Dexune Laminated Gypsum False Ceiling

Laminated Gypsum Ceiling
Dexune Laminated Gypsum Ceiling

Dexune laminated gypsum false ceiling solution perfectly blends together the functionality as well as the appearance through multiple options in contemporary ceiling designs. 

About the product

Dexune  Laminated PVC Gypsum ceiling tiles are made from incombustible gypsum boards. The PVC facing of the tiles provides the decorative choices for ceiling designs that are easy to maintain. The aluminium foil backing ensures thermal insulation. The square-cut gypsum tiles offer easy installation through suspended t-bars. The laminated gypsum ceiling tiles are widely preferable in commercial as well as institutional building, including offices, schools, hospitals, shops, etc.

Product Description

Dexune Laminated Gypsum False Ceiling Specifications:

  • Made from incombustible gypsum board.
  • Vinyl finish of the panel.
  • Easy to maintain.
  • Locks out dirt, moisture, bacteria, and odour – ideal for humid spaces.
  • Right reflecting range – 75%
  • Effective noise reduction properties.
  • Easy to install.
  • Wide range of contemporary design choices to suit the ambience of the interiors perfectly.

Dexune Customer Care No. is  0120-2341119


Brand Info


Dexune manufactures false Ceiling System & is a Suppliers of false Ceiling System and Acoustics systems. They offer interior designing of False Ceiling / Wall Panelling material for Commercial and Residential sectors.

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