Designer Tiles by Versace Collection

designer tiles by versace collection
designer tiles by versace collection

Versace is a brand that has long been synonymous with high-end fashion and design. This amazing collection of designer Versace tiles in gold, black, white, marble designs will make a statement in your home wall and floor and will show off your classy side. Also, you will become the party destination that your visitors will never want to leave with your new design. Your visitors will be wowed with an entryway they will never forget. Also, Versace ceramic tiles will offer your property a distinct personality that will set it apart from others. Make your house the center of attention. Inviting your guests to have a seat and admire the exquisite tile beneath their feet is a great way to start. Versace’s famous emblem becomes a talking point and a symbol of luxury.

The Versace designer tiles for walls and floor are a spectacular and opulent collection that makes a strong statement. These tiles can be used on walls and floors, but they can also be utilized as accent tiles to draw attention to certain areas. Versace tiles are available in a variety of ranges, so we thought we’d highlight a couple to help you select what you’re searching for.

The Versace line exudes class and elegance. So, if you’re seeking something a little different, the Versace designer tiles could be precisely what you’re looking for!

Gold is an evolution of luxury for modern settings with particular attractiveness, as seen in the Versace ceramics and porcelain line. New architecture and excellent materials come together to create a beautiful, contemporary look in the home.


The designer tiles are:

  • Untouched and deep. The enticing contemporaneity of the contrasts.
  • The vibrating rhythm of geometry in marble tiles of different colours such as gold, black, etc.
  • Tonal Harmony makes the space balanced.
  • Positive and negative. Eternal opposites that generate harmony.
  • Smooth movements on the light veins.


Gianni Versace for designer tiles


designer tiles in gold and marble design by Versace collection
Versace designer tiles

Image Source: Wayne Tiles


Gianni Versace remains a worldwide synonym for Italian brilliance, founded in Milan in 1978 by Gianni Versace, remains one of the most talented stylists of the twentieth century. Gardenia Orchidea has been a preferred partner of the fashion brand since 1997, sharing both goals and ideals.

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