Schindler 3100 IN Elevator


The Schindler 3100 IN promises mobility you can rely on. Simple and Practical, Schindler 3100 passenger elevator for smaller residential buildings gets you moving And it delivers this everyday. System engineered to always meet the requirements of its range of application, it ensures high availability for users and efficient operation. Schindler 3100 IN elevator fulfill international requirements and regulations.

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Product Description

Schindler 3100 IN Elevator  is an ideal solution for smaller residential buildings. Let us find the reason for this by understanding its features.

Plenty of space

Are you looking for an elevator for a smaller residential building? Schindler 3100 is the right choice for you. The elevator allows a maximum of 15 stops. It is sophisticated, yet simple, highly standardized and quickly installed. Doesn’t require any complicated specifications. A practical and cost-effective solution.

This elevator outperforms conventional rope systems

The Suspension Traction Media (STM) enables a smaller traction diameter of 85 mm, translating into a smaller motor size. Smaller also means it’s economical in energy consumption

Schindler 3100 IN Elevator

Safety is main priority

Automatic sliding doors, equipped with curtain ensure comfortable & safe operation. It has frequency controlled drive for fast & reliable operation. The Automatic Evacuation device , overload detection & 2 Hrs fired landing are standard features.

Offering more space

Schindler 3100 IN  has intelligent with some outstanding features like low headroom height. It also require no machine and control unit is directly installed in the door frame. An intelligent use of space.


Schindler 3100 IN Elevator – Technical Specifications:


Capacity- 340/408/476/544 kg, 5-8 Passengers*

Rated Speed- 0.63/ 1 m/s

Height-  Max 45 m (max.16 stops)

Entrance- 1

Group- 1/ 2

Drive- Gearless/ Frequency controlled

Control- Down Collective and selective collective control

Door Width**- 750/800 mm

Door Height- 2000 mm (Telescopic Opening)

Interior- Vibrant Colours & Stainless Steel

Door opening- Telescopic Opening


Schindler Customer Care Toll free Nos.–
1800 209 5438 (Any Landline/ Mobile)
1800 22 5438/ 5538 (MTNL/ BSNL)


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