Titus System 5 Quickfit TL Dowel By Jyoti Architectural products


Titus System 5 family of cams and dowels is made for a comfortable user experience and versatile application. Dowels with high drilling tolerances create strong and reliable joints. Titus Quickfit TL dowel  can be factory pre-inserted, which reduces assembly time by no less than 50%. Titus Quickfit TL dowel  is one of the most consumer friendly fittings. Titus ensure optimal performance and perfect joint, even with inaccurate drillings.



  • High Drilling Tolerances
  • Optimal Joint
  • Superior Fastening Action
  • Perfect for Factory Pre-Insertion


Product Description


Length ETHC (edge-to-hole centre):- 24mm, 28mm, 34mm

Hole diameter:- 8mm

Insertion type:- Tool-free only

Application:- Manual insertion, factory insertion

Cams:- Cam5000

Drilling specification:- Hole diameter – face board = 8mm, Drilling depth = min 12mm, Hole diameter – edge board = 8mm

Model- 05474-880

Finish/Color- Dark Grey

For more details, Email: manan.gracias@gmail.com, Call: 098206 08668

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