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Mr. Pranjal Goel, Director of Descon Infrastructures, the growing aluminium windows and doors fabricator in Lucknow
Mr. Pranjal Goel, Director of Descon Infrastructures, the growing aluminium windows and doors fabricator in Lucknow

With an increased demand for replacing wooden windows and doors with eco-friendly aluminium, the emerging trends will have a notable impact on aluminium windows and doors. The future of the aluminium windows and doors market is bright, with new opportunities offering significant growth. This is pushing additional investments in manufacturing techniques with the goal of lowering the cost of producing higher-quality items while increasing overall efficiency. In this edition of Channel Partner Talk with BuildingandInteriors, we interviewed Mr. Pranjal Goel, Director, Descon Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. He gave us a detailed overview of how aluminium material is ruling over the fenestration industry. Mr. Pranjal Goel also discussed the company’s expansion as a fabricator of aluminium windows and doors in Lucknow and other regions. He also praised Eternia and how their strategic relationship assists his organization in reaching new heights.


Mr. Pranjal Goel, Director of Descon Infrastructures, the growing aluminium windows and doors fabricator in Lucknow
Mr. Pranjal Goel, Director of Descon Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., leading aluminium window and door fabricator in Lucknow


About Descon (leading aluminium window and door fabricators in India)


Descon Infrastructures showroom
Showroom of Descon Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., aluminium windows and doors fabricator in Lucknow


Descon started its journey back in 2010. We have been in the fenestration industry for about a decade and are active in both residential as well as commercial sectors. Our partnership with Eternia is about a year old and still counting.

We provide customized to address the needs of the customer. We take great pleasure in introducing ourselves as one of the top players in the doors and windows industry.

Although we are based in Lucknow, we provide services over a radius of 500 kilometres from the city. As a result, the firm’s operations extend throughout several states, including Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh, and Bihar.


Shift in the fenestration market in India

The fenestration industry is huge; if we must put up a number, it’s approximately 15,000 to 20,000 crores. Out of this giant count, only a small chunk remains organized, which consists of UPVC, aluminium, etc. While the share of Aluminium windows is 60-70%, the share of branded, tested and certified aluminium windows is much small.

However, I have observed a rapid rise in this percentage. More and more people are opting for branded aluminium window and door systems.

So, the fenestration market has grown quite a bit over the last 12 years. It has travelled a journey; where once people preferred wooden windows that were customized on-site by carpenters to fabricated doors and windows. Today it’s in a position where people prefer fabricated windows over carpenter made.


Typical challenges in the Indian fenestration industry

In the last five years, the fenestration sector has evolved dramatically. It won’t be wrong to say that the majority of architects, homeowners, and business developers are still getting to know the right combination that must be used.

There was a time when items were deployed as a commodity. However, today it is more about finding the right solutions by the right solution providers. So, this is still a challenge as people lack awareness.

There are many people who do not know what they need for their houses. For instance, if the house is south facing, it will invite a lot of heat and light. This, in turn, will increase energy consumption and electricity bill.

This problem can be fixed by a small change in the fenestration by installing DGU glass. It could bring down your energy costs in the long run. However, most people are unaware of this solution. Architects play a major role here because they need to configure these specifications into their drawings and make their clients understand how it will benefit them.

To make the industry more prosperous, and to make houses greener, these small subjects need to be addressed.



Unique fenestration trends in Lucknow


aluminium window and door fabricators in Lucknow, project under installation
A project of Descon Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd. (aluminium windows and doors fabricator in Lucknow) under installation


Over the years, we have observed a typical pattern in the Lucknow fenestration market. Most people are fond of Georgian-style windows in Lucknow. Even if it does not go with the theme of the house, there’s always a fascination seen for Georgian or Victorian-era windows where you have these Georgian bars, cutting through the length and width of the system. This window style is something that attracts a lot of homeowners in Lucknow.


Distinctive features of Eternia


aluminium windows and doors fabricator in Lucknow, the Descon Infrastructures product in a setting
Products display at the showroom


Eternia doors and windows are brought to you by Hindalco, the Aditya Birla Group. Eternia windows are made of Duranium alloy and are WiWA tested and certified. These are the world’s first that Eternia brings to your home.

They have developed a world-first AR/VR tool that enables customers to view how a window will look in the comfort of sitting at their own home.

Eternia’s entire ecosystem is client-centric. They are the first ones to offer the client an end-to-end service, wherein the warranty of the product is ensured by Eternia, Hindalco.

The Quality-check process of Eternia is very strict. It is done using a checklist after the installation of the product. They also have a service team that does a digital Quality audit to check if anything is found amiss.

“As a fabricator and a channel partner for them, it’s our job to rectify the errors to ensure the product doesn’t fail to perform. Only when the Eternia team approves the Quality check report is when the client (end-user) gets a warranty certificate issued directly from the company”, says Mr. Pranjal Goel.

So, the interest of the client is always at heart, which makes this a big bonus for any end customer choosing to go forward with Eternia for doors and windows.


What sets Duranium apart?

Duranium is a specially invented and patented alloy by the Hindalco Aditya Birla group which is created only for Eternia doors and windows. On a technical front, when it comes to aluminium, there are multiple alloys and mixes available in the market possessing different properties.

Duranium is a mix which allows the metal to be lightweight yet up to 35% sturdier than a standard aluminium alloy. This property of Duranium attracts the end users as they get a durable fenestration system that can bear heavy winds as well as protect them from unpredictable climatic conditions while offering sleeker and stunning finish windows.


What support does Eternia extend to you as a partner?

Eternia’s vision is to grow along with its partners. And to ensure Eternia offers extensive support to all their partners right from training, marketing and service support. They have an extensive calendar of regular skill development training which covers product training, technical and on-site fabrication training, various process training, online digital tool training and sales efficiency training. They have also developed a first-in-class program that enables fabricator partners to achieve manufacturing excellence through collaboration and seamlessness.


To get in touch with Mr. Pranjal Goel, Director of Descon Infrastructures Pvt. Ltd., contact below:

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