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USG Boral Logix Integrated Ceiling System

USG Boral allows you to ceilings that meet the requirements of the building without compromising with the look of the space. Traditional acoustical ceilings need additional space for lighting, vents, etc. However, USG Boral Logix Integrated Ceiling System adds these elements to the ceiling in a dramatic way to offer a clean look.

About the Product

USG Boral Logix Integrated Ceiling System combines elements with high-performance ceilings. The ceiling systems enhance the visual impact of the space.


Product Description

Logix integrated ceilings are a great combination of visual features and they have high-quality performance. It is a commercial false ceiling. A beautiful system with breathtaking designs makes a unique ceiling layout. Also, the material specifications are provided below.

USG Boral Logix Integrated Ceiling System and the specifications of the material are given below:

  • The ceilings come with narrow bands running the length of the roof. Therefore, you can install the lighting, air vents, and other elements in a dramatic manner.
  • These environment-friendly roofs make the roofs look modernistic. As a result, you get a classy of the space.
  • The standard components of the ceiling solutions give them a monolithic look.
  • The ceiling system has high -reflective finishes that make them energy-efficiency by reducing fixtures. Therefore, you get low maintenance and living cost.
  • Type of false ceiling product: metal speciality roof panels, speciality suspended roof, connector roof panels.
  • material: HDG Steel
  • Edge Profile: Flush mount & fine line
  • False ceiling colour: Flat White
  • Sustainability: 90%. Therefore, it is an environment-friendly ceiling solution.
  • The integrated material offers maximum utilization of space.
  • You can visually coordinate Mars™ and Halcyon™ Logix panels for closed and open plan applications.

Ceiling mounted Devices:

The roof system has various examples as follows:

  • Cameras
  • Lighting fixtures
  • Air diffusers
  • Smoker detectors
  • Fire alarms
  • Speakers
  • Sprinkler systems


USG Boral Logix Integrated Ceiling System Application Areas:

  • Office
  • Lobby
  • Airport
  • Other commercial establishments

Logix roof is a green system that works in tandem with a strong aesthetic effect framework to provide a wide range of architectural requirements. And USG Boral aims to make this roof system into a contemporary environment to fit into all commercial settings. With the selection of fixtures, air diffusers and sprinklers, Logix has a unique niche in the market.

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USG Boral Logix Integrated false Ceiling material System
Logix Integrated Ceilings

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