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OTIS Gen2 Core Lift

Otis can be found in many of the world’s most recognisable buildings as well as the busiest transportation hubs and retail centres. They are involved in the manufacture of elevators, escalators, and related equipment.

About the Product

With space-saving architectural features, the Gen2 Core lift has transformed the industry. Perfect for low-rise residential or commercial use and made in Bangalore, it’s one of the best-selling, most affordable lifts in India. The perfect blend of elegant design and global engineering expertise ensures your passengers travel in style, comfort, and speed.

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The Otis elevators are crafted with the best quality material to ensure safety. Otis Gen2 Infinity lifts are efficient and lo

Product Description

The Otis elevators are crafted with the best quality material to ensure safety. Otis Gen2 core passenger lifts are efficient and low-noise passenger lifts system with comfortable car size & speed help in a smooth experience for the customers, the all in a budget-friendly price range.


Features of Otis Gen2 Core lifts

  • Low-noise gearless machine- Mounted on rubber isolation pads, the low-noise gearless machine reduces vibration and minimises noise in adjacent rooms.
  • Coated steel belts- Otis’s patented smooth polyurethane-coated steel belts last twice as long as conventional steel ropes, without any lubrication.
  • Machine- roomless – The lift components fit inside the hoistway and thus no required machine room for this lift. This saves up a lot of floor space and also construction costs.
  • Fast movementThe core Gen2 has a high-performance door operator and better car speed. So, these lifts allow the passenger to enter and exit lifts even more quickly.



  • Max Duty Load of elevator- 408 Kg
  • Top Speed- 0.7 m/s
  • Max Stops- 8
  • Max Rise- 25m


Otis Gen2 core passenger lift at competitive price
Safety, sustainability and smooth rides!


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