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Duravit shower + bath bathtub, shower bathtub, bath shower, bathing tub, shower bath
Duravit shower + bath bathtub, shower bathtub, bath shower, bathing tub, shower bathDuravit shower + bath bathtub, shower bathtub, bath shower, bathing tub, shower bath

Duravit AG, founded in 1817 and headquartered in Hornberg, Germany, is primarily a manufacturer of porcelain bathroom fittings. Duravit is notable for having employed prominent designers such as Philippe Starck, Sieger Design, EOOS, Phoenix Design, Frank Huster, Christian Werner, and Matteo Thun for its product lines. The Shower + Bath Bathtub is a prime example of their artistry.

About the Product:

Shower + Bath unites modern bathroom design and optimum use of space in one product. As a shower, high-quality bathtub, seat and shelf, the new shower and bathtub combination unites several functions in one.

Product Description

The new technology and innovative thinking of Duravit has helped them to design the shower bathtub. Not only does the bath shower work great, but it also makes the feel and area of the bathroom better. The bathing tub is truly the evolution of our modular bathrooms.


Firstly, the features of the bath shower include:

  • Design: With the Shower Bath, the design trio EOOS created a multifunctional product with maximum comfort and an attractive design. The exact lines and edges and narrow length create a perfect rectangular shape. At first look, the great features of the walk-in bathtub shower are not quickly obvious, even more, surprising is the comfort it provides.
  • Shower: Especially comfortable is the easy access to the walk-in shower. Realized by a glass door, the spacious interior of the shower bathtub offers the best room to move.
  • Waterproof seating pad: The waterproof seating pad used before, during, and after showering acts as a comfortable seat or practical storage area for shower essentials and towels. When the door is open, the seating pad covers this area.
  • Bath: The lockable safety glass door transforms the shower into a relaxing bathtub. The mechanical door locking ensures that the door cannot be opened when the drain closes. This does not require an electrical connection. Given this and its size, the bathtub is the best solution for new items.
  • Ausführungen: Bathtubs, bathtub panels and pedestals made from DuraSolid®. The new material enables good designs and high precision.
  • Different versions: The Shower Bath offers even more possibilities with the new niche version, left or right options, with shower partition in clear glass or mirrored glass. Optionally, the mirrored fixed shower screen acts as a practical whole-body mirror that helps the small rooms appear larger. The waste combines with the water inlet.


Moreover, the specifications of the bathing tub include:

  • Model-No. – 700404
  • corner right, with mounted door, with support frame, DuraSolid® A, 2105 mm
  • Color of the shower bathtub – White Alpin
  • Comes with transparent or mirror glass


Duravit shower + bath bathtub, shower bathtub, bath shower, bathing tub, shower bath
The Duravit Shower + Bath Bathtub combines the aspects of showering and bathing into one!


Contact Details

    • M: +91-9967632127
    • Email: support@buildingandinteriors.com

Brand Info

Duravit India

Duravit India is a 100 % subsidiary of Duravit Germany. This bathrooms brand with a range of products in the upper to premium segment of the market. The company has a strong presence in the Indian market. It’s products are available at premium outlets catering to the building materials market.


Duravit India
Duravit bathtub, sanitaryware, furniture and basin mixer


Duravit India has a manufacturing set-up, and is part of Duravit’s global manufacturing base across the following regions:

  • Germany (sanitaryware and bathroom furniture)
  • India (sanitaryware)
  • France (sanitaryware)
  • Egypt (Sanitaryware and acrylic bathtubs)
  • China (sanitaryware)
  • Tunisia (sanitaryware)

In addition, the company has a distribution presence across 24 countries (including the manufacturing base countries).

Duravit product range includes:

  • Washbasins, bathroom furniture, faucets, accessories
  • Shower trays, mixers, screens and shower heads
  • Water closets (WCs), shower toilets, bidets, bathroom accessories
  • Bathtubs, bathtub covers, bath mixers, hand-showers
  • Bathtubs and saunas



In line with it’s innovative solutions, the company has been the recipient of many international design awards like the Red Dot and German Design Awards.

Duravit offers Architects and Designers designing tools to help them plan bathrooms spaces. It has solutions for bathrooms as small as 2.6 sqm. As a result, many well-designed bathroom are possible with Duravit products. This is especially useful for large cities where Architects and Designers find space constraints limiting their amount of design freedom.


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