AXOR ONE basin mixer single lever Select 260

Black colour Axor Basin Mixer which gives sleak finish to your bathroom
Axor black colour basin mixerAxor sleek basin mixer with continuous splash of waterAxor basin mixer with sleek finishAxor basin mixer with sleek technologyAxor basin mixer with different modern designsBlack colour axor basin mixer select 260 that gives finishing touch to your washbasin

AXOR is a premium brand of bathroom fixtures and accessories. It is known for its innovative designs, high-quality materials, and focus on sustainability. AXOR collaborates with some of the world’s leading designers and architects to create products that are both functional and aesthetically pleasing. The brand has won numerous awards for its designs. The brand uses eco-friendly materials, such as lead-free brass and recycled plastics, and offers water-saving technologies in many of its products. One of its most beautifully designed products is AXOR ONE basin mixer single lever Select 260. 

About the Product

The Axor ONE basin mixer Select 260 is a premium bathroom faucet with advanced features such as Water control and temperature control. Its sleek design adds luxury to any bathroom, while its features include splash-free flow and water-saving capabilities providing long-term benefits and advantages. 

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Product Description

AXOR ONE basin mixer single lever Select 260 is a premium quality basin mixer tap designed for use with wash bowls in modern bathrooms. It is part of the AXOR ONE collection, known for its design and advanced functions. The mixer boasts a range of qualities that make it both practical and stylish.

The high-quality ceramic cartridge used in the basin mixer tap Select 260 ensures smooth and reliable operation, making it a long-lasting and low-maintenance choice for the bathroom. The basin mixer single lever has a modern and minimalist design, available in a range of finishes. 

Its features also include chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black, adding a touch of style and elegance to your bathroom. The basin mixer single lever is compatible with both high and low-pressure water systems, as well as water heaters, making it a versatile choice for a wide range of bathroom setups.


Axor basin Mixer Select 260

Image Source: AXOR


Axor ONE single lever basin mixer Select 260- Technologies:


AXOR ONE Basin Mixer single lever Select Technology 

Allows for easy water control and temperature adjustment with a simple push of a button.


AirPower technology 

Infuses air into the water stream, creating a soft and splash-free flow that saves water.


ComfortZone technology 

Provides ample space for washing hands or filling large containers, ensuring maximum comfort and convenience.


Basin Mixers single lever cool start technology 

Saves energy by preventing the use of hot water when it’s not needed.

The AXOR ONE Basin Mixer Select 260 has received several awards for its exceptional design and functionality, including the Red Dot Design Award and the German Design Award. Its sleek, modern design and advanced features make it a standout choice for any luxury bathroom.


AXOR ONE single lever basin mixer Select 260- Specifications


Specification Details
Manufacturer Axor
Model Basin Mixer Select 260
Material Brass
Finish Chrome
Comfort zone 260 
Spout height 255 mm
Spray type Normal
Maximum flow rate at 3 bar 5 L/min
Connection type G ⅜ connections
Warranty Limited lifetime warranty


AXOR ONE single lever basin mixer Select 260- Features

The AXOR ONE Basin Mixer Select 260 is a high-end mixer designed for use with wash bowls. The Basin Mixer Select 260 features a range of advanced features that make it both practical and stylish.


Push-Open waste system

One of the key features of the Basin Mixer Select 260 is its push-open waste system. This allows users to easily open and close the waste using a simple push-button mechanism, eliminating the need for a separate drain plug.


Water-saving flow rate

The Basin Mixer Select 260 has a flow rate of just 5 liters per minute, which helps to conserve water and reduce water bills.


High-quality ceramic cartridge

This mixer features a high-quality ceramic cartridge that ensures smooth and reliable operation. The cartridge is designed to last for many years without requiring maintenance.


Compatible with water heaters

The Basin Mixer Select 260 is compatible with both high and low-pressure water systems, as well as water heaters. This makes it a versatile option for a range of bathroom setups.


Modern design

The Basin Mixer Select 260 has a modern and minimalist design that is perfect for contemporary bathrooms. It is available in a range of finishes, including chrome, brushed nickel, and matte black, allowing users to choose the perfect match for their decor.


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Brand Info


AXOR was first introduced in 1993. Its goal is to provide taps and showers that are unrivaled in terms of design, technology, and manufacturing quality. The company has been governed by three main values since its inception – avantgarde, personalization, and perfection – and has become synonymous with inventive, sophisticated, custom-made bathroom design. AXOR India products are frequently awarded design accolades due to their collaboration with internationally renowned designers. The Hansgrohe Group owns the brand.


axor india faucet mixer
Luxury bathroom fittings

AXOR Product Ranges

Bathroom design

For more than 25 years, AXOR has specialized in one-of-a-kind bathroom design. AXOR helps architects, interior designers, and customers with the highest quality requirements to express their identity with an exceptional product line that today includes more than 2,000 products in styles ranging from classic to modern to avant-garde. Exclusive FinishPlus surface treatments provide up even more design possibilities. Customers that desire a true one-of-a-kind product can use the Signature service to meet their needs.

Bathroom accessories and fittings

AXOR aspires to be perfect. Each and every detail. When it comes to designing, developing, and manufacturing their faucets, showers, and accessories, they go above and beyond. The brand has access to more than 100 years of sanitary sector expertise as a brand of the Hansgrohe Group, a firm with a rich history. Every AXOR collection, range, and product represents the brand’s philosophy of form following perfection, which is a blend of high-tech and craftsmanship.

AXOR kitchen mixers

AXOR kitchen mixers combine stunning aesthetics with intuitive technology, as well as masterful design and precision engineering. They can encourage culinary progress by ensuring seamless ease of operation for all who value the art of cooking, from amateur gastronomes to experienced chefs de cuisine. Also, the mixers are available in up to fifteen AXOR FinishPlus surfaces, ranging from Stainless Steel-Optic to Polished Black Chrome, Brushed Nickel, and Polished Red Gold, opening up new aesthetic vistas in the kitchen.

AXOR waste systems

AXOR India’s dedication to quality extends beyond its impeccable design pieces for the shower, bathtub, and washbasin. The waste systems, which remain hidden yet vital, use complex technology to provide fast, reliable drainage. These trash sets, fillers, and overflow sets remain designed to support and complement all products. They also support collections, and bathroom solutions by being leak-tight, sturdy, and easy to install and clean.


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