Green Buildings

Green Buildings

A petunia pot kept outdoors
Interior Design

Petunia: A handbook on planting, caring, varieties & decor ideas

Nothing can be as satisfying as decorating your home with flowering plants. There are several possibilities for bringing year-round plants to your house, from Cactus …

An indoor areca palm
Interior Design

How to grow, care for & decorate with Areca Palm? (+Buying options)

A native of Madagascar, the areca palm tree is also known as the butterfly palm, golden cane palm, bamboo palm, or by its scientific name, …

Peace lily plant along an azure background
Interior Design

Peace lily plant care & styling: Ideal guide to grow indoors (Buy it!)

In today’s urban world, indoor air pollution has become a major threat to our health. However, there are plants easily available in the market for …

12 best refrigerator brands in India
Electric Kitchen AppliancesElectrical Products | Electrical Accessories

Best refrigerator in India | Best refrigerator brands in India (Price Incl.)

One of the most sought-after essential kitchen appliances is the refrigerator. Any modern home is thus incomplete without this kitchen appliance, which is our best …

rimlesss toilet flushing with vortex power
Sanitaryware Products

TwistFlush – Villeroy & Boch’s innovative flush toilet for more cleanliness & less water consumption

The revolutionary TwistFlush toilet flush system with vortex power is incredibly water efficient while providing extra clean and hygienic flushing results. The secret is that …

PVC false ceiling
Ceiling SolutionsInterior Design

PVC false ceilings : A detailed visual guide (+Infographic – POP vs Gypsum vs PVC)

False ceiling trends have witnessed a major evolution in the last few decades. From plain ceilings to designer false ceilings, we have come a long …

silver SCHELL sensor tap in a washroom with white washbasin
Bathroom Fittings, Accessories & FurniturePlumbing

Reduce water consumption with SCHELL touchless sensor tap range

Water conversation in India has become a serious issue that needs recognition and immediate intervention. With the impending water crisis, sustainable consumption of water becomes …

White laminated multi-storied bookshelf for your hall
FurnitureInterior Design

Showcase designs: 43+ modern ideas & selection guide (Buy here!)

Wouldn’t you love displaying your valuable souvenirs well organized in a showcase? Or are you looking for a showcase design for placing your TV unit? …

awesome plants
Interior Design

Spider Plant: Guide to style, care for & grow indoors (Buy online)

Chlorophytum Comosum, known as spider plant or airplane plant, is one of the most adaptable indoor plants. It is the easiest to grow, as care …

A large houseplant downstairs
Interior Design

21 Affordable large planter & pot designs you must buy online!

A lot of people enjoy gardening as a hobby. However, not everyone has enough room in their homes to set up a garden. Large planters …

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