Alpes-Inox ISOLA LC 280 Snack Freestanding Stainless Steel Kitchen


A new project for a freestanding stainless steel kitchen, that may be configured to fit one’s personal spaces, personal taste and personal cooking needs.‎ Each element is independent and includes all the vital functions in the kitchen: washing, food preparation, cooking, conservation, storage.‎

Stainless steel kitchen island unit with side snack area.‎ The countertop is in AISI 304 stainless steel with ‘silver’ satin finish and with induction hob and concealed central extractor hood.‎ A large stainless steel sink in the top and a stainless steel mixer complete the unit.‎ The front, in steel or wood, consists of five drawers one of which is for cutlery.‎ In the drawers under the sink are stainless steel containers for sorting waste.‎ Built-in dishwasher.‎


Product Description


  • Height- 90/95 cm
  • Total Width- 280 cm
  • Width Of Snack Area- 30 cm
  • Depth- 125 cm

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Alpes Inox

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