Dexune Clip in Metal Ceiling design

Dexune Clip in Metal Ceiling Tiles

Dexune manufactures premium quality false ceilings and wall panels for commercial and residential settings. The brand also undertakes customized false ceiling projects. It offers a wide range of false ceiling products to choose from. The Clip in Metal Ceiling is one such product.

About the Product

Dexune Clip in Metal Ceiling comes in plain and perforated versions. It is a widely preferred metal tile ceiling system in India. The superior finish of the ceiling tiles makes them ideal for all professional and residential buildings.

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Product Description

Dexune Clip in Metal Ceiling design is an ideal residential and commercial false ceiling solution. The specifications of the metal false ceilings:

  • The clip-in metal ceiling design tiles come in four shades: Cream White and White, White- Aluminium, and Grey Aluminium.  As a result, you get good colour flexibility.
  • One of the most widely used metal false ceiling systems, the clip in metal ceiling design tiles enhances the aesthetics of the space remarkably.
  • They come in two surface effects: Powder coated and Coil coated tiles. Therefore, you can choose either of the two as per your requirements.
  • Ceiling panels size (Standard): (2 x 2, 2 x 4). Moreover, you can also get it customized as per your requirement.
  • The tiles manufacture to fine press tool tolerance. They are then clipped into a concealed tee bar grid.
  • Their Pip and Stop registers press the grids into the side flanges of the metal ceiling tiles.
  • Metal Ceiling Tiles conform to Government of India, CPWD, SDR 2016.


Dexune Clip in Metal Ceiling design Application Areas:

Ceiling design can be used in the following places:

  1. Healthcare
  2. Kitchens
  3. Bathrooms and toilets
  4. Transportation
  5. Retail
  6. Many more heavy traffic areas


Contact Details

  • Email ID:
  • Customer Care Number: 120-2341119


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Dexune Clip in Metal Ceiling Tiles
Metal Ceiling Tiles by Dexune

Brand Info


Dexune manufactures false Ceiling System & is a Suppliers of false Ceiling System and Acoustics systems. They offer interior designing of False Ceiling / Wall Panelling material for Commercial and Residential sectors.

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