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Hansgrohe 460 3Jet, Rainmaker, bath shower

With 34 companies and 21 sales offices all over the world, Hansgrohe is one of the few global players in the sanitation industry. During the 2017 financial year, Hansgrohe employed around 5,000 people and supplied products to more than 140 countries. Incidentally, the Hansgrohe Group comprises the brands “hansgrohe” and “AXOR”.

About the Product:

The Rainmaker shower range is synonymous with lavish showering indulgence that is a cut above the rest. The large rain shower has the power to turn your bathroom into a spa, a tropical shower or a mountain waterfall. The showerpipe 460 3jet with thermostat transforms your showering experience into nirvana.

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Product Description

With a slender chrome frame and high-quality glass spray disc in white, the Rainmaker 460 3jet is a stylish designer product. Available for the wall, ceiling or as a shower system with overhead bath shower, shower head, shower pipe, hand shower and Select thermostatic mixer- all at the budget price.


Firstly, product features of the Bath shower 3jet include:

  • QuickClean: What’s more! With QuickClean, limescale deposits and dirt on Hansgrohe faucets and showers disappear fast. Just rub off the flexible part made of silicone.
  • XXL performance for great showering pleasure: You really need to feel this: great showering fun with jet types that has a feel-good factor. Not only do Hansgrohe’s hand and overhead showers, with a length of between 100 and 600 mm, wrap you in a real water dream – but they also make sure of the best performance in your bathroom.
  • Intuitive Jet Adjustment: Soft water droplets or a relaxing massage? Select the jet type you want in just one click, for even more bath showering fun in the RainMaker.
  • Cool Contact for safe and indulgent showering: Thermostatic mixers fitted with CoolContact cooling technology leads to no warming. Thus, the housing always stays nice and cool because the cold water inside it goes straight to the surface. Owing to this you get more safety in the bathroom.


Secondly, the types of Jets in the bath shower:

  • Rain: Perfect for rinsing the shampoo out of your hair in the bath shower.
  • RainStream: A nice flow of soft sprays.
  • MonoRain: A targeted spray for therapeutic moments of wellness.
  • RainAir: Causes Gentle air-enriched rainfall
  • Whirl: Concentrated targeted massage spray.


Additionally, specifications of the shower include:

  • Includes: overhead shower, hand shower, shower thermostat, shower hose, shower holder, shower bar
  • overhead bath shower Rainmaker Select 460 3jet
  • Hansgrohe Showerhead size overhead shower: 460 x 300 mm
  • spray type overhead shower: Rain, MonoRain, RainStream
  • Good diversion via Select button
  • Also, easily cleanable spray disc in glass optics
  • Spray type hand shower: Rain, RainAir, Whirl
  • shelf made of safety glass
  • Shelf finish of the bath shower RainMaker: white
  • Maximum flow rate at 3 bar: 27 l/min
  • Minimum flow pressure: 1,5 bar
  • operating pressure: min. 1,5 bar/max. 10 bar
  • Bar width: 80 mm
  • Shower arm length overhead shower: 450 mm
  • Cool Contact thermostat: Stops the housing from heating up, making showering even safer
  • Thermostat ShowerTablet Select 700
  • isolated water conduction in the bath shower RainMaker
  • Safety lock at 40° C
  • Adjustable hot water limitation
  • Convenient diversion via Select button
  • Simultaneous utilization of 4 functions
  • Mounting type of the bath shower RainMaker: exposed installation
  • Connection dimension DN15
  • Connection thread G ½
  • Lastly, Centre distance 150 ± 18 mm


Hansgrohe 460 3Jet, Rainmaker, bath shower
The Hansgrohe 460 3-Jet ensures all your showering needs are met!


Also, call us for the bath shower price and know more about the shower system including shower pipe.


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Brand Info


If you appreciate beautiful design in the bathroom and kitchen and value high quality, hansgrohe India is the brand for you. The brand offers a wide range of high-end shower, bathroom, and kitchen equipment that are well worth looking into. The label hansgrohe caters to a wide range of tastes: Washbasin faucets, shower faucets, and bathtub faucets Hand showers, overhead showers, shower pipes, and shower systems are all available. Kitchen taps, sinks, and sink and tap combo units are among the items available. The list seemed to go on forever.


hansgrohe india faucets and showers
FinishPlus Basin Mixer

hansgrohe Global

hansgrohe India is part of the company’s global operations. Headquartered in Germany, the brand is a quality bathrooms brand. The company manufactures bathroom faucets, showers, kitchen faucets, and accessories. With 34 companies and 21 sales offices all over the world, the company is one of the major global players in the sanitation industry.

In addition, the group comprises the brands hansgrohe and AXOR. The company supplies its products to over 140 countries. Its manufacturing plants are based in Germany, France, China, and the USA. Globally, 77% of its sales are generated outside of its home market Germany.


hansgrohe India

The brand operates in India through a 100% subsidiary.  The Indian subsidiary is based in Pune, India. The product range offered in India includes:

  • Bathroom faucets
  • hansgrohe Showers
  • Thermostatic mixers
  • Kitchen faucets
  • Kitchen sinks
  • Accessories for kitchens
  • Spare parts

Rainfinity and PowerderRain are some of the innovations that have set benchmarks in the bathrooms industry.

The company also offers coloured faucets under the FinishPlus range. These are available in beautiful metallic shades and matt colours.

These solutions are available at most bathroom dealers across India and are backed by the company’s exceptional sales and service network.


hansgrohe India Contact Details:

Website: www.hansgrohe.in

hansgrohe India Customer Care Number: 1800 209 3246


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