs to attract customers.


Influence of Architects and Interior Designers


customisation of profiles
Customisation of UPVC profiles


Nowadays with an influx of design trends, most customers hire architects and interior designers for their dream projects. These designers select the products that will feature in the customer’s home. Therefore it is essential to work closely with them to bridge the gap between demand and supply by providing customized solutions to the end user.


Our association with Deceuninck


Deceuninck profiles
Deceuninck UPVC doors & window profiles


Deceuninck is one of the best brands in the world. We have been working with them as UPVC fabricators for the past three years and it has been a great journey.

They have warehouses in Chennai, Noida, and Manesar which helps in making its products accessible across India. The quality of their products and their technical know-how make them far superior to their competitors.

The team at Deceuninck values the relationship with their channel partners and provides constant guidance and technical support.

The brand holds customer satisfaction in high regard by being present right from the selection stage to even after the project is completed. After receiving feedback from the customers, Deceuninck works with its channel partners to further optimize their fabrication and sales process which we believe has helped us scale new heights in the fenestration industry.


To get in touch with Mr. Goshal Deep Garg of Pranav Doors and Windows Private Limited, contact below:

  • Phone: +91 9855577717
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To know more about Deceuninck, contact on the details mentioned below:
Mr. Dev Chandwani, Business Development Director, Deceuninck
Mr. Dev Chandwani
Business Development Director
Deceuninck Profiles India Pvt. Ltd.
Contact Number: +918754864440



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