Difference Between MDF & Particleboard

difference between mdf and particle board
difference between mdf and particle board

Plywood, MDF, hardboard, particleboard, blockboard, and other forms of engineered wood are available on the market. Both particle board vs MDF are engineered wood products that are commonly utilised in home décor and furniture construction. Also, most manufacturers recommend both for all applications, leaving homeowners perplexed as to which material to use were



When comparing particle board and MDF, there is some confusion because both materials have a similar appearance but differ in price. Homeowners are also perplexed by the differences between these materials. As a result, we’ve attempted to provide a concise comparison of particleboard versus MDF to assist you in making the best decision.


particle board vs mdf for wood furniture
MDF vs Particle board

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Difference Between MDF & Particleboard 

Particle board vs MDF




Wood fibres mix with wax and resin binders to create Medium Density Fiberboard, an engineered wood composite. Particleboard remains a type of engineered wood created from waste materials such as wood chips, sawdust, and shavings.


Manufacturing Process

The wood fibres are broken into fine grains and then combined with resin before being pressed into sheets at a high temperature. The scrap wood products are combined with a resin and then pressed into sheets at a high temperature.


Uses of particleboard and MDF

Because it can withstand more weight than particle board, MDF remains commonly used to make furniture, cabinets, and shelves in storage units. Where heavyweights are not applied, the particleboard is employed in lightweight furniture such as shoe racks, accent pieces, portable furniture, and so on.

MDF is not recommended for applications involving hinges and screws because it is prone to chipping and does not hold screws well.

Particleboard furniture is favoured by persons who move homes frequently due to work conditions since it is easier to transport.
MDF can be utilised in a variety of ways for interior décor in restaurants and residences. They’re widely employed in embossed jalis and decorative wall covering. In regions where it is not in contact with moisture, it is utilised in modular office furniture, children’s furniture, computer tables, and closets.


It is more expensive than particleboard. MDF costs in India range from INR 35 per square foot to INR 150 per square foot. It depends on thickness and variety.

When compared to MDF, it is less expensive. Particleboard costs in India range from INR 20 per square foot to INR 100 per square foot, depending on thickness and variety.


It has a life span of 14 times that of real wood furniture. They can last up to ten years in a dry climate. It is impossible to fix laminated MDF once delamination begins, thus, it must be replaced after 15-20 years.

When compared to MDF, it has a shorter lifespan. It typically lasts 5 years in a dry climate. But, if surfaces are laminated, they can last up to 15 years.

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